Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Review(Full & Detailed)

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(a) Zero -Gravity Feature
(b)  Superior L-Track Design Chair
(c)  Smart Full Body Medical Scan 
(d) Reflexology Foot Massage System

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Medical breakthrough massage chair review: So hello everyone, I hope you all are liking all the recent articles about the Different massage chairs that I reviewed on my website. This website is all about the massage chairs and its accessories. So keep reading and keep sharing.

Today I am with another review of a great, better to say best massage chair in this industry. Means Actually, this Medical Breakthrough 6 because of its features and price, it can be the best massage chair for you. So today I am going to give a detailed review of the Medical Breakthrough 6. And try to answer each and every query you have.

So Let’s get started.

About the Brand

Before buying any massage chair or any product the first thing you should be aware of the brand. Medical Breakthrough is a leading brand name in premium massage & pain relief equipment. They said that they have research experience of over 30 years. As they have worked with doctors. They make massage

chairs that provide comfort and healing to people who experience day-to-day pain. They have spent the last 14 years developing massaging products, like chairs, saunas, and massage beds, that can help relieve the stubborn pains and heal the body.

They claim that they are the only company in the massage chair industry which is being recommended by the 26+ MDs. Also, they have a team of many qualified doctors who are working to make massaging experience best. They have some patent also in the massaging industry. This must be a plus point for them.

They are the only company that provides free shipping in the US, Canada, Hawaii & Alaska. Talking about the after-sales service they have a reputation in customer service also. With tons of positive reviews.

Hence, at last, I can say it is a reputed brand. You should consider buying their product.

Features & Programs

1. Zero – Gravity Feature

Medical breakthrough massage chair review

The zero-gravity features put the entire body of the users at an angle and it keeps your body upright so that your whole weight is spread evenly across a plane horizontally to the chair. The zero-gravity feature of Medical Breakthrough also helps to save the space as this feature allows the massage chair to recline in a specific position and angle so that it will cover minimalistic back-space.

It also helps to balance all of the strain that kept on the lower vertebrae of your spine. It reduces all the contractions and compression of the nerves so that muscles can relax. This Zero gravity position gives you a better posture & reduce the discomfort of your body.

This posture has many health advantages like as it reduces the stress on your backbone which helps in blood circulation hence increasing the blood flow. It also helps those peoples who desire to get recover from long & chronic back pains.
The zero gravity of the chairs is so relaxed that it helps you to fall asleep on the chair and get you relaxed.

The massage chair makes you feel in the position of virtually weightless and it ensures you to get you a deep sense of relaxation when you are taking a soothing massage

2. Superior L-Track Design Chair

The Medical Breakthrough 6 Chair one of the best Recliners because of its great L-track design. The shape which attracts me most. Its shape not only looks nice and modern but also the massage chair adjusts to everyone’s body curves very easily and comforts fully.

The Superior L-track design or we can say the feature has nearly a tri-fold coverage from the other massage chair in the industry. Also, it has three times the coverage according to the industry standards. With the help of this L-Track design whenever you relax and let your body to recline your body easily get into Zero- Gravity position hence giving you a therapeutic massage.

If I will compare these L-track massage rollers to regular massage rollers, it is amazing to see the difference. As here all the massaging motion that starts from the neck and goes all way down to the thigh. It ensures that tension points in the body are de-stress.

The new superior L- Track massage rollers Technology allows the massage the chair to massage each and every inch or centimeter of your body from your shoulders and necks to your buttocks and thighs.

This comfort is best in any of the massage chairs of this range. This powerful roller helps deliver a deep kneading massage to your tissue massage techniques keep away all of the users from any discomfort, no matter if they have a narrow or slim body frame. Hence the massage feels much more effective and exposes more surface area of the body.


SMART FULL BODY MEDICAL SCAN as the name suggests it’s smart. First I will tell you what this smart Scan actually means. This actually refers that whenever you get seated on the chair for the massaging it identifies all the pressure points and sets all the rollers and Air-bags According to your stress level and your body.

Hence it helps you to get a more personalized message than ever.  As different massaging companies and their manufacturers claim the full-body scanning feature in their chairs but most of them do not work properly. Their Smart Medical Scan not only finds every stress and toned muscle of your body but also delivers a more targeted, personalized, and soothing massage for your whole body. This scanning can also be adjusted manually according to your needs.


Now, this is the feature which I like most in the massage chair i.e. True 4D Arm Massage, I can assure you that if you try this 4D arm massage you can’t live without a chair. It mimics the hand of a professional massager and it covers every inch of your body parts.

It massages your arms, hands, fingers, and massages all of them from all the way top to bottom and also underneath and sideways and not one by one but all at the same point of time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these messages at once.  Hence providing you best hand massage than any chair in the market.

5. Full Body Yoga Stretch

As you know that stretching exercise is one of the key or we can say important in building a healthy body. Daily stretching is known as a form of exercise for not just healing any pain but also relieving the whole body of any external strain, stress, or tension in muscles. Stretching can improve internal strength & energy hence prevent future injury.

So this is an important feature of every massage chair must-have. Medical Breakthrough Full Body (Yoga) Stretch feature gets to hold your hips and buttocks area in the right place while your foot and legs get pulled down and your spine being stretched. This massage chair helps you to get amazing stretches daily. And gives you a comforting massage.


As I review many massage chairs but this feature is unique in medical breakthroughs. This is one of the exclusive features of Medical breakthrough 6. It has a unique Reflexology Foot Massage System and it is the first system in the world that they have patent also. The massage chair does comprehensive Reflexology Foot Massage.

I know you all might wondering that what this REFLEXOLOGY actually means?

This is a massaging program, where each and every inch of your feet will be massaged by multiple techniques. For this, they have equipped their system with 3 rows of rollers that massage the entire sole of your foot. This massaging system comes with an Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage from heel to toe.

7. Intense Heat Therapy

Getting a heated massage on a cold day, nothing is better than this. Most of the chairs in the market have this feature but actually they are not much effective. Due to the thickness of the leather, they can be able to heat the whole leather body easily.

But this massage chair able to engineer a heat therapy massage system that is best in the market and hence it properly heat the leather and give you intense heat massage even on a cold day.

8. Plenty of massage techniques

I am really impressed by the number of massage techniques it offers. This is the ONLY massage chair which features many of the high-end massages. The list of massages it offers is as follows:

  • Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck
  • Ancient Roman Therapy massage
  • Turkish Treatment massage
  • Ancient Egypt Massage,
  • Greek Stress Relief massage,
  • Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy massage
  • New Delhi Yoga Stretching massage
  • Swedish Air-cell Therapy massage
  • Hawaiian massage.

9. Air Bag technology

The Airbags are one of the most features in any massage chair as it gives your body lying on the massage chair comfortably. More number of airbags more massage chairs more will be the comfort this massage chair to provide acupressure massaging technique.

There are plenty of airbags fitted in the chair that even your fingernails get a massage. It provides a full-body massage and you can choose the targeted air pressure massage or a massage in the legs or the armrest. You can also adjust the massaging intensity so that you can change it within the 3 different intensities.

10. Quiet Massage

This is one of the important aspects to consider when buying a massage chair. As, if your chair has all the features but it’s noisy, it is waste. Because you are purchasing the massage chair to get relax and comfort. And noisiness is the important factor of relaxing.

To help everyone to get into the most relaxing possible. The medical breakthrough chairs have engineered the chair to be extremely quiet and pleasant. There is a lot of soundproofing of the main motor so you barely hear any sound during the massage.

Medical breakthrough massage chair review (ON Amazon)                                 

When we talk about Medical breakthrough massage chair review the Amazon market place gives us the right insight. That actually how the product has performed in practical life. And, do it meet the expectations. So let’s breakout the reviews from amazon.

The Chair has 4.9 stars out of 5 and 26 ratings are given. Which is pretty amazing actually. It is the highest-rated massage chair, according to ratings.

Now it’s time to discuss some pros and cons of the product. In Medical breakthrough massage chair review I have tried to explain all its features but knowing pros and cons helps you to decide that is it for you or not.

Things I liked in a medical breakthrough massage chair (Pros):

  • The ONLY chair which is designed by 25 doctors, chiropractors, and pain specialists.
  • Chiropractic Back Stretch
  • Bluetooth: You can listen to songs via Bluetooth features of the chair.
  • Cushions: Medical Breakthrough massage chair comes with extra padding.
  • Healing Air Cells: Gives you a more relaxing chair surface.
  • Plenty of massage techniques
  • Foot Roller and Calf Massage
  • Quiet Massage
  • Reflexology foot massage system
  • Human Hand massage system
  • Smart Full body scan.

Things I don’t like in a medical breakthrough massage chair (Cons):                        

There nothing to be not liked about this great product but 1 thing i must say,

The weight of the chair is quite heavy approximately 200 lbs so it will be hard for anyone to move it here and there. This is the only con about the product overall it is the best.

Conclusion (The Final Verdict)   

After reading my whole medical breakthrough massage chair review you better understand the conclusion of the product. So I will say it is definitely the worth product to buy and I will say it is RECOMMENDED.

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