A Comprehensive Guide for Acupuncture Body points

Guide for Acupuncture Body points-Acupuncture points massage is estimated to be originated in 100 BC in China, around the time of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine was published. Still, some experts believe that it was in practice before that. 

According to some historians, Acupuncture was begun practicing when sharp tools were being made in the stone age. They used these sharp-edged tools to puncture and drain the abscesses.

Acupuncture points massage was evolved thousands of years ago, in an era where there was no medical history and basis. Then how Acupuncture works? It works on the Chinese theory of the principal of pathways of qi (flow of life) in the body. It was believed that the body gets sick when the pathway of qi is disturbed. 

To restore the paths of the qi, needles are inserted in 365 accessible acupuncture points, which can restore the flow of energy. Due to its effectiveness, this technique is still around and is used to treat many ailments such as nausea, headaches, migraine, sleep disorders, etc.

The procedure of performing Acupuncture Body points

Acupuncture follows a traditional method in which acupuncture needles are inserted to various pressure points at strategic depths in the body. Needles are relatively thin and cause a little discomfort only.

People often feel them not inserted at all. In a typical treatment, about five to twenty needles are used. It can be more depending upon the session.

Acupuncture massage types: 

Before you begin learning acupoints, you should know what types of acupuncture massages are out there. Originally, there was only one method, which includes the use of needles and sharp objects, but many people are afraid of needles. 

So, there is another method called acupressure in which you apply pressure by hands instead of from needles. Both of these methods are not painful at all, and both works almost the same. Acupuncture has slight advantages, but acupressure can be practice at home, and Acupuncture cannot. Remember that acupuncture points are the same as acupressure points and vice versa.

Following are some major points of Acupuncture that everyone should know of:

1. Acupuncture points in hand:

Hand has some vital pressure points which can affect other parts of your body, such as lungs, heart, and digestive system, etc. Some of the important acupressure points in hands are:

Lung meridian: It is located at the corner of your palms; lung meridian runs from the top of the thumb down to just past the wrist flexion crease. The pressure has applied these points throw needles to cure symptoms associated with cold, i.e., sneezing, chills, and fewer.

Heart 7: Heart 7 pressure point can be found on the wrist, outside of the fifth metacarpal bone (a long bone in line with the pinky finger). This pressure point is considered to cure:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Heart disease
Acupuncture points in hand

Hand valley point: Hand valley points located between the index finger and the thumb. This pressure point is said to cure pain in:

  • Shoulders
  • Teeth
  • Neck

Four Seams: four seams are four pressure points located in the middle of each large joints in the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. It is used to cure digestive problems. It works better on children than adults.

2. Acupuncture points on feet-

There are many pressure points on the feet. It links with all the parts of the body. The pressure is applied to different parts of the feet to cure many problems ranging from normal headaches to heart diseases to mental ailments like depression and anxiety. Mostly pressure points on feet are used to cure treatment not to prevent them. Following are some acupuncture points on feet that everyone should know of:

Tai Chong: Tai Chong is located at the tendon between the big toe and the second toe. This location helps to cure anxiety and depression. In some cases, it is also proved best for headaches as well. In English, it is known as liver three or LV3 pressure point.

Da Dun: It is present on the inner side of the big toenail, near the center. These pressure points help to reduce dizziness, soothes stomachaches, and hernias. In English, this pressure point is called Liver 1 or LV1

Acupuncture foot point chart

Tai Xi: This point is present just in between the heel and toes of the foot. It is inside the feet, so the needle goes a little deeper on this side but is not painful at all. This location is used to cure kidney Stones, Arthritis pain, and even reduces bronchitis and asthma. In English, It is known as Kidney 3 or Kid3.

Qiu Xu: This is located just an inch below your ankle. This spot helps to reduce mental stress, gives a good mood, and enhances your sense of perception. In English, it is known as GB 40.

3. Acupuncture points on the head

Like in feet and hands, the head also has some vital pressure points that can ease your pain and stress within minutes. These points are easy to locate and can be done by yourself. The pressure points on the head usually require needles but can be done by hands as well. Following are some must now pressure points:

Drilling bamboo: This pressure point is located near the place where your nose meets with your eyebrow. It is used to cure problems related to sight and sinus problems

Gates of consciousness: This is located behind you at the base of your neck just below the area where your hair ends. It is called the gates of consciousness because a direct hit in this area can pass out a person. This area is used to cure flu, sinus infections, and tension in the neck.

Third Eye: It is located between your two eyebrows. A firm pressure applied to the third can cure headaches, eye strain, and problems with memorization.

Acupuncture points on the head

Shoulder well: Shoulder well is an important pressure point. It is positioned at the edge of the shoulder near the neck. Applying pressure here have the potential to fix skin irritation, mind fog, neck, and shoulder stiffness and helps maintain a good posture.

4. Acupuncture points for headaches

Headaches are the worse and can make an easy and simple task a lot harder and tedious, which is not good, and sometimes painkillers don’t work. So to get rid of that annoying headache or migraine, you can follow the Acupuncture points on the head mentioned above. But there is more, the best acupuncture points for are:

Union valley: This point is located in between your thumb and the index finger. Applying gentle pressure can relieve your headaches within a matter of seconds.

Acupuncture points for headaches

Lie Que: It s located just three inches above your wrist. These pressure points don’t need any precision and help your body to produce beta-endorphins, a natural pain killer of the body to reduce headache or ant kind of pain.

Nostrils: Your nostrils are an excellent acupoint, and pressing it helps to reduce headaches, and it is even found effective against migraines.

Science and Acupuncture

Just like Chinese herbal medicines, Acupuncture is still a mystery but works like a charm. There are many scientific theories and studies supporting Acupuncture if done by considering the hygiene of humans and other measures. All of these studies are raw, and don has too much proof to work with, but with time we can find the truth behind this unique therapy. But for now, the following are some big studies supporting Acupuncture:

Placebo effect: The placebo effect is a spectacular phenomenon in which some people experience a beneficial change after using an inactive substance or sham treatment. A substance with no known medical benefits, such as a sugar pill or sterile water, is called a placebo. Some studies thing that Acupuncture is a placebo too and has no benefits. It just forces our body to think that it does.

Hormonal change with Acupuncture: Some studies have shown that specific pressure points, like all of the ones mentioned above, when applied pressure to releases hormones such as dopamine and endorphins that help our mood to get better and reduces our pain.

When to have acupuncture massage?

A common question that everyone asks is when to have an acupuncture massage? Well, the answer is that if you are having common flu or a routine headache, then there is no for an acupuncture lesson.
But if you have been experiencing these symptoms for almost a week, then you should go for a visit. Following are some signs that if you are feeling, should book an appointment:
  • Arthritis pain
  • Back or lower back pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Kidney problems
  • Eye strains and eyesight issue
  • Liver problems

It is not essential to book a massage only if you are sick. If you want a lovely relaxing evening, then you should try this.

Acupuncture Body points

Cost of acupuncture massage therapy-

Acupuncture cost varies from state to state, but it averages at $75 to $95 for medical consultation and a one-time massage. For a routine visit, it averages $50 to $70. Way less than a medical bill just for a single visit.


Acupuncture is the best way to relieve pain within seconds, and if this method suits you. You will not even think of having another pain killer or another pill ever. It is working for centuries and will make your life easier and more fun.