BM-EC06 Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Review

Color Variants
Burgundy, Black, Brown

Special Features

(b) Compression And Percussion
(c)  Smart body scan technology 

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127.6 pounds
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BM-EC06 shiatsu massage chair recliner heat therapy review:-

 Nowadays, everyone is very much busy with their lifestyle. This hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow them to think about their body. Because of this many people get trapped in the cycle of chronic pain. To recover from this and maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone should take a monthly appointment of a professional masseuse.  But due to their busy modern life, no one has time to do it. As a result Massage chairs are one of the best options for relief from body pain. Massage chair mimics the hands of professional massager that of a spa and gives you world-class massaging experience at your home. Massage chair works on your whole body from your head, back to toe.

So hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying our all the recent post on massage products. I am going to review all the massage chairs in the market. Not only that, here you will get an honest and detailed review of the massage chair and accessories. I can assure that after reading any blog from our site you will have enough knowledge to make the right decision to buy the product or not according to your need. So keep sharing and keep reading.

Today I am with another review of a great, and budget-friendly massage chair. This is the cheapest massage chair I have ever reviewed on my website. The chair from BestMassage EC06 comes with a price tag of below 1000 dollars which is simply amazing. Though it misses some of the important features. But getting it in 900 dollars there is nothing much to complain about.

 So today I am going to give a detailed review of the chair. And try to answer each and every query you have. And will clear all the confusions.

So Let’s get started.


I have searched but cant be able to find anthing about the brand. It not means that company is fraud. It indicates that the company doesn’t have an official website. Or this is only a amazon base seller who manufactures the massage chair on their own. But they offer chair at this low price, which attracts the consumers. They mainly known for selling products at lower than retail price.

The product seems to be so popular on amazon that is even got a 4.3 star rating. Due to its very low price point it becomes a best buy for most of the consumers.

However Buyer’s need to know that. They have not a good reputation for replacement and returns. Although the product breakage ratio is less, it’s about 8% within the first year. But if you fall within this unhappy number, you will lose your money. There is literally zero after-sales support from the seller or we can say manufacturer, and they do not cover warranty. Means their warranty services are bad. So be warned.

Design & Models

BM-EC06 shiatsu masae chair

The BestMassage EC06 heat massage recliner lift chair, has a modern design which gives your living room a fashionable touch. The chair comes in 3 variants. The variants only differ in color. The color choice of the chair is one of the best. It comes in Black, Brown & Burgundy. The burgundy is my favorite.

Features & Programs


This massage chair by Bestmassage is one of the best massage in numbers of Airbags. The massage chair has twenty-one Airbags (21). All 21 air bags are fitted very strategically & pleasantly located all near in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet.

In massage chair, the Airbag is the most important feature is AIRBAGS as more the number of Airbags more will be the comfort. The main comfortness you get while you were sitting on massage chair all depends how much the intensity of Airbags


The smart massage 3D technology is one of the premium features that is offered in a high budget massage chair. But having this feature at this price point is something unbelievable. These are the points where this chair actually gives you the best price to performance ratio.

Many of you know about this 3D scanning, but for our new audience, I brief it. The 3D scan technology gives you best personalized massaging experience. Here, the massage chair scans your whole body and locate all the pressure points, and allocate all the rollers according to that stress zones and give you best experience of therapeutic massage.


The heat thereapy is one of the important aspect of for having a good therapeutic massage. The heating element in any massage chair is the main reason why your body feels relax. And the BM-EC06 gives you no reason to complain about.

The BM-EC06 has both Foot and Back massage fixed with heating element so, it provides whole body a simple relaxing experience. It increase the blood flow level in the body and keeps the blood temperature at desired rate. Your muscles and joints will recuperate quicker with expanded blood course and less agony and aches. Multiple Air pack for your hip and your midriff line which blows up for pressure back rub to adjust lower back and pelvis zone.


This massage chair is also adjustable in every aspect. Means anything you can adjust. Even the angle. You can easily adjust the angle of the chair according to your needs. The speed of the rollers is also adjustable.

The intensity, (how much pressure you want by the rollers) also can be controlled. The intensity control has 3 levels. Air massage pressure has four levels. All the Four massage points’ work coordinately one by one hence massage every aspect and give you relief very fast. It supports, neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot massage.

5. Great Value

This is the thing which catches everybody’s attention. And because of the price point, everybody is trying to purchase this product. It comes at this low price of below $1000 precisely $849. At this price, it offers many amazing features, which is quite amazing to see in a massage chair. Or better I have to say that any massage chair at this price is simply amazing to think. This is the cheapest massage chair in our whole series of massage chairs.

6. Effective Massaging experience

Clients are incredibly satisfied with the nature of the back rubs they get from the EC-06C. As noted in the highlights, it offers a mix of a profound working shiatsu rub for your back, a vibrating knead for your rump, and an air rub for your arms and legs.

It won’t coordinate with the nature of the top of the line knead seats, yet it’s still amazingly useful at the cost. The back rub attempts to mitigate pressure and agony from tense muscles.

This back rub seat additionally offers a back rub time off as long as 30 minutes, rather than the 15-20 minutes offered by a large portion of its rivals.

7. Easy Assembly

It is very easy to assemble this product once you bring it inside. You don’t have to do many things just attach the arms rests of the chair with the help of screws, and hookup the panel of the screen. Then just plug in the wire from the backrest near the cushion area to the heated seating pad. It just takes you only about 10 minutes and it can be done alone without the help of anybody else.

8. Massage Programs

The chair has inbuilt 4 predefined functions, which are certainly designed for different types of tasks. These are the options from which you can choose between the Recovery, Extend, Relax, and Refresh programs.

This is not the only thing, if you don’t like massage programs you can mix those predefined programs and can create your own. A massaging session can run up to 30 minutes of duration, but anyone can choose the repeat previous option or can create a new one.


There are seven total Massaging Modes that is:

  • Kneading
  •  Tapping
  • stretching
  • shiatsu
  •  combo,
  •  air pressure
  •  Heating

There are Nine (9) present auto programs that have all the different massaging method to give you best experience of therapeutic massage.

It also has Full Body Stretch Including special inbuilt stretching programs suited for the whole body, but you can also choose a manual setting to control functions to control your own.

10. Massage Intensity And Speed

There are multiple speeding options for different types of massage. You can customize and control every aspect of massage chair. The intensity and speed can be manually controlled. So you got many options.

11. Stretching Feature

Though the chair missing a very important massaging feature that is zero-gravity sitting position. But this stretching feature is somewhat similar to yoga stretch used by other models. It will stretch your legs and back muscles.

12. Compression And Percussion

This one of the special feature provided by chair. Here it helps to improve your flexibility,mobility, and to correct your legs’ posture.

Technical Specification

Voltage supported: 110 – 120V

Frequency operated: 50 to 60 Hertz

Power Consumption: 230W maximum

Chair Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 35 inches

Weight: 185 pounds(lbs)

Material: Leather & Seude

WARRANTY DETAILS of (BM-EC06 shiatsu massage chair recliner heat therapy review)

The heat massage recliner lift chair(EC-06) comes with one year manufacturer warranty. The labor cost is not included in the warranty. Though it provides warranty, you cant actually be able to claim it. This is the area where the company lacks too much. The after sales service is hectic and many consumers complaint that manufacturer not reply mails and calls of the customer. So this is the point you have to keep in mind before buying the chair.

BM-EC06 shiatsu massage chair recliner heat therapy review (Amazon market place)

This chair is one of the best seller category product. At the Time of writing this article it has 4.3 star rating out of 5 from 279 customer reviews. Means it is a customer satisfactory product and peoples are purchasing it on a regular basis.

After reading and analyzing all the reviews I summarize it below

The Positive aspect: That everybody is satisfied with the price to performance ratio. Also, they feel very comfortable on the chair. And also gives positive feedback to the aesthetics of the chair.

The Negative Aspect: As it has 4.3 star rating so negative comments are less. But all the negative comments are only about after sales service. And hectic task to claim warranty.

Things I liked (Pros) in BM-EC06 shiatsu massage chair recliner heat therapy review

  • The first one is Price to performance ratio.
  • Ver Easy setup. The chair weight and dimensions are not too large so it becomes easy to get fit in the room
  • The design is very modern-like. Also, the color variants are very good.
  • Heat therapy feature at this price point
  • 27 Airbags for the best massaging experience.
  • It has a broad range of Functions. There are 7 massaging modes and 9 auto programs.
  • Computerized body scanning is the best feature at this price point.

Things I don’t like (Pros) in BM-EC06 shiatsu massage chair recliner heat therapy review

Though it comes with a best price tag. It has some missing points. That need to be discussed.

  • One feature that is missed in the chair is the ZERO-GRAVITY position. The zero gravity is the primary feature that should be included in every chair but missed here.
  • Second and most disappointing feature of the massage chair is actually its after-sales service. The warranty claim procedure is very hectic and many times you don’t get any claim. This is the area company needs to work in.

CONCLUSION ( Final Verdict)

The BM-EC06 is very good chair. And it is not too rissky to buy. According to reviews at amazon 92% chair deliver in working condition. Only 8% ships faulty. So if you can gamble this money and luck favors, which is high chance actually. You will surely get best chair you would love.

But If you are one of the 8% unlucky. You would certainly loose money.

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