Kahuna Massage chair Review (Full & Detailed)

Color Variants
Black Wg, Brown, Brown Wg

Special Features

(a) Advanced technology AIR FLOAT 3D
(b) SL-Track design
(c) Exclusive 6 infrared heating rollers
(d) Acupressure Points

Item Weight
249 pounds
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Kahuna massage chair Review: In today’s modern world everyone is busy in their lifestyle. And they don’t have time to relax and take care of their body. So, their body becomes trapped in chronic pains. One way to tackle this problem is to have a regular appointment with a professional masseuse. But everybody is not capable of taking regular appointments.

Hence massage chair introduced which mimic the massaging experience of a massage parlor and give you world-class massaging feature at your home.

So, hello everybody I am here again with the review of a massage chair which is the best chair I can say, considering its price to performance ratio.

Do you want a feature-rich massage chair and have a tight budget?

Are you searching for a massage chair which gives you the best massage but you don’t want to spend much?

Have you searching for a modern design space saving massage chair?

All of your above queries can be solved by this Kahuna LM6800 massage chair. And I assure you that you will love this product.

So let’s get started.

About the Brand

Kahuna is a leading brand in the field of massage chairs. Their production works on the 2 highly advanced frameworks: Digitally and Pragmatism. Their workforce has highly experienced massage experts and doctors and they rely on their diligent workmanship.

They are also not a newly introduced brand. They are in the industry since 1997. This brand had a very loyal and positive customer base. They had achieved high results from the research and development team also their previous massage chairs are one of the hit products in this field. They have some of the patents also, which makes it one of the few revolutionary brands in the massage chair industry.

But the most important thing the consumers like about this brand is their price to performance ratio. And they are one of those brands that provide great and best features in the cheap price range.

When we talk about after-sales service and customer support. Here also they have the top spot, they are the brand who provide solutions of any related quires within 24hrs.

So they are reputed brand and you can trust them.

Features & Programs

1. Hybrid S/L Track Design

The Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair has a hybrid L/S track design. This is a considerable factor in this chair. A hybrid between the S-Track and the L-track is a very effective feature when it comes to the quality of massage. The S-Track operates all four rollers to trace the curvature of the spine, hence giving you the best back massage ever.

The L-track feature, on the other hand, delivers you a superior massage experience as rollers reach all the way down to your glutes and thighs. The L-track system is designed to gently support the user’s body for a more effective massage. Its roller is shaped to support anyone from his/her neck to the spine to the buttocks.

Hence this hybrid design helps each individual spine to get decompressed & leaving users a feeling of refreshment and relaxing.

It is rare to see a massage chair at this price which has a hybrid track, which makes its best option for low budget-conscious buyers.

2. Three levels of Zero Gravity Seating

If you a massage chair enthusiast or have some knowledge about the massage chairs, you surely know about the Zero Gravity feature or better say position. It the position where your whole body lies in a position parallel to the ground so your legs aligned in a position straight to heart. Hence giving you a relaxed massage position.

But the question is why LM6800 is different in this feature? So the answer is that they offer three-level positions. Means Kahuna offers three different seating positions if Zero gravity.

(NOTE: The previous model i.e. before 2016 it has only 2 levels so please check the manufacturing date before buying REFURBISHED chairs. The new one has 3 levels)

The Zero-G is much famous feature in the world of massage chairs. It works very coordinately with the massage track features and the rollers giving you a quality and therapeutic massage.

It places you in a position where the knees are somewhat upper to your heart. And the majority of your body weight is on rollers that results in a much deep & more therapeutic massage. And It means a lot for you if you have chronic back pain. It also provides a deep tissue massage and gives you a more intense advantage of therapeutic massage.

3. ​3D Body Scanning

This modern technique of the massage chair scans the whole body of the user. And effectively study the shape and size of the body along with any stress point in the body and identifies it. After that, the chair adjusts itself to fit the size and gives a personalized and custom body massage according to individual body problems. The 3D Scanning of Kahuna LM6800 is a fully automatic method of locating all the rollers according to the user so that they can heal all your pressure points effectively.

The Kahuna LM6800 not only provides you this they take it a step ahead. In addition to auto-scanning feature, the remote of LM6800 gives you the control to adjust the position of the rollers by yourself also so giving you manual control. So if by any chance the system misses any pressure point by rare, you can control by yourself.

The 3D body scan feature is one of the premium features in the field of massage. And the chairs having a premium price tag equipped with this feature. But getting it in a budget price tag it’s simply awesome and deal-breaking. I would say that this one of the exclusive features of this massage chair.

4. ​Air Massage Mode

The Airbags is one of the important element in the massage chair. It gives you a high level of comfort and joy. The more the number of Airbags more will be the more comfortableness.

The kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800 has 36 first gen airbags. The deployment of first-gen airbags is a cost-saving move. But it will definitely not disappoint you. They have to use the airbags at the right places and hence delivering a good quality of massage.

5. Very High Number of massaging options

Many companies tend to give you limited massage options at a lower budget. That’s not the case with Kahuna, they do not compromise even a single massage option in LM6800 that bigger brands offer. You will even get amazed by the number of options it offers.

The Massage Techniques​offered by LM6800:

It also offers plenty of pre-programmed massages for the specific area of body.

  • Neck to Waist
  • Lower back to Waist
  • Lower back, Glutes, and Thighs
  • Neck to Glutes
  • Mid-Back to Glutes

6. Zone Massage Option

This is also a personalized massaging option. Here, when rollers are massaging your whole body and reach to any tender spot where you have specific stress. Here, you can press “FIXED OPTION” on the remote. So, that roller remains in that zone and massage you accurately.

7. ​​​​​Body Stretch Function

If I have to say that one feature that standout LM6800 from similarly priced massage chair, that would be body stretch.

Many of you were aware of the name of “YOGA STRETCH”. This is the feature that gives you instant relief from your spinal pain. All your body is being stretched by the chair mechanism. Providing you the best experience and helps you to heal your chronic back pain.

8.​ Calf and Foot Massage

The calf and foot massage provided by the kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800 very effectively as it combines the effort and comfort of airbags and rollers. It has two dual rollers at the foot massage better to say quad rollers that are very effective in giving you a therapeutic massage.

The foot rollers are adjustable and can be controlled by the remote. The roller pads have heat section also where your leg feel very relaxed. And this integrated heat feature gives you a very much relief if you have a long time chronic leg pain.

9. Back and Calf Heat

The heating element is the important aspect of massage chairs but most of the budget massage chair companies don’t offer heating features and some who offer only in the lumbar region. But here also Kahuna leads as it offers heating in both Lumbar ( Back spine area) and calf region. That really matters a lot for the chair at this price point.

There is only a complaint about this feature is that you can not adjust the temperature it sets to default according to its setting. Overall, this feature gives LM6800 much ahead of its competitors.

10. ​Much Simple Remote

Seriously, I have not expected that kahuna will this much aware of its user experience. The chair with this much feature the remote must be a learning curve for the new users. But Kahuna makes it so simple to operate. That you will be amazed by the structure of the remote, how easy it is. In a couple of minutes of using it, you will start to play with it. It’s damn easy, you don’t have trouble to find the controls. You will surely love it.

11. ​Extendable Ottoman

This extendable ottoman feature of Kahuna LM6800 makes its a wide compatible product. Many of the tall persons change their minds of buying the massage chair, as many chairs in the market compatible with short height persons. That’s not the case with kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800 as there is extendable ottoman up to 5 inches.

Hence it can accommodate the people with height of 5 feet to 6.4 feet.

12. Kahuna massage chair REVIEW (Technical specification of LM6800)

Name: Kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800
Net Weight: 249 pounds
Chair Dimension (LxWxH): 48 x 31 x 46 Inches
Rated Voltage: 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Power: 230W Max


At amazon also it’s a hit product with tons of reviews. Means many people have bought this chair.

At amazon, It has 4.2 ratings out of 5 with 382 reviews and 511 questions answered. And let me tell you its very very high rating and reviews for a massage chair. It shows that at amazon also this product has satisfied users.

The only negative comment is about the kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800 is that it has no mp3 player and Bluetooth. So that music enthusiasts cant be able yo listen to their favorite sons.

PROS IN LM6800 (Kahuna massage chair REVIEW)

Actually, if you ask me, I like each and every feature of this chair. But I will list some of its Highlighting features in PROS list:

  • Hybrid S/L Track Design
  • Zero gravity feature ( Loaded with 3 levels)
  • Tons of loaded massage options
  • Surprisingly easy remote control
  • Extendable ottoman
  • 3D Scanning
  • Zone Stretching (Exclusive feature and one of the best feature in massage chair)
  • Extendable ottoman (also not seen in budget massage chair.)
  • Heat therapy (For the both lumbar and foot)

Cons IN LM6800 (Kahuna massage chair REVIEW)

Though the chair has all the features it lacks some of the extra features which would make it the best price to point product.

  • Bluetooth for music lovers
  • Not set temperature manually.
  • Slightly noisy
  • No memory settings

But considering the price point, we should not complain much about these features.

Conclusion ( The Final Verdict)

As you yourself understand all the features and specifications of the Kahuna LM6800. This Chair has all the features that a premium massage chair would offer. But giving this rich specs massage chair at this budget price makes it one of the best massage chairs in price to performance ratio. And I must say you should all consider it buying.

I will mark this product RECOMMENDED.

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