Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review (worth it or not)

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Silver, Camouflage Red

Special Features

(a) Variable Vibration Speed Settings
(b) Brushless High-torque Motor

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2.2 pounds

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Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review:- The M3 Pro Massage Gun is a creative therapy tool for adult persons. The M3 Pro Massage Gun Review helps many adult people to get relief from muscle pains. In the market, M3 Pro Massage Gun becomes popular for quick pain relief and improvement of musculoskeletal health. The rollers can help to recover your body muscles from a workout by breaking up scar tissue and releasing tight muscles. You can use this Massage Gun before the workout for preparing your body muscles to pass through the stress.

The M3 Pro Massage Gun helps to circulate proper blood flow in your entire body to warm up the tissues for a better nervous system. This tool relieves your pain within 15 seconds and activates your organization for future activities. It becomes the most convenient health therapist tool in everyone’s home space.

The Best Percussion Massage Gun becomes a percussion massager that fits in the hand, palm, foot, knee, and waist of every possible part of your body. That applies pulses into the nerve with intense deep pressure into your muscles to recover your stress and circulates a warm pleasure in your body.

About Brand Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

The Opove has set an example in the massage gun industry through its innovative tools and up-gradation of the technologies. It continues developing streamline massage gun products for people’s health and releases from debilitating pain. The planning of the massage gun starts in 2018 through a mission to provide support for recovery.

The logo of the company stands for “Optimization,” and to date, the company follows that vision. In the fitness industry, Opove introduced the M3 Pro Massage Gun with enough features to deliver comfort to the muscles.

The Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun becomes popular in the fitness industry and best selling product at an affordable price. It provides exceptionally high quality and medium in size to fit comfortably in the gym bag. It has a flat-faced attachment to resonate vibrations and passes through an entire upper arm and thigh.

The ball head stimulates individual muscle groups, and the smaller bulb provides a relatively focused and intense massage. It proves the brand name and always satisfies customers’ needs to maintain the brand name in the market.

Features about Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun enriched with multiple functions-

  • Variable Vibration Speed Settings-The M3 Pro Massage Gun has three intensity settings around at Level 1 1800 RPM/ Min, Level 2 2400 RPM/Min, and Level 3 3200 strokes per minute (SPM). It makes the product suitable by adjusting the required speed for both shaking out sore muscles and gentle massage after or before the workout, respectively.
  • Brushless High-torque Motor- It has a unique Quite guide technology with a 24V brushless high-torque motor. The motor regulates the power and provides enough vibration whatever you want, a slow relaxing massage or a high-intensity one. The engine generates less noise in between 35dB to 55dB to get enjoyable massage time comfortably and smoothly.
  • Anti-Drop Shell- In the OpoveM3 Pro Massage Gun, you get the latest breakthrough technology with an anti-drop shell. Manufacturers use Nylon 66 in the massage gun shell and glass fiber to protect this tool from the damage while dropping. The M3 massage gun can survive drops from up to 6.6ft (2m) high.
  • Long Battery Life- It provides up to 3-hour battery life to perform massage endlessly. It can charge quickly. It takes only 15 minutes per day to relax your muscles and servers at least 1-2 weeks without charging. The Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun uses a Lithium-ion Battery with 2X battery life, which helps to relax deep tissue muscles with a rechargeable battery.
  • Amplitude or Depth- The M3 Pro Massage Gun has a standard length of stroke of 12mm for percussive massagers. The pulse depth (known as length of stroke) can determine the quality of the service in terms of relaxation by providing a comfortable massage. The deeper the stroke length of stroke, the relaxation of nerves or muscles goes calmly.

Special Specifications about Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

  • Weight:xOpove M3 pro message weighs 2.2 pounds. Therefore, you can carry this lightweight massage gun easily.
  • Modes: It has three different ways of speed changing within 1800 RPM/Min to 3200 RPM/Min that helps to regulate vibration slow to high for taking care of muscles.
  • Battery: The M3 Pro Massage Gun has a Lithium-ion coded open cell battery with a 3-hour battery backup.
  • Additional Accessories: Opove offers a charger, a freely carrying case, and four massage attachments. You need not expense more money to buy all the accessories from the market. The four massage attachments help you to use this M3 Pro Massage Gun for various purposes of massages in different parts of your body.
  • Less Noise: It provides less noise, around 55% Quieter than any other brand in the market.

Benefits of Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

  • In this massage gun, you can get three different adjustable vibration speed settings. Three different settings regulate the power Level 1 to Level 3 as per your requirement. It offers you numerous options in one massage gun. This multi-functional massage gun allows flexibility and targets sensitive areas without breaking your threshold pain.
  • This massage gun provides an open-cell removable battery. This key factor attracts you to purchase an M3 pro massage gun to enjoy a long period of battery life. Opove offers replaceable batteries for continuous use of massage guns, only applying additional batteries after the end of the previous one.
  • The incredible four massage attachments are the highlighted key factor to purchase an M3 pro massage gun. The fork-shaped applies to the neck, spine, and Achilles. The flat shape provides the facility to massage targeted muscles to encourage muscle plasticity. The pointed one uses deep tissue massages to enhance the massager’s precision, and the last ball shape enables you to relax bulk muscle groups like the back, waist, thighs, glutes, and arms.
  • This massage gun comes with versatile features to satisfy everyone by relaxing the muscles. This massager provides waterproof resistant technology with Nylon 66 anti-drop shell to protect this tool from water and drooping in the hard surface from 6.6ft.
  • It provides more benefits after a heavy gym workout to relax tight tissues. This ergonomic massage gun has a straight grip with lightweight and quietest noise. Like as Opove M3 pro massage gun, no other brand can offer this type of multi-functional massage gun with additional benefits.

What we like about Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

  • Excellent quality- This message gun has been designed ergonomically for flexible use without helping others. It provides 3 level motion vibration along with four message attachments for any type of massage. Long battery backup and anti-drop shell provide breakthrough technology to make this quality better.
  • Adjustable-  This massage gun adjusts in any kind of indoor or outdoor situation for its 2.2 pounds lightweight and quietest nature. The customizable feature can be flexible in any type of pain relief through this message gun.
  • Healthy life-Opove M3 pro massage gun applies pulses of concentrated deep pressure into your tissues. It improves blood flow and enhances the motion quickly. It ultimately provides full body massage, only changing different massage attachments. It provides a healthy life and home therapy by leaving your joint score, muscles, aching, and tender.
  • Affordable- It becomes more beneficial for swimmers, outdoor travelers, or rock climbing people by providing instant muscle relief within a couple of minutes at an affordable price. You will be helpful by buying this multi-shaped relaxation massage gun for better health care.

What we don’t like about Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

  • Faulty Battery- M3 pro massage gun provides a removable battery, but after 2-3 months of using, you need to change the battery. It takes 2 to 3 hours for charging the full battery after it ends the charging.
  • Timer- It takes 10 to 15 minutes to recover from injury. But sometimes it automatically goes off before recovering from injury. It feels irritating and disappointing to use this product.


1. Why stop working after some minutes?

Ans: In this M3 pro massage gun has personal motor temperature protection. At the time of loading, it reaches up to 97 degrees and automatically powers off for your safety. It takes 2 minutes to reduce the temperature and use it again.

2. How can I regulate this massage gun?

Ans: It has only two steps to make this massage gun functional. First, turn on the battery switch, and the opposite side at the massage head presses another button to turn on the vibrator and select your required speed.

3. What is the warranty for this product?

Ans: Opove provides a risk-free product to you. But in case of any damage, it comes with 30 days money-back policy. It offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase to repair or replace accessories or products depending on the damage.

4. How to replace the applicator?

Ans: It is easy to replace the applicator by pushing with rotating force. At the time of pushing, turns counterclockwise or clockwise for pulling out the applicator.

5. Can it be useful for Plantar Fasciitis?

Ans: Yes, it is useful for PF and muscle-related issues. It is also helpful for back hamstrings, front and side upper leg, claves, and joints. Instead, it is comfortable for bony areas and ligaments.


Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun successfully meets customer expectations by providing a lightweight product design with excellent power backup to remove muscle pains through remarkable massage. The fork accessory makes your work smooth and comfortable around the large tendons in the shoulder, ankle, and neck. It can not take much recovery time from pain and improves vibration motions to rid of tensions or stress.

The M3 Pro Massage Gun has the facility of portability and best quality to provide the best tissue therapy. It offers pre-workout smooth muscle relaxation to reduce injuries. It becomes a well-known brand by introducing the latest technology in the fitness industry and providing long-lasting product quality. The battery always competes with Opove’s competitors and gives long period service by holding energy with a long life span. However, it allows for an open-cell array; thousands of customers made this M3 Pro Massage Gun best seller with convenient use.