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Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager: Are you looking for a different massager which is used only for a specific body part? So you are in the right place, here I am going to tell you one of my favorite and most used foot massagers named “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager“.

If you are buying a foot massager for the very first time then this product review will be enough for your knowledge and you don’t have to wander other places or pages. I am sure that after reading this article you may be able to make your conclusion on this product.

Before getting started I would like to tell you that my family and I are using this “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” for almost 3 years and it hasn’t disappointed with its unique features and specifications. It does work the same as it used to do before when first purchased. I have even recommended this best foot massager to my friends and they are really happy with it and never had any kind of complaint.

In this product review, I will be covering each and every query which you may have while examining this article. For better understanding, I will go from the features of the product to the pros and cons of the product. So, let’s dive into this.

Types of Foot Massagers :


Now, let’s see the features and specifications of “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager

Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager Features and Specifications:

Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed Foot Massager

Durability –

The biggest advantage of having this foot massager is that it is very durable. It is made up of high-quality material that lasts for a very long time. Like its material, the massager’s effects are also very strong, you can feel the intensity even when you are wearing shoes.

The massager, not only massages the foot but also the Ankles, Calves, and Achilles’ tendons. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t slow down even when you have put your both legs at one time.

It is well-built, sturdy, and powerful as it does even slow down when putting extra pressure on it. The massager helps in relieving foot pain, swelling, cramps, and usual discomforts. I would like to tell you one of my incidents with “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager“.

When I first bought it I never knew that it is so durable when my daughter mistakenly threw a hammer on it. You won’t believe that the product didn’t get a scratch from it. And then I finally concluded that the model is durable at its best.

Comes with Control Panel, Kit, and Warranty & Replacement Guarantee Services – The control panel shows the intensity of the massage and it is very easy to understand, use, and can be changeable. The feature is user-friendly and you don’t have to face any problem in switching the on/off button. It will display you all the features of the foot massager on its screen only. The foot massage also offers a 1-Year-Full-Replacement-Warranty.

The product will be replaced if any defects or faults found. One of friend’s uncle bought this product but somehow it came as a defected model. He immediately called the company servicers and they came to his house in no time. And replaced the product with the newer one. This is the best feature I like about “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” as it fulfills 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Footpad and Speeds – It has a dimension of 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches, a weight of 4.9 kg, and a shipping weight of 6.5 kg. It’s light-weighted and can be used on the neck, back, legs, feet, and even on the hands and arms. This feature will be surely loved by athletes and gym lovers because they are the only ones who get lots of foot pain and injuries.

Most of the athletes and fitness maniac use this massager before their running and after intense workout respectively. The footpad will oscillate every time when you switch on the button. And the massage session can be improved by sliding the feet up and down the pressure areas.

The massager comes with 11-speed motor control and has a rotational speed ranging between 1000rpm-3700rpm. The user can change or adjust the speed depending upon their level of comfort. And if they want an intense heat massage session for their feet then they can adjust the speeds. It is mostly used for clinical and therapeutic work.

This feature is very useful for people suffering from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, high arches, or severed foot. It also reduces lots of foot-related pain and injuries.

Excellent Design and Multifaceted Use – The “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” has a user-friendly design You can even use it while doing any sitting work. It smartly targets the pressure points and reduces the pain in the feet.

The person who spends even little time with it would feel the best pain-relief experience after intense daily routine work. This product is to treat people who are suffering from extreme circulation related problems such as Diabetes or Neuropathy. Most people also use this machine to relieve their joint pain and swelling.

There are various functions of “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager“:

Foot Massager Functions :

Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed Foot Massager


Now, let’s talk about some Pros and Cons of Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager:

Things I like about “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” (Pros):

Reducing Back pain (Lower)

It will be hard to believe by some users that how can a foot massager relieve the lower back pain. The massager relaxes the whole body and hence minimizes the lower back pain also. The massages by “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” usually address the nerves in the feet that run to other areas of the body and prevents from aching.

It also melts tension and all-day work stress. It is indeed better than a handheld massager because in handheld massager you cannot massage your feet. Whereas in the foot massager you can massage your feet to calves to hands. And in the former, there are comparatively fewer features than the latter. If you feel your back hurts you a lot then it is the best foot massagers for reducing pain.

Prevents from Swollen or Sore feet

You have noticed many athletes and gym lovers suffer from swollen feet mostly. So this benefit is best and frequently used by them as it recovers their muscles from tightness. It helps in regulating blood circulation that is used by athletes just before their race. Common people may also put up with these sore feet, so it can be useful for them also.

Lowers Migraine or Headache

Yes, you heard it right thisMedmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager can lower your migraine or headache. Firstly, we need to understand that the blood arteries are connected to our head to toe and the blood circulation is going through it. So it is possible that a message to the leg can lead to the massage to the head. It relaxes the whole body, reduces pain, and prevents people from suffering from Acute headache, Throbbing headache, and Severe headache. These are the most common headache that this product helps in reducing and gives us fast relief from these pains.

Improves Circulation and Reduces Neuropathy

This is the most helpful advantage of having this massager because it increases circulation and helps in reducing numbness or weakness. If you sit long hours on a chair, this might result in numbness in legs and weakness in the body.

And this is the main reason for buying the product by people as it helps in reducing these kinds of numbness and weakness in the body. The vibration from “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” helps in relaxing nerve pain, tightness, and aches.

Powerful Oscillation and No Time Limit

We already know that this massager doesn’t contain any heat feature but still, the powerful oscillation makes it possible as it also increases the blood flow and makes you feel like the same as the infrared heat facility. This feature helps the user in many ways like in Swollen feet, Muscle Pain, and Plantar Fasciitis.

The user doesn’t feel like that the massager is lacking any specification. If you want a massage session for a long time and don’t want it to stop automatically then this feature will be loved by you. Because here you can enjoy and set your own session limit and this is a big plus for the “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager“.

Things I Don’t like about “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” (Cons):

Heavy and Bulky – Yes, this product is bulky and a little harder to pick up by a single human. It is heavy because of its various speed motors which are very essential for numerous operations.

Noisy – This could be a matter of attention because it makes lots of sounds due to vibration and can be disturbing to the neighbors.

No-Remote Control – This is little worry for those who don’t prefer to change their massage position as they have to move for every adjustment in the massager. Along with this, it doesn’t even contain a built-in handle which will be harder after seeing its weight and size.

Expensive – The Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager is comparatively expensive than the other foot massagers. As mentioned above, this model contains lots of extra features so this could be the reason for its high-price.

Absence of Heat Feature – The product doesn’t contain any heat feature which could be quite useful for the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q.1) How often should we use Foot Massager?

We can use foot massager many times a day. But we should be conscious of not using it for more than 30 minutes on a particular body part. The massager is commonly preferred using 15 minutes at a time by most of the people as it is a default option.

Q.2) Does this “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” include labor?

Yes, this massager, unfortunately, includes lots of labor because it doesn’t allow remote control features. People have to move and change their massage position to adjust the settings and features.

Q.3) Do these massages help in circulation?

Yes, these foot massages help in blood circulation and stimulating the muscles. It relaxes the pain, prevents foot diseases, and helps in reducing the injuries on feet.

Q.4) Why should we massage our feet?

We should massage our feet on a regular basis. The answer to this question will be well-explained by an athlete who uses the massager for his feet at least 10 times a day. Actually there are many benefits of using foot massagers like blood circulation, reduces stress, relaxes the whole body, and relieves foot-related pain.

Q.5) Can older people use the massager and is it beneficial for them?

Yes, this massager, I should say, even better for older people as they face most of the foot-related injuries at such an age. It is very beneficial for them as they cannot walk for hours for increasing blood circulation.

Conclusion – My Verdict and Ending Notes:

I hope I have explained each and everything which a buyer should know before purchasing any foot massager. The product review for this “Medmassager mmf06 11 Speed foot massager” was little difficult because most people don’t know both the aspects of the massager and they refused to purchase so here I tried my best to convince you to buy and even showed its disadvantages so you can be able to make your decision in all way. This article is made after reading lots of reviews and comments of the buyers on Amazon.

For showing both the sides of the products I have mentioned all the pros and cons of them. It is hoped that you all loved this article and thank you for going throughout the review. If I made your decision clear for purchasing this product in any way. Do share it with your family, friends, and acquaintances.