Top 9 Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps(Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Heating pads for Menstrual Cramps have been in usage for a long time helping your body muscles to relax and cause a soothing sensation and also taking care of your painful sores. The application of heat can actually cause the heat to flow through your blood vessels dilating your blood vessels thus causing your rigid spots to be relaxed.

Quick Answer: Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps in 2020

There are many types of best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps available in the market right now and you can check them out in the buyer’s guide given along with the article. Here we are discussing the top 9 best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps in detail so you need not wreck your brain over this while having a hard time picking out one good choice.

You can take these anywhere and use these from time to time for some quick body heat massage or something close to it and it definitely helps you let go of stress. Even during winters, a heating pad may be just what you are looking for. So without further adieu let us take a look at the top 9 best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps that are available as of now.

Our Top 5 Picks Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps

Image Product Details   Price
Best Heating Pad Sunbeam Best Heating Pad for Fast Pain Relief Color Variants: Black,  
Garnet Red, Taupe,Slate Grey, Green
Check Price
Best Heating Pad Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack and Hot Pack Best Heating Pad Size-Small, Medium, Large Check Price
Best Heating Pad Tri-Heat Best Heating Pad for Hard Special Features- 4 Heat Settings,
Moist Heat Capability
Check Price
Best Heating Pad UTK® Natural Heating Pad Best Heating Pad Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton Check Price
Best Heating Pad DONECO King Size XpressHeat Best Heating Pad Color Variants: Brown, Black Check Price

#1 Sunbeam Best Heating Pad for Fast Pain Relief

Best Heating Pad

Heating Pad for Fast Pain Relief 


Quickly treat aching areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, and stomach. Thermotherapy pads effectively penetrates & eliminates alleviates many ailments such as sore muscles, spasms, cramps, and much more. The lightweight material is soft & hypoallergenic.

Having a heating speed three times as that of the other ordinary heat pads, the Sunbeam best heating pad takes only up to 30 seconds to heat up. You may have to connect this to a power source for a constant supply of electricity to keep it running and the surface area on this Sunbeam heating pad is the quite large meaning you can use them for your back, hip, thighs, etc.

There is an attached personal remote control in which you can flip between 6 different controls on the heat settings for a smoother heat massage session.

The entire pad is smooth and soft and is also very reusable as the machine wash feature gives it new refreshing touches every wash. The heating pad should not be folded or scrunched up or any such thing as you can destroy the technology embedded within its soft cushion-like fabric.

This larger area covering Sunbeam heating pad also has a large enough area as mentioned before with dimensions of 12”x24” and with a 5-year warranty option, you might have just hit the jackpot on the best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps on this one. One problem you may have to take into account will be the remote control as there have been reviews about them burning out during use.


  • Very spacious
  • 6 different controls
  • Quick heating time
  • 5-year warranty


  • Some issues with the hand controller burning out were noted

#2 Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack and Hot PackBest Heating Pad

Top Pick
Best Heating Pad

Cold Pack and Hot Pack


Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack and Hot Pack is a gel pack and it comes with heat conduction fillings inside. Meeting the skin-friendly material build criteria this hot & cold pack comes with a rather soft outer cover so that it will not feel too hard or rough on you. This is a microwaveable heat pad and it can also be kept in the freezer for using it as a cold pack.

In both cases, you get to have a reusable product worthy of its money. It can be used not only for sore muscles but also for several sprains, and strains. This is a heat pack available in three sizes-small, medium, and large with the price too ranging accordingly and it is also super affordable.

This best heat pad is also very flexible as it can hug the shape of your body part you are using it on and promotes increased blood flow in there. It can be used for both cold therapy and also for heat therapy, and so the versatile nature of this heat pack is quite impressive as for cuts and bruises you can use the cold function and for body pain and such the hear pack serves a good enough function.

You can also put several of these heated up under your blankets so that you can keep warm on a cold day. It remains flexible even when it is frozen and you can also easily clean it up without having to go through much hassle.


  • Rounded corners for easy handling
  • Very affordable rates
  • 3 sizes
  • Flexible enough


  • Do not stay cold for too long

#3 Tri-Heat Best Heating Pad for Hard

Best Heating Pad

Heating Pad for Hard to Target Areas


The Tri-Heat Heating Pad has a very unique shape and builds to it that would stray away from the traditional heat pads. The heat pack has been made in a big wedge-shaped form so that it would make it easier to apply heat to all your hard to reach folds and crevices in your body resulting in a better feel of satisfaction.

The wedge structure also has flat surfaces for easy handling and improved functionality. Given its build, it can also be kind of heavy for people who are not that strong enough. There is an automatic shut off feature inbuilt for 40 min and it saves you from overheating and burns.

The 4 different levels of heat intensity let you have an even precise idea for comfort and the various surfaces that exist can provide you with a comfortable feeling in more than 1 place while using the best heating pad. You can reach your thighs and your calf all at the same time due to its wedge shape.

You can also produce moist heat from this product by spraying it with water and the outer soft cover can be removed and washed separately so the product can last longer and fresher every time you use it. Also on a single go, the best heating pad only warms up two of the three sides so that you can also hold it on the third side for applying heat to the body.


  • Wedge shape design
  • 4 levels of heat
  • 40 minutes auto shut off
  • Washable cover


  • It can be very bulky to use

#4 UTK® Far Natural Best Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad

Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad 


UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade and tourmaline Heating Pad is perfectly soft flexible wrap around a body part to relieve muscle tension where people experience it —back & lower back & shoulders & waist & hip & legs & arms & knee & feet. Also, you can sit on it or lie on it

Different from the heat pads we have seen above, this is an infrared heat pad that makes use of electricity to operate while giving out infrared radiation into your cells to create a sense of heat that can go up to higher levels if you are not careful enough. This product can be folded and rolled up and it is also very large so it covers a very wide area in a single-use.

The infrared heat can last for a longer time than usual and it also penetrates deep into your body reaching all the deep pores and knots imparting pain to your body. If you are not too careful this can overheat and cause you harm; remember that the sun’s radiation is infrared too. With a low emf value, the materials used are natural jade and tourmaline to keep the heat trapped for a long time.

You can control it with a smart remote controller and you can also change your temperature and time setting. Auto shut off is a must when it comes to models like this. There is also a memory function among the digital controls.

This technology had passed the FDA Audit for GMP quality system and hence can be deemed safe to a good extent. But also keep in mind that too much exposure to IR radiation can induce slow changes in you, so use it wisely.


  • Foldable and portable
  • Deep penetration
  • The heat stays for long
  • FDA certification


  • Continuous usage is not advised

#5 DONECO King Size XpressHeat Best Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad

Electric Foot Warmer with 4 Temperature Settings 


The DONECO King Size XpressHeat Heating Pad comes with an extra-large size for usage that can help you cover a large area in a short time. You have an attached remote control for operating all the settings and functions on the heat pad.

The entire body of the heat pad is filled with heat-conducting material and the outside is made of soft plush fabric so that when it touches your skin it will not feel that rough or cause you any allergies. It can be heated up in just seconds worth of time and it is also washable making it reusable and durable. These best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps are strong, durable, and also quite safe on sensitive skin.

Having 4 different heat intensity levels you can control from your LCD display screen, there is also an auto shut off function that turns the entire heat pad off for 2 hours. This not only prevents you from burns but also helps you from overconsumption of energy.

The micromink fibers give you all the comfort you need when using such a big heat pad on your body. You can also use it as a mat for your small pets to have a warm and comfortable place to sleep on. Being such a good product, it is also very affordable and can work great on just about any heat setting.


  • Extra large size
  • Washable in a washing machine
  • 4 different heat levels
  • 2-hour auto shut off feature


  • Troubleshooting does not work

Last 04 in our List Best Heating Pad

Image Product Details   Price
Best Heating Pad Pure Enrichment Best Electric Heating Pad Color Variants-: Blue Check Price
Best Heating Pad Chattanooga Theratherm Automatic Best Heating Pad Available in 04 Size Check Price
Best Heating Pad Carex Bed Buddy Best Heating Pad Contains (1) Carex Bed Buddy Heat Wrap / Cold Wrap Check Price
Best Heating Pad Boncare Electric Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders Ingredients
Check Price

#6 Pure Enrichment Best Electric Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad

Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps


The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Heating Pad gives you a full-body relief as you can wrap around all the area of the best heating pad around your torso, shoulders, or back.

This is also an eclectic heating pad that can be used for larger surface areas at one go. For increasing the comfort of the user the material by which it is built is very soft and plush and thus reducing any sort of dry itch or other uncomfortableness felt by a rough surface. For using it on a daily basis the micro plush fibers make you comfortable enough even in the long run.

For your temporary pain relief the device heats up within seconds and hence you don’t have to wait for a long time and waste your valuable time if you are in a hurry. You can spray the heat pad with water and once the heat hits it, steam starts coming out and you can use it to do moisture heat therapy. Dry heat is also an option and you can work this model on. Along with all these amazing features, you can also have a 5-year warranty to ensure you of its quality.


  • Wide area coverage
  • Plush surface for comfort
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fast-heating option


  • Can get hot too fast

#7 Chattanooga Theratherm Automatic Best Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad

Digital Moist Heating Pad


The Chattanooga Theratherm Automatic Moist Heat Pack is a wide area covering the best heating pad that you can control with a remote control easily. The outer cover is made of flannel and it can deliver a deep tissue heat therapy which can be turned into a moist heat therapy with the application of some water on the material.

Even though your settings can be changed easily there is also a locking system that keeps the settings locked in place so that they do not accidentally change in between the usage. The flannel can also absorb moisture from the surrounding air and also release steam when the temperature rises.

With the easy to use handheld remote, you can now set the time for your therapy and also control the heat intensity levels The temperature of the best heating pad can be controlled between 88 degrees to 166 degrees but make sure it does not go over the normal temperature range of 70-degree celsius so that it does not burn your skin. You can also choose the timer to be set in between 1 to 60 minutes so that you don’t accidentally get burns or consume a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, this model has been said to work for not more than a year and hence cannot be deemed as very durable. But in case you are going for occasional uses only then you can have this product for sure.


  • Flannel build
  • Deep tissue therapy
  • Digital hand control
  • Temperature control
  • Timer feature


  • Not durable

#8 Carex Bed Buddy Best Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad

Microwave Heating Pad for Sore Muscles


The Carex Bed Buddy Heat Pad and Cooling Neck Wrap can be used as both hot and cold material depending on the kind of ailment you have. It is quite flexible and can be used mostly for the neck but with the two handles attached to either end of the model, you can use it for your back by yourself and even easily shift positions.

The material used to fill the best heating pad is quite organic and it is a moist heat pad that you can use instead of OTC drugs. For your bruises and cuts and burns, you can use this as a hot pack for all your tight spots and muscle pains.

They give the same effect as that given by electric heating pads and even let you avoid the chances of getting burnt as the best heating pads never get hotter than the initial heat and these can also make good replacements against hot water bags under your blankets for the winter too.

All the natural herbs and grains can hold the heat in for long enough to give you release from the cramps. You can wrap it around your neck, around your waist, and arms for a better experience. These can also be used at work, and when you are on a trip but just make sure to heat it up before leaving.


  • Both hot and cold therapy available
  • Pretty flexible
  • Handles for better ease
  • Filled with natural grains


  • Can get burnt easily on use

#9 Boncare Electric Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Best Heating Pad

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders Pain and Cramps 


The Boncare Electric Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders is also a big heat pad that can be operated with a handheld remote control that would totally cancel the automatic function and enable manual control over the operations.

It can be an advantage that you have to turn it on and off by yourself, as automatic shutoffs are the best an electric heat pad can offer. It heats up very fast in just under 2 minutes and it has only a single level of heat that can be easily controlled by a simple on or off.

You can have both moist and dry heat therapy using this best heating pad and also you will be completely covered by the 3-year warranty hence you can be assured of the quality. The outer cover can be taken off and be machine washed and also provide a more economic and environmental choice for all. In case of any troubles with your product, you can always replace it within the specified time, and also customer service is available throughout the day making them quite approachable.

Considering everything that has been said, having an auto shut off feature is essential for you to never get burns or sleep on the process. Since this is not enabled you can purchase this under the factors that you can be alert on the use.


  • Heat up under 2 minutes
  • Used as both wet and dry heat
  • Easy to use controls


  • No automatic shut off feature poses a threat

Consider these things Before Buying Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps

Here are certain things you need to consider before buying the best heating pad so that it may greatly benefit your safety and at the same time deliver you a full maximum performance you wanted to have on your body. Each point is important so don’t miss out on any of it by skipping over them.

Best Heating Pad


There are basically 5 types of best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps available and in popular demand. They are electric, moist, infrared, microwave, and chemical.

1. The moist heat pads: They work on a very surface level and provide you with even improved comfort and functionality as the heat does not have to seep deep into your tissues. These heating pads are filled with water or soaked with it and the heat is transferred to your through that moisture. Most of these have filler materials that can conduct heat easily from one source to another.

Microwaveable bags also come with moist features and there are hot water bottles that can be covered with this material so that you don’t get your skin scalded. These can be preferred over the dry heat packs as they do not cause any kind of irritation.

2. The electric heating pads: They come with the feature of having to plug them in every time you want to use them. Along with having 3 levels of adjustment on the intensity of heat received and even though these models of heat pads are highly durable you have to keep in mind not to keep them on for too long or you may have severe burns.

Falling asleep with them turned on is also not a good idea, hence it is advised to get one that has an automatic shut off options that make it power down after a certain amount of time. The heat does not seep deep into your tissues and stays precisely on the surface and also these models reduce the extra effort you have to take to het up a source first and transfer the heat later by providing heat directly.

3. The chemical heat pads: They work in such a way that they release an exothermic reaction once they have been triggered on the spot and allows you to enjoy a hot pad anywhere you want without any attachments to electric sockets or even transferring heat from another source. It is a very handy, easily portable best heating pad that lets you enjoy quick pain relief. You can buy these as both dry hot pads or wet hot pads and both of these need not be plugged into a source or need other external factors to serve its purpose.

4.The infrared heat pads: They come with the amount of heat that you can have directly from the sun, and they need to be plugged into a socket on the wall to work. They are quite dry and also very expensive to have. Letting them rest too long on your skin can only cause you adverse effects and can most probably result in high degree burns.

Hence you should make it your priority to buy one that comes with a timer on the functions or else you can end up with severe injuries. The heat is also pretty intense and it reaches deep beneath your skin and down to the tissues for better action and people who do not want such intense heat therapy are advised to steer clear of this type.

5. The microwave heating pads: they are the heat pads that need another source of heat to transform it into your body. It is quite handy if you can operate the microwave whenever you like. The insides of these heat pads will be filled with many heat-transmitting and holding materials and the cover shall be very insulated so that heat stays inside for too long.

If you have a good power supply and if you are only planning on using these once in a while, we advise you to go for this as the hassle will not be a problem. It can even be used for a prolonged time as the heat usually slowly runs out and hence will not pose a threat to your body, so if you are planning on warming up your bed at night or on cold days, this can also be just what you may be looking for.


The models take up a specific amount of time to actually heat up and give you the full function. This can be pretty time consuming or it can be a quick job on the go, and regardless of these two options you need to focus on the time you may have on hand while using them.

For people who are always in a hurry and need to have quick heat therapy, you can always go for one that heats up easy, and hence electric ones may be a good fit. But if you are looking for a long soothing relaxed type of heat therapy, microwaveable hot pads may be a good fit for that criteria.

Your condition:

There are many types of ailments you may have on your body muscles. Depending on the kind of pain you have, the method of heat application will be different. You should also consult with your health expert to know what type of heat application would benefit your condition and the amount of heat that would help your situation. For sore spots, or stiff muscles or some basic muscle pain he levels of heat you need to impart and the timing will all be different. Take all your physical conditions into consideration before making a purchase.


There are times when you are traveling and you need a sudden heat pad for your painful muscles and the best options are to either carry around an already heated microwaveable heat pack or a chemical one for on the spot heat application. But if you have a constant power source nearby, you can go for the electric heatable one and it can keep you satisfied.


As we have already discussed leaving the hot pad on you for too long can cause severe burns on your body and hence make sure to get an appliance that has an auto shut off feature in case you are getting an electronic one. You can also use a microwaveable pack as they have the least probability of hurting you while usage.

Infrared radiation on your body for a prolonged time can also have adverse effects of radiation and cause mutations, so take care while using them. Also, pick a product that has a well-established name and quality in the market, or else they can always have defects and malfunction causing you danger.

Cord length:

The length of the cord connected to the heat pad can always matter. If you want more mobility so that you can spread out on your couch away from the socket along with applying heat from your device, a long cord will always be handy. But if you can relax just next to your socket or if long cords are nothing you get bothered about it is always something you can compromise on for some good qualities. Mobility is the one thing that you can associate with while having a long cord.


Depending on the surface area of the part you have pain on your body and depending on the coverage the heat should have, the sizes of heat pads range from small, medium, and all the way to large. Depending upon the intensity of heat the size also plays a good role there to fix the spread of muscles with just a single unit rather than having to buy two or three of the same things.

For your neck or calf it is good enough to have smaller ones but when it comes to your back, thighs, and such parts it is imminent that you get wider ones with good and complete coverage.

Types of heat:

Best Heating Pad

You can always control the intensity of heat on a heating pad so that being comfortable comes in a variety of choices to you. You can also choose between a wet pad or a dry pad as both of these serve widely differently. Dry heating pads are almost always used as they are easy to maintain but there are also some people who cannot have dry heat to their skin in fear that it will get allergies or irritations.

While going for pads that employ moisture in them it will keep your body tissue from dehydrating and also gives you a more replenished younger skin. Although with moist heating pads, hot steam may not be pleasant for you in which case you can always switch back to the dry heat pad.


Since the heating pads are made for the sole purpose of soothing your muscles and having a soft feel touching your skin, the materials with which they are made or filled also should be taken into account while evaluating all the factors. Other than comfort the durability, and quality of the materials should also be taken into notice.

Being able to hold heat for a prolonged amount of time should be the first quality the material should have and then along with that the build of the material. If it is too rough and hard on your body, it can only add up to more back pain and soreness. For this reason, make sure your product is easy to handle and good to use.


Price and warranty are two things you can never compromise on. These heat pads are generally affordable but you also have to make sure this is what you are looking for and also about the frequency of usage it might have in your life. The warranty period mostly comes with a 1 to 2-year warranty and that can be more than enough for you to feel assured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): For Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps

Q1 Can a pregnant woman use a heating pad?

It is usually advised against taking tips from the internet for pregnant women as your doctor’s advice is something you should always follow as they are pretty sure about these things.

Heat pads can come equipped with harmful radiations and an increase in your body temperature can always be risky as you can go through a miscarriage. It is okay to use a microwaveable heat pad but even then it is said not to use it for more than 20 minutes. And it is of a big importance that you do not use it on your abdomen.

Q2 How long can you use your heating pad?

As a general tip, you can use your best heating pad for at most 20 minutes on your body. That is the maximum limit and anyone crossing that limit is in the danger of having burns on your body. Falling asleep while using your heat pad is also not advised for you as again these will all ultimately lead to burned skin. Get one with a timer and you are all set.

Q3 What are heating pads mainly used for?

Heating pads mostly alleviate your muscle pain and body pain and helps you relax and be calm. It also keeps you warm during cold chilly days. The heat from the heat pads makes your tissues and cells dilate and relax allowing easier blood flow and thus helps take care of your sore spots. The heat can also get really deep in where you want it to or it can just stay on the surface and offer you just a quick soothing warm tone.

Q4 Are there limitations on who can use these best heating pads?

Yes, there are some limitations to its use. Kids who are under the age of 9 or 10 are absolutely not allowed to handle it without another person’s help as it can be really dangerous and hot for kids. People who are allergic to dry heat can have skin allergies and irritations and itches, and hence they cannot be able to use the heat pads.

Also, people who are not in their sane mind like addicts are also not advised to using this as they pose a threat to not just themselves but also to the people around them.

Q5 Which temperature can you use a heating pad at?

For dry heating pads, your normal temperature can vary between a good 6 to 70-degree Celsius and you can crank up that range up to an 80-degree Celsius for a moist heat pack. Exceeding this level can cause you serious scalding or burning and hence keep in mind to never cross these limits even though they can go up higher than that. Safety always comes first.

Final Verdict

You may have had difficulties with choosing what best heating pad was best suited for your particular needs and well you can remove that question from your mind with this top 9 best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps review and also the quite handy and informative buyer’s guide we have provided along with it. Make sure to weigh your choices carefully according to the pros, cons, and your wallet and make a good investment in one of them when all top 9 best heating pads for Menstrual Cramps listed here are quite good for various needs. 

Make sure to let us know about how your purchase went and also comment down below about the usage of your choices so that others can also benefit from that review. Any further queries can be posted down in the comments and we shall make it our top priority to get back to you as soon as possible by us. Also, check out the product links given along with for an easy purchase. Have a warm and benefitting shopping!

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