Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review (FULL & DETAILED)

Color Variants
Black, Brown(chocolate) 

Special Features

(a) Zero -Gravity Feature
(b)  Rolling foot massage feature
(c) Smart 3D Body Scanning
(d)Comfort (Airbag Technology)

Item Weight
210 pounds
Customer rating
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Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review: With the fast-paced modern life, everyone needs some time to relax and take a break. A good way to do it is through massage you can get a professional massage at a spa. Or you can hire a personal massage therapist. However, not everyone has the time or money for regular sessions. Massaging chairs offer a more affordable and user-friendly alternative with the same benefits.

Today we talk about the Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair, the first thing comes in mind is reliability and its price to performance ratio, which makes it the best shiatsu massage chair to review.

So, Hello everyone if you are thinking to buy this massage chair and confuse about its features, performance, and reliability, you landed in the right place. I have written a detailed review of this product and told you why you should consider buying this shiatsu massage chair.

Company details

Firstly you should know about the “iDEAL” brand. The iDEAL is not a mainstream brand, but an online seller on Amazon market place. And in the recent past, they established themselves as very high value for money brands with a 94% average customer rating on Amazon.

They have listed their Storefront as BH and iDeal Products. The massage chair they offer is manufacture at another place and gets assembled and shipped from the company’s warehouse at San-Diego, California.

Design & Dimensions

The product dimensions are 33x55x49(inches) which is compact design. And you can place it easily in your common area. It weighs around 200 pounds that are quite heavy so I suggest you take help from someone. It comes in mainly 4 colors, black, dark brown, beige, or red.

Let’s talk about its design, the most promising feature of ideal massage shiatsu chair that I like is its trendy and modern design which has all the required elements, for your day to day massaging needs.

Performance & Features

As I said earlier, the iDeal massage shiatsu chair provides you great value for your money, hence it is loaded with loads of exciting features.

Comfort (Airbag Technology)

A first and most important one is the comfort of this shiatsu best massage chair, it has Airbags technology which enhances the whole massaging experience. The Airbags near the shoulder, arms, thighs, and calves and they inflate and deflate giving you the comfortable seating and massage experience.

Smart 3D Body Scanning

This feature that I don’t see in most of the massage chairs in this price range. Here, the massage chair first scans your whole body before the start of the massage and locates your pressure points, according to each and every one body stress. And sets the rollers according to the needs of your body, so that you will get the best massage experience. This Automated feature of this chair makes it a piece of smart Tech.

Zero -Gravity Feature.

This is the widely popular feature of the chair. This feature is not often common in the entry-level massage chairs. Though many companies give a single-Gravity seating position. But Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair gives you 3 Zero-Gravity positions this raises your feet and makes it straight above to the Heart for therapeutic advantages.

Zero-G feature is advantageous in most ways. It makes your body 180 horizontal to the ground, making your body relaxed and stress-free. This feature, when used for a long period of time, can help you improve the posture of your body by decompressing any nerves under pressure. So helping in achieving an active blood flow rate. It also can help you to balance out any strain in the back or lower back.

If you ask me, that’s overkill, any massage chair in this range.

Rolling foot massage feature

Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review

The Foot Rolling feature of the massage chair has six kneading balls to massage the soles of your feet. The electronic rollers under the foot help to soothe and massage your aching-tired feet.

The balls are adjusted to give your feet better and relaxed after the massage session. The catch here is you have to move your foot in the roller.

Massaging techniques and Programs.

The ideal Shiatsu Massage chair has four Massage techniques namely: Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading, and Vibration and has four massage programs namely: Activate, Relaxation, Upper Back & Lower Back. Now I will talk about this one by one.

Firstly we take massaging techniques:

In rolling the fixed roller move on your shoulders, and up and down on back so stretching your muscles and applying acupressure hence relaxing you.

Shiatsu uses the rollers and applies more and more pressure on your back area hence imitating the moves of a professional masseur. Shiatsu can help in constipation issued when applied to the stomach area. Shiatsu helps in migraines by de-stressing the body and increasing blood flow and rate throughout the body.

The Kneading technique applies different pressures on your back area to reduce severe muscle pains.

The Vibration technique as the name suggests it vibrates the seat cushions to give your body a relaxing state of mind and body.

Finally, we have massage programs. The Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair by Ideal Massage contains a total of four automatic massage programs that provide multi-functional therapy massage for users.

The purpose of each automated massage program is to mimic the motions and techniques of a professional masseur. These programs are able to deliver relaxation and de-stressing which help to recover the body very fast.

Manual Option to Create Massage Programs

In my opinion, this should be the most needed feature in all massage chairs. The massage chairs having this in-built feature is mostly preferred in the market.

The ideal massage shiatsu chair has a wide variety of massage programs, as discussed above which further allow you to manual customize any program so that giving you the flexibility of adjusting the positioning of the backseat rollers, as well as alter the massage intensity, massage speed, and message timing.

Massage Intensity and Speed

This massage chair comes with dual intensity settings for the airbags and triple speed & intensity for the use of rollers. Each and every massage defaults set to a 30-minute duration of massage but you can adjust it via the control panel poised on the chair arms, in increments of five minutes.

Heated massage feature

The heated feature is also an additional feature for this massage chair. This function will warm up your lower back muscles which allow you to relax quicker and in a better way. The chair initially needs a little time to heat up, but when it’s done it becomes very comfortable & relaxing.

But the heating feature confined strictly to the lumbar region. Nevertheless, considering the price point, we should not complain about it.

Air Massage + Arm & Shoulder massage

If you look at the official site of this product, there are 48 Airbags for the massage of your shoulders, arms, foot and calves, and seat areas. This much number of Built-in airbags gives an excellent air massage to your body parts. No chair in this price range gives you this much Airbags massage. Not only this many massage chairs even don’t offer any shoulder & arm massage for this price.

The intensity of the chair can be adjusted by the two levels via control console, when on Airbag massage mode.

Calf Massage

This Calf Feature of the massage chairs are very underrated by users, many think that it is not a must need the feature. But let me tell you this is as important as other massaging techniques. If you are a daily runner like me, you feel a tone muscle near your calf which must be relaxed. Calf massage helps you in DE-stressing your calves.

Easy to Use Control Panel

The control panel from which all the massaging programs and settings being adjusted is very much easy to use and understand. Although, the chair doesn’t come with remote control. But the operating console is very much well designed and easy to operate.

There is no learning skill needed for adjustment of settings. You will start enjoying your massage, the moment you seated on the chair.

After Detailed Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review, we should now talk about its Pros & Cons. So you should better decide which points consider before buying this shiatsu best massage chair.

Technical Specification OF “Ideal shiatsu best massage chair”




DIMENSIONS: 49 X 33 X 53



Things I liked About This Product (PROS)

  • Awesome price point: As I said from the beginning that the price to performance ratio of this shiatsu massage chair is best compared to any product in this range.
  • 3D-Body Scanning: This feature attracts me the most. This gives it a personalized massaging advantage. Hence making it a piece of smart tech.
  • Easy to use Control panel: Though the control panel of the massaging chair is loaded with many modern features, but it is highly user- friendly. All the features have easy navigation.
  • 30 Minutes Massage: You can program your massage to 30 minutes timer, giving you a relaxed and de-stress massaging experience.
  • High Number of Airbags: It has 48 airbags for each and every part of the body, your shoulders, hips, arms, and back. The airbags produce good pressure points for relaxing your body.
  • Heating feature: Chair consists of a lumbar heating feature for your lower back.

Things I didn’t Like About This Product (CONS)

Though it is the best product in this range, it’s not without problems & Missing feature. So, let’s address the cons for the Ideal Massage chair.

  • Not offering a real foot massage: It should have automatic rollers instead of kneading balls. So that it can give a real foot massage.
  • Difficult return procedure: The returning process is not easy, and sometimes costs you a fair amount of money.
  • Not have remote control: Though it has a highly featured control panel, adding remote control would make it a better deal.
  • Loud: It produces a slightly noisy sound.

WARRANTY & SERVICE DETAILS FOR THE “shiatsu best massage chair”

The chair comes with a 3-year limited warranty. The warranty covers the damage of the steel frame of the body and any electronic parts dis-function issues for the 3 years during warranty.

The Ideal massage also offers a 10-day replacement policy in which you can return the item if you are not satisfied with the product. But, you will have to repack it as original and you have to bear the cost of shipment.

Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review (FROM AMAZON.COM)

It has 4.2 rating out of 5 on Amazon which shows this product has good satisfactory customers.

The main theme for the positive reviews section at amazon is that most people have talked about the high-end features at this price point, features which are otherwise found in massage chairs which cost fair high bucks.

And the main theme of the Negative review section is that some people complaints about its foot massage and loud noise of remote beep.

Conclusion (Final verdict)

If you need a massage chair that offers zero gravity. A smart 3D and all types of basic massages for an equally low-end cost. It y’s good for you. If you are looking for a good, shiatsu massage chair with at least some of the therapeutic benefits, then this chair is a solid choice.

It lacks some features like tapping massages or percussion, and also you won’t be able to move the footrest separately so not giving you an actual foot massage. But, generally, such a vast amount of features is not found within massage chairs of a significantly lower-end price range so we can’t make any complaints about it.

So After Doing Ideal Shiatsu Massage chair Review, I will mark This Product RECOMMENDED & WORTH BUYING.

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