7 Best Massage Therapy Schools in USA

Do you want to be a massage therapist but have no clue about what best massage therapy or college to join?


Then you are not alone. Many people who are determined to become a massage therapist without researching enrolls in a school, which make their life harder and sometimes made them hate being massage therapist which contributes in less mental satisfaction of this job.


Surveys have proved that, on average, a massage therapist stops working after six years because they lost interest in it, only because their school was not right. Thus, finding a good massage therapy school is crucial for work satisfaction.

We have visited the accredited massage therapy schools around the United States and narrowed are list one of the best massage therapy schools of 2020. Each college in the list has its unique point, and you can choose anyone, depending upon what suits you the best. Each school is located in different states so, choose wisely. 

Following are the seven best massage therapy schools in the USA:

  Carrington College massage therapy

Carrington is a prestigious college that offers nation-wide massage therapy programs in six different states. According to the latest survey, they had a 72% graduation rate, and 458 students are populating the campus for the massage therapy course exclusively. 

This college has some high standards, and if you get less than seventy-three (73) percent, you failed the class and have to repeat the one-fourth semester. Meaning that you have to get good grades to pursue, and it can be stressful sometimes. Their teachers are great and teach you everything you need to learn to succeed. You can book a campus tour on their website


Locations: There are many campuses located in the following states:

  • California
  • Idaho
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Arizona

Because of their nation-wide universities, it is more comfortable for students to move to the nearest place to their campus.

Styles of massages they offer: If you enroll in this school you will be learning following types of massages:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep-Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Chair massage
  • Hot stone massage

These are the basics massages that every massage therapist should be best at. They don’t teach reflexology. If you entrusted in it, you could check other best massage therapy schools mentioned below.

Course Duration and Cost: Duration of the massage therapy course depends upon your qualification; it can range from nine months to a whole year. If you are a fast learner, you can even skip semesters to get licensed quickly. It cost each semester also depends upon your experience with massages. The cost can range from 9,000$ to 20,000$ dollars with a median price of 13,000$ dollars. They even offer scholarships and financial aid programs. Visit their website to learn about their financial aid programs.

#2 Texas School of Massage Therapy

Texas School of Massage therapy schoolTexas school of massage is a state-licensed school servicing since 2003. This school has a flexible schedule for students, and they can study without stress. They have separate lecture rooms and practical rooms to free the mind of the students while performing their work practically. 


The whole school is set like a spa, so the students get experience from the very first day in the school, and they learn how to manage a spa and how it’s like to be a massage therapist. They teach their students some secret techniques to up their game as a massage therapist.


Location: It is located in Texas, Houston.


Styles of massages they offer: They offer a lot of methods these schools provide, some of which are:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Full body massage
  • Hydrotherapy

If there is something you want to study but it is not in the course, you can call them to ask if they can arrange it. They will do their best to aid you


Course Duration and tuition: The duration of the course to become a massage therapist is about one to two years, depending upon your performance. The tuition is very reasonable. You can get more information about it by calling them directly. It even has a scholarship scheme that lets you invite a family member with you for free.

#3 Florida school of massage

Florida school of massage


Florida school of massage is considered one of the best massage schools in Florida. Its courses are informative and Short. 

Their teaching methods are very different, they teach mostly through practical work, and they also teach a theory work in a practical form too, which engages the student to study. They focus on communication with the client and help students get the primary knowledge to make their practical live easier. All of this engagement with the study increases mental satisfaction.


Location: It is located in Gainesville, Florida.


Styles of massages they offer: They teaches their student every art of massage out there. Then they make their students decide to which they want to become professionals and carry each student to their goals.


Course Duration and Tuition: Their course lasts for six months to seven months, depends upon your performance in the class. The tuition fee ranges from 5000$ to 14,000$ dollars depending upon how much you want to learn. They teach their students in such a way that in only five weeks, they can perform full-body massages on clients. This documentary can be watched for more information.

#4 Swedish Institute

Swedish Institute massage therapy


Swedish Institute is a college of health sciences that offer thirty-two qualifications, but it is mostly famous for its massage therapy degree and studies. It teaches its students all the basics of massage therapy and how to ace the licensing examination. 


They have very qualified teachers and staff and give you an understanding of everything that you need to know as a professional massage therapist. Swedish institute has an average rating of 4.33 and has been reviewed by more than a hundred people. People who choose their degree as a massage therapist enjoys going to Swedish institute.



Location: They are located in New York, New York city



Styles of massages they offer: There are many styles of massages, but they focus on the one that will give you a wealthy living, this includes:

  • Full body massage
  • Sports massage
  • Physical therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage

All of these are taught to their fullest, so their students are best in performing all of them.



Course Duration and Tuition Fee: There program lengths that they offer air 20-month course, 24-month course, and 32-month course. You can pick any one of these courses and can take your first step in becoming a massage therapist. Their average tuition fee is about 31,000$ per annum excluding any additional charges.

#5 Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodyworks

Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodyworks massage therapyIf you want to learn massage therapy in fun and not that competitive environment, then this small academy is perfect for you. It teaches all the essentials of how to get the massage therapy license. If you want to pursue Massage therapy as a second degree, then this place is just for you. This, please do teach you everything but, in a fun, new way. Hundred percent of people said in a survey that they would recommend this school to their friends and family


Location: They are located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania


Styles of massages they offer: As this school only specializes in massages only, they teach every type of massage art out there. Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, and many more. The instructors are very knowledgeable and good people. They care about their pupils.


Course Duration and Tuition Fee: The course in this institution is mainly last for about six months. In these six months, the student learns how to give a massage. All the arts of massage and how to make a living through being a massage therapist. The average tuition fee for this place is about 7000 to 10,000 dollars, depending upon your previous qualifications.

#6 The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage, Ltd.

The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage, Ltd.


It is an excellent school with a lot of good teachers and staff members. There décor and massage center are so professional that when you walk in, you will feel relaxed and stress-free. The view is stunning, and it gives you this urge to do your best and to study hard. The instructors are patient and let their pupils experiment with different techniques as well. People who have graduated from this school are earning in six digits today.



Location: it is located in Swansea, Illinois



Courses they offer: They offer many courses related to the field of massage. These include:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Body, Structure, and Function
  • Pathology for the Massage Therapist
  • Movement and Massage
  • Ethics of Touch
  • Advanced Myofascial Release
  • Complimentary Techniques

All of these are exclusively taught in these schools, under the vision of professionals.



Course Duration and Tuition Fee: The time duration can be from six months to a year, depending upon your performance in the classes. The average tuition fee to enroll in the course in about 15,500 dollars. Which is reasonable compare to other places.

#7 Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College


Columbus State Community College is a prestigious college with professionals graduating every year. They take their study and especially licensing very seriously. Their graduation rate twenty percent, which seems low, but it indicates that they take their education seriously. 



Due to their low graduation rate, ninety-eight percent of the student who graduates pass the licensing exam with ease. They also teach their additional student courses like the Mathematical concept of business and Marketing Principles. This is done to ensure that their pupils have enough knowledge to open up their own business.



Location: It is located in Columbus, Ohio



Courses they offer: Because of the high reputation they teach differently than other colleges. In this school, they study Human biology and Responding to emergencies. They also learn different type of massage therapies such as:

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Aromatherapy Therapy
  • Spa Services
  • Oncology Massage
  • Special Topics in Massage Therapy

All of these courses offer help define the basis of a massage therapist. The individual topics of massage therapy have the same curriculum but with an emphasis on specialization.



Course Duration and Tuition Fee: The length of the course is about one to two years, and the cost of these sessions, on average, is 14,500 dollars per annum, which pretty reasonable for a school with high standards.


No matter what college or massage therapy school you choose, it always depends upon how hard you work. On a chart, a massage therapist salary averages 40,000 dollars per annum, but if you are willing to buckle down and determined to make a living out of your passion, then you can also make more than 100,000 dollars a year. The school helps you be motivated and aid you in sharpening your skills by putting you in a competitive environment. 


For these reasons, school is essential as well. So, select your school wisely and check if it meets your requirements or not.