Real relax 2020 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Color Variants
Blue & Khaki, Black, Black & Khaki

Special Features

(a) One button zero-gravity design
(b) 8 massage neck back waist rollers
(c)  Adjust the backrest up and down

Item Weight
400 pounds
Customer rating
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Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair review: Since you have set foot on this page, I am sure you are one of those who are looking for quick tips to take yourself off from great stress. So here I am going to review one of my favorite and most recommended massage chairs. I am sure that after reading this article you will be able to make your decision whether to buy this product or not.

Before getting started I would love to tell you that I have been using this massage chair for almost 2 years and it has never disappointed with its special features and specifications. If you are buying a massage chair for the first time, then this article will help you a lot. In this section, I will be covering each and every query which you may have while reading this article. For better understanding, I would like to explain it with subheadings. So let’s dive into this.

Real relax massage chair – Special features:

Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair review

Airbag Technology: (best feature of real relax massage chair)

It is one of the easiest and most prominent features in this chair. As it is a little different from traditional methods but it relaxes the body muscles the same way as traditional. It covers almost most of the body parts like arms, inner thighs, and shoulders. The working of this feature is very simple, it just compresses the given part and covers it with an inflated airbag.

Full Body Massage:

Most of the people are finding a massage chair that will provide full body massage. So yes the “Real relax massage chair” provides the full body massage. It will be helpful for head to toe massage, side to side massage, and many more. It provides legs, arms, and shoulders to relax in a shorter time.

The high level of comfort, its soft seats, and pillows make it the best massage chair. I would really recommend this massage chair if you are looking for a full body massage chair. If you want a more intense massage and don’t want to spend much money, then this chair is best for you.

Smart Control:

The most astonishing feature of this massage chair is its unique control. It allows us different buttons for respective features. You may have difficulty in remembering the buttons in the beginning but you will be familiar with them soon.

Massage Techniques:

Along with remarkable specifications, it also provides various massage techniques. Like Junetsu Massage, Reflexology, Tapping Massage, Kneading Massage, and Vibration Massage.

Hip Vibrator

This feature has a really surprising result as it only deals with the lower spine-part area mainly back pain. It helps in reducing muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle soreness. It is very beneficial for older people because they suffer these types of pain mostly.

USB Charger Port

This feature will be counted as one of the unexpected features because no one has thought about this ease. It will surely be difficult to digest by some people. You may charge your phone according to your requirements.

Adjustable Speed

Most people don’t prefer using the massage chair’s default speed, so this will be very helpful for them. You can set your own speed. Children must be aware of using adjustable speed. They can only change the default speed under adult supervision.

L-track Four Roller Massage System( one of the best feature real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair review)

Pain relief

Remote Control

Easy to assemble

It is the extended version of S-track. It provides massage from head to lower spine. Further, it has all features as an S-track.


Whenever a person buys any product the first question arises in his mind whether the product he is purchasing is durable or not. The product is basically judged by its strength. “Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair” is 400 pounds (181.4 kg ) heavy.

Intense Heating Specification

This feature will be best used in winters, just imagine, a cold day, you are leaning in a massage chair with this unique facility, its soft and thick pillows where you can rest your head with great comfort. I can bet this will be the most relaxing time a person can ever have in winters. Now you can guess that I am really jovial with this product. It will also warm up your feet and palms during intense winter.

Easy To Use Remote

These massages can be done through remote controls. The remote is very informative and easy to learn. The instructions before using the remote are very lucid.

Foot Massage Function

If you exercise a lot, this one will be best for you. This is the special quality of this massage chair. The foot will be hard-pressed and will be given great relief. Earlier mentioned also, it will also prevent swelling of muscles. Most people use a hot strip when they get a badly sprained ankle. But there is another option you can use: “Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair”. It will act the same as a hot strip.

Music System

For all the music lovers, here comes an amazing product for you. You can listen to music through this product. This feature will also work from the remote. You can easily control the sound and change the songs from the remote.

Age Limit

Children under age 10 should never use this massage chair without adult supervision. But people between 11-80 years can use this chair with no fear. In a family member, It will be very suitable for members working for hours in a job. The age limit is one of the important factors to consider. Many massage chairs do not provide these features so a real relax massage chair has a plus point.

Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair review ( On Amazon ):

For me, this one is the best option to believe you that the product I am talking about is actually appreciated by people.

The product is given 4.4 stars out of 5 and almost 1000 ratings.

I would like to mention one of the amazon’s buyers comment on this product- The lady said that she hesitated to buy it. But when she finally bought, she became familiar with its features. And really love the product. She also advised some of her friends and family members. Now they are also happy with the product.

A complete video of Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair:

In this video, the massage chair is completely explained and cleared for all of your queries.

As every product needs a perfect overview so now, I prefer to tell you about some pros and cons of this massage chair. As it is mentioned that people have already loved this product so the cons will surely be less than the pros.

Things I like about real relax massage chair (Pros):

Real relax massage chair has many pros as I like all the features of the chair but I will explain to you the main points where this chair has surpassed others.

  1. Not too heavy – This is the first thought that comes in everybody’s mind that whether the massage chair they are buying is heavy or not. I won’t say that it is easily movable but it can be moved with some human force. I should say that 2-3 people are enough for transferable. The massage chair will occupy little space but can be molded from sides also.
  2. Advanced air cell massage specification – This feature is hardly available in any other product. “Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair” has this feature.
  3. Bluetooth – Most people prefer not to use their phones while having deep relaxation time. So this advantage will be helpful for them in picking up some important phone calls. You don’t have to worry about listening to songs too.
  4. USB port – Well, in case, you are using your phone for a very long time, this will be a sigh of relief for you as you don’t have to worry about connecting the charge. This is an advantage for a phone user. You can use your phone limitlessly.
  5. Zero gravity features – With the name itself, you can guess that the product will make you feel gravity-less (weightless). The amazingly designed “Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair” comes up with a bewilder feature that will make you fly in the air. Sometimes, it will give goosebumps when you set this feature on.
  6. Reduces blood pressure – Well I don’t think that anyone on this planet won’t like this specification of this refreshing massage chair. I mean there is a robotic machine that will help you in reducing your blood pressure. You don’t have to walk or run miles to reduce blood pressure. With time the technology has become so advanced that a robotic chair (massage chair) can fulfill this thing. Now just think about what can be better than this. This is one of my favorite features of this chair so far.
  7. increases metabolism – Yes, you heard right, this massage chair will also help you in increasing the metabolism. Most of the time the food we consume does not convert in energy so this specification of this chair will help you in improving your metabolism.
  8. feels virtually weightless – As it is already brought up in this article that the chair will make you feel virtually weightless. I know it sounds a little strange how a robotic chair can make us fly in the air but it is true indeed.
  9. helps in shrinking – If you are sports enthusiasts, you have faced muscles swelling lots of time. So this supremacy of the massage chair will help you in shrinking the muscles and will give you relief in a very small amount of time.
  10. Comparatively cheaper- You will be startled to know that even though “Real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair” has lots of unique features, it is still the cheapest model currently available in the market.
  11. Relieves All Pain – I used to suffer from almost all normal pain but after using this, I barely have any. Along with regular pain, this is also helpful for chronic pains. It really relieves all kinds of pain.
  12. First Time Buy – For all the people who are muddled, which chair will be best for them for the first time, I would prefer this one because it is cheaper and provides almost all features like others.

Things I don’t like in real relax 2020 zero gravity massage chair review (cons):

Not too good for tall users – Every product has its disadvantages. But according to me, this massage chair has only one and that is, it is not suitable for tall users. It will be hard to use by them.

Conclusion ( The final Touch )

I have shown the pros and cons of the product properly so that you can analyze both the aspects of the products. It is hoped that you all enjoyed reading this article. I am sure that now you have made your mind and cleared all your queries about this product. I have recommended lots of people about the “REal relax Zero-gravity massage chair”. They are really happy after buying this chair.

The best part of the chair is that it is easily affordable. You can also purchase it in different colors. It is easy to assemble, it comes with an informative user manual. It takes very little time to complete the assembly. If you are suffering from chronic pain then I would really suggest this product. I think I have explained each and everything about the massage chair. Lastly, I would love to thank you for going throughout the article.

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