Human touch Massage chair Review(Full & Detailed)

Color Variants
Cream, Black, Espresso, Gray,Red

Special Features

(a) Extending Foot and Calf
(b) Bluetooth Speakers and USB Port
(c) Cloud Touch Acupressure
(d) Full-Body Stretch

Item Weight
273 pounds
Customer rating
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Human touch massage chair Review: With the fast-paced modern life, everyone needs some time to relax and take a break. A good way to do it is through massage you can get a professional massage at a spa. Or you can hire a personal massage therapist. However, not everyone has the time or money for regular sessions. Massaging chairs offer a more affordable and user-friendly alternative with the same benefits.

Today, I am here with a detailed review and buying guide for Human Touch Novo Chair Overview. If you have questions like, Should we buy this chair? Is it a good price to performance ratio product? What are the cool features? Why we should choose this particular product? And many more, if you have any of these or all questions. Then you are landed in the Best place.

I will try to answer each and every query you confused about this chair. And assure you that at last of this post. You will have sufficient knowledge, so you can wisely spend your money. Let’s get started.

About The Brand

Before purchasing any product that is this much expensive. We should completely know about the brand and its market performance. Let dig into the Human Touch brand history.

Human Touch is not a new brand. They have been in the Industry of Massage chairs and  Massaging products for 40 years from now. And Over the years they have been significant participation in the research and development sector. And also have some patents also. According to their website, their chairs are only chairs recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) for its massage chairs as a valid supplement to back-care therapies.

If we talk about customer service or After-sales service. It has well performed here also. With positive ratings from their customer across the platforms. I can say it solves customer queries efficiently.

So, At last, I can say, it’s a well-reputed brand with a good amount of expertise in the field of massage. And services are also pretty good.

Design and Variants

Design: This also one of the best plus points I can say with Human Touch. They make a modern trendy design which is eye-catching for many users. Nowadays, Peoples don’t want their living room to look like a chiropractor’s office. This is the main reason why the company puts a lot of effort and money to make modern designed chairs, which gives a premium look to your living room.

Each and every chair Introduced by the company wins ADEX AWARDS for their stunning, comfortable designs. In the year 2016, they won 4 ADEX AWARDS alone for Design excellence. And they are consistently winning these awards over the last 6 years. And Guys, this trend isn’t stopping soon.

Variants: Human Touch Novo XT comes in 5 color variants. RED, ESPRESSO, CREAM, GRAY& BLACK. All the colors are very bright and have a premium touch of looks.

Features and Performance

I know many consumers who are already aware of this brand and chair. They are keenly interested to know about the features and their real-life performance. So without wasting time into further discussion, I have given a detailed list of all the features provided by NOVO human touch massage chair Costco.

1. Track Design

When we talk about the Human Touch massage chair review, the first thing we talk about the track design. The seating, of the massage chair, is the main and must feature we should check. And right off the bat, the chair delivers the comforts you need.

The chair builds on hybrid track Design, giving you the features of both L&S tracking. Just like an S-Track feature, it gives you a natural curvature your back (spine), thus giving you a world-class massage.

But, Human Touch Novo XT, provides you an additional and better I say outstanding L-Track (It’s a Huge Feature to Consider) Anybody design that covers up to 60% more of the back area hence extending the high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders area to way down to your gluteus muscle. This feature is special because most of the chairs provide the S-track feature only which stops at the lower back.

2. Space-Saving Design

Though any chair is fully loaded with features and programs. But if the chair does not fit in your room or living area its waste for you.

But The Novo XT requires only 2 inches of wall clearance so that it can pivot itself seamlessly from the upright to the reclined position. And this is really a huge feature to take account of.

2. Zero- Gravity

Those who know about massage chairs and its technological feature must aware of this term Zero-gravity. For those who don’t know, it’s a must need a feature that should be present in your massage chair of any range and specs.

Zero-Gravity is the position where your body wholly lied down on the chair. And your body becomes 180 parallel to the ground which makes your body relaxed and feel you de-stressed. The Novo XT Zero-Gravity mode can be set at just the touch of a button. So, putting your body into a doctor-recommended neutral-posture.

When you use this mode for a long period of time. It can help you to improve balance out any strain in the back or lower back. It also helps in achieving an active blood flow rate.

3. Lumbar Heat Feature

Also, a must-have featured in every massage chair. This feature which is quite common in the massage chairs, here also Human Touch gives an edge to its customers.

While most of the brands offer what amounts should be a pair of heating pads in the lumbar region, The Novo XT uses two hollow columns. And by using its warm air technology the targeted heat continually flows to the lumbar region. So, gently soothing the tight muscles and relieving its pain. Hence providing you deeper and more effective heat therapy.

​4. Cloud Touch Acupressure Massage Mode

Cloud Touch Acupressure is the standard Air-massage mode which is famous and found in every massage chair. This feature is widely found in every chair though it is a must feature for massaging comfort.

The Novo XT equipped with 36 airbags all around the chair. The Airbags are placed Strategically and the targeted air cells in the airbags apply pressure to key healing points and different parts of your body, so that is stretch your muscles and release built-up tension and make it free and de-stress.

5. Flex 3D Massage Technology

This is one of the Stand-out features in the Novo XT which makes it a special from their competition.

The Flex 3D massage Technology, helps you to feel that you are talking a real massage from a professional masseur. Its technology, mimics the hands of a professional therapist, giving you the exact pressure of a human hand. It increases your massaging experience many times.

With its five intensity setting including relaxation of deep tissues, giving you the best therapeutic massage possible.

6. ​Auto Adjusting Ottoman

Not only design the Human touch also work on the Aesthetics of the chair properly. This Auto Adjustment Ottoman feature shows you why this chair is compatible with all masses. And this feature I personally like the most.

When you sit on the Chair for your massaging experience, it automatically adjusts the ottoman according to your height. It adjusts the length of the ottoman specifically according to the Leg-Length of everyone. So, because of it, the chair can be comfortably used by the person of height up to 6’4”.

This feature is very useful when you are getting Air-massage. As without proper adjustment of ottoman your calves would not get proper benefit of Air-MASSAGE.

7. Dual Foot Rollers

Another astonishing feature of the NOVO XT which provides Dual foot Rollers for massaging our feet. This feature is best for the users who have most of the work on their feet. After Hours of work, nothing is more enjoy full than taking a massage to your soles of feet.

8. Loads OF features.

As the company claims it has “more than Thirty (30) programs”. So today I am going to give you full details about these claims. So let’s dive deep further.

The Human Touch NOVO XT is equipped with 32 automatic programs, though this claim is right, the programs are bit tweak from other not a very much drastic difference. So here the list of actual different massage techniques offered by the chair:

  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Thai
  • Stretch
  • Rocking

It also provides pre-set programs which are listed below:

  • Awake
  • Energize
  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Demo

All the Above programs can be used while performing the massaging techniques. So we can combine all the massaging programs and can use each one them with the techniques. So total it sums up to 28.

Now you might be wondering what the remaining four programs left are.

So the remote (which I am going to talk later) has some of the massage selections and it offers the additional options that anyone can choose from on the menu while you’re setting the parameters for your massage. That will sum up to 32.

One more thing or you can say the feature that I want to mention about this chair, that you can control every zone in the chair. Everything like shoulders, back, legs, and feet. So giving you more customization for your massage hence increasing you comfortably.

9. ​LCD Remote

For me, I am tired of describing the features of this human touch massage chair Costco. Giving the tons of features, it not a surprise that it includes LCD Remote. The remote is not at all difficult to use its much user friendly, a lot of functionality is packed into a small space, so it might be some difficult to operate if you have big palms.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

Now I am going to conclude all the Specifications and feature parts with this last great feature. That is the integration of Bluetooth speakers. This makes a cherry on a cake. Means, if you are music lovers like me, you would love to relax and listen to your favorite music while having a great massage.

After having a full detailed human touch massage chair REVIEW now it’s time to discuss the pros and cons of the chair. So that you can better make the decision that you should buy this one or not.Things Which I liked in their human touch massage chair REVIEW (PROS)

Things Which I liked in their human touch massage chair REVIEW (PROS)

  • Lots of great color options
  • striking aesthetic design
  • plenty of therapeutic benefits 
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Space-saving Design
  • Fits users between 5 feet to 6 feet 9 inch
  • LCD remote
  • Flex 3D Massage Technology(best in class)
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure Massage Mode(a standout feature)
  • Many more…..

Things Which I don’t like in in human touch massage chair REVIEW (Cons)

Though it has many awesome features which attract buyers mind. And many think of considering buying this product right after this review. Which is ok. But you have the right to know where it lacks. So below are some cons about the product.

  • heating elements for the calves weren’t included (seriously I don’t know why they miss this small feature)
  • Design is so modernizing that someone might think that this not blend with their room. (This can be a personalized reason)
  • No temperature adjustment for the heat.
  • The price tag is a little bit expensive. (This is the considerable factor for many)


After talking about human touch massage chair REVIEW us and its pros and cons it’s time to jump on the final conclusion that you should buy it or not.

Considering all the features and advantage it provides this chair must be the choice for many users. And I must say the cons for this chair are much less considering its pros. So you should buy this chair it will be a great deal for you. (Considering you can spend heavy bucks)


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