Top 15 Medicinal Long term Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy benefits treats a range of medical conditions, sports injuries, effectively and can help to prevent medical issues. Various research studies show that conditions such as (but not restricted to) the following, can be considerably improved or even restored by massage therapy:

#1.  Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain

The American College of Physicians in its recently updated guidelines for managing patients with chronic back pain, suggests that alternative treatments, for example, massage therapy can be implemented prior to prescribing opiates to the affected patients.

Not like many pharmaceuticals that can result in addiction, massage therapy is not just effective but is associated with minimum side effects.

If you are experiencing chronic low back pain which is considered one of the most common neurological complaint, the massage therapy can help to lessen the pain by improving blood flow, decreases inflammation, boosts up endorphins, relaxing your muscles and inducing sleep.


#2.   Frequent Headaches

Frequent Headaches

Research shows that massage therapy can significantly reduce chronic tension headaches.

Headaches can have a ton of causes, ranging from tightened muscle to lack of hydration or from alcohol-induced hangovers to flu. 

For headaches connected with a muscle strain, massage therapy can mitigate muscle spasms and free up the shortened muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck.

By limiting the release of cortisol and increasing the production of endorphins the intensity, frequency, and length of headache has lessened markedly through massage.

Massage therapy can essentially help to decrease or wipe out chronic headaches.

When managing headaches, tension or cluster headaches, massage therapy is not every so often considered the first line of treatment for relief — but it has proven show effective results in a few sessions.

#3.   As an Immunity Booster

Some of you might think by what means massage helps the immune system to fight?

 It has been inferred that massage therapy sessions consistently help to lower stress, yet it can likewise increase the cytotoxic capability of the immune system and improves the capacity of the body to offer nourishment.

Specific kinds of massages have been appeared to improve the activity of autonomic nervous system which is a vital part of a healthy immune system function.

Massage likewise helps to increase the activity of “killer T cells,” which identifies and kills cells that are infected with different infective agents. 

Getting sessions of massage therapy regularly offers scores of benefit to your body. It is known that if you experience the ill effects of stress you are more prone to acquire diseases and illnesses.

 At whatever point stress is combined with poor diet and disturbed sleep patterns, the effect is directly seen on your immune system. Its capacity to protect you from microbes, pathogens and infections are greatly decreased.

Massage therapy can be a brilliant addition to any workout or exercise regime.

 Regular massage can help to maintain a tough and strong immune system.

#4.   Controls Hypertension

Controls Hypertension

By bringing down stress and improving the flow of blood, massage therapy can similarly decrease blood pressure immediately (but temporarily) and add to better heart health overall.

You’ll need to talk to an expert or registered therapist to consult which massage therapy is suitable to lower down your blood pressure.

For instance, Swedish massage has proved to lower blood pressure in females with high blood pressure by inhibiting the stress response whereas Trigger point therapy generated a pain response which increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Deep-tissue massage has also shown a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate by up surging oxygen intake and inhibiting the activation of a pathway concerned with blood pressure.

#5.   Fibromyalgia


While there is, as of now, no solution for the chronic pain condition termed as fibromyalgia, various studies point out a close connection between better sleep, reduced pain and anxiety besides the improved quality of life for the sufferers of fibromyalgia who get myofascial massage therapy.

#6.   Cancer-related pain

As anyone might expect, the most widely recognized and debilitating warning sign for cancer patients is pain, to variable degrees.

Massage has been made known to significantly reduce the levels of pain and, anxiety that often accompanies it, for cancer patients who search it out related to other pain management methods suggested by their physicians.

#7.   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

The individuals who experience the ill effects of post-traumatic stress disorder can get benefit from massage therapy for huge numbers of the reasons.

Massage therapy reduces anxiety, symptoms of stress, depression and pain-related with traumatic memories and is a great companion to psychotherapeutic strategies searched out by the individuals who experience from PTSD.

It is no big surprise that more individuals in our faster-paced, stress-initiating society are searching out massage therapy to complement different types of forms of treatment they might be receiving from traditional medicine.

#8.   Arthritis


Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition of joints that harms the cartilage.

Massage therapy eases pain and stiffness especially in patients with knee arthritis. If you or your loved one is suffering from joint pains or arthritis considering a massage therapy option will help you to recover from it.

#9.   Insomnia


It has been suggested that Chinese therapeutic massage helped to relieve insomnia in postmenopausal women.

 Massage increased the quality of sleep which is significant for repairing the body.

Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, decrease heart rate, reduces the rate of breathing, lessens muscle tightness, and increase circulation creating a soothing and relaxing impact on your body.

 It has proven to induce longer spans of a deep sleep by reducing the levels of substance P and other inflammatory agents.

So get a massage therapy to combat Insomnia right away.

#10.   Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation

Isn’t it amazing to know that massaging stomach helps to treat chronic constipation? 

Massage improves bowel movements and relieves pain and discomfort.

Massage therapy activates stretch receptors that decrease muscle tension of stomach and increases bowel movements.

#11.   Infant Growth & Development Infant Growth & Development

Are you concerned about the growth and development of your little one?

Massage therapy has proved to improve motor skills, sleep, and relaxation, reduced crying, the better personal and social behavior of your infant.

For new mothers, massage will make a better mother-infant interaction.

 Besides this, massage therapy increases the release of oxytocin, a hormone that builds social bonding and practices like trust, generosity, and empathy.

#12.   Hair Growth

 Hair Growth

If you are suffering from hair fall, massaging your scalp with oil or any nutritive source will improve blood flow and directly stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

#13.  Stroke Rehabilitation

Massage has proved to improve shoulder and hand movements of hemiplegic patients who had undergone an attack of cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

Massage relaxes muscles and improves circulation of the blocked arteries and vessels.

What’s more, massage helps to rehabilitate sensorimotor functions of the stroke patients ultimately improving their quality of life.

#14.   Burn Scars

Burn Scars

For burn patients, massage has decreased pain, stopped inflammation, and improved appearance of the scar. Scar tissue growth has been stopped by the breaking down of scar tissue and healing the skin.

Massage likewise stimulate nerve fibres to get rid of pain, ease muscles, and produce a feeling of well-being.

#15.    Post Exercise Recovery

  Post Exercise Recovery

Soft tissue massage therapy is one of the ways to improve muscle repair subsequent to shoulder injuries and strains resulting from exercise-induced muscle damage by blocking the production of inflammatory cytokines.

Massage therapy stops muscle soreness by decreasing inflammation and by halting the arrival of bradykinins, prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators.

Massage is a definitive way to revive your physical and mental health that in the long run paves way for a peaceful way of life. 

The advantage got through a massage therapy not only triggers your brain to get aware but also recover your body from pain.

Therefore, it is great to check in a massage therapy centre that provides a complete therapy session to bring back the innate serenity.  

For better result you can also used massage tools like best massage chairs, massage guns, foot massagers, back massagers and Recliners