Top 13 Types of Massage Therapy Which essential for you!

Many types massage therapy pay emphasis on various parts of the body or approaches of healing. 

Massage is the act of rubbing and kneading the body by the use of hands.

In a massage, a massage therapist will apply pressure either gentle or strong to the muscles and joints of the body to relieve pain and tension.


#1.   Swedish massage Therapy

Swedish massage is the standard kind of massage in many clinical, gyms, saunas, and health centres facilities.

 By using lotion or oil, massage therapists commonly start with the wider general strokes and afterwards change to specific strokes to deal with problem-causing areas.

There are five essential strokes in Swedish massage therapy that are:

  • Effleurage with longer and smooth strokes
  • Petrissage that comprises of kneading, rolling, and lifting
  • Friction in which wringing or small circular movements are applied
  • Tapotement comprising of percussion)
  • Vibration which is done with rocking and shaking movements

Swedish massage offers relaxation of full-body muscle and it tends to be particularly useful if you are recouping from an injury.


#2.   Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a type of Swedish massage with fragranced plant oils (termed as essential oils) together with the massage oil.


 Pulled out from flowers and different plant parts, essential oils provides a satisfying aroma and are believed to possess healing properties.


Lavender and rose, for example, are known to offer relaxation. Even though oils might be chosen to deal with specific needs, the massage therapist classically makes use of pre-blended oils to relax, revitalize, or uplift you.


The relieving impacts of aromatherapy massage may help to resolve a range of conditions, together with headaches, sleeping disorder, certain stomach related disorders, back pain, and even symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Before getting an aromatherapy massage, take care you are not allergic to any of the plants utilized in the oils, since they may possibly cause an allergic response on the skin.


#3.   Hot Stone Massage

As the term suggests, hot stone massage uses warm stones. The therapist places warmed, smooth stones on particular points on the body and hold the hot stones while providing the massage. 


The stones used are generally basalt which is a volcanic rock that holds heat well.


The heat of the stones can be soothing and loosen up the tightened muscles with the goal that the therapist can quickly reach the areas of muscle tension.


If you are suffering from certain medical conditions or have a history of hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease, or varicose veins, you have to check with your physician or health care provider if you are planning to get a hot stone massage therapy.


#4.   Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a well-focused, therapeutic massage that works on the muscle knots also known as adhesions and particular problematic zones in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. 


Using careful, slow strokes or applying friction across the muscle knots, the therapist has a tendency to address chronic tight or sore muscles, repetitive strains, postural issues, or injuries.


While the facts show that the pressure of deep tissue is commonly more intense as compared to a Swedish massage, it should not need to be painful in order to be effective.

 If you are experiencing pain, let your therapist be aware of this immediately.


This sort of massage is especially beneficial for individuals with chronic pain or persistent injuries that result in mobility restriction.


 It is successful in treating repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) like tennis elbow golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and so on.


#5.   Shiatsu Massage

A type of Japanese bodywork, shiatsu consist of confined pressure by using the therapist’s fingers hands or elbows, applied in a rhythmic way along the body. Each area is held for around two to eight seconds.


With the origins of traditional Chinese medicine, the objective of shiatsu is to trigger points of acupressure on the body to enhance the energy flow and help to restore balance.

Since no oil or moisturizer is utilized, you wear a loose dress. 


Shiatsu is usually carried out on a mat placed on the floor or a low height massage table and is frequently used to decrease stress and defend against stress-related medical problems like back and neck pain insomnia and many more.


#6.    Thai Massage

A unique mix of yoga, passive stretching, and massage movements, Thai massage is more energizing as compared to other forms of massage therapy.


 It is somewhat similar to yoga without doing the work as the therapist in a series of posture moves and stretches you.

Similar to shiatsu, Thai massage adjusts the energies of the body.


 The therapist uses the rhythmic compression along the energy lines of the body to combat stress, increase flexibility and range of movement. It is done while fully dressed.

This type of massage can help to reduce muscle spasticity and back pain, which helps deal with balance issues and symptoms of migraine.


#7.   Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is also known as a prenatal massage. It is customized to an expecting mother’s needs however most often is used to offer relaxation. 


As many pregnant females undergo lower back pain and swollen lower legs and ankles in the later months especially, prenatal massage is a generally safe, drug-free approach to give relief. 


However, you must seek out practitioner advice before taking pregnancy massage as every female and her needs are unique.  


#8.   Sports Massage

Intended to avoid and treat injuries, increase flexibility, and upgrade athletic performance, sports massage therapy can be used by the athletes of all capacities to get ready for or get well from athletic or sports events.


The thought behind sports massage is to control the body’s soft tissues and turn on certain muscle groups relying on the nature of sport the athlete plays.


In sports massage, generally faster strokes are used together with compression, pressure point therapy, friction, and joint mobilization applied by a trained and qualified sports massage therapist.


#9.   Trigger point massage

Trigger point massages are most appropriate for individuals who have injuries, chronic pain, or a particular issue or condition. 


At times areas of tightness within the muscle tissues are known as trigger points that can provide grounds for pain in different parts of the body. 


By emphasizing on releasing trigger points, this kind of massage can decrease pain.


Trigger point massage makes use of broad, flowing strokes that are light and relaxing joined with stronger and deeper pressure.


This massage therapy will include working on your whole body, however, your therapist will relate to specific areas of your body that require to be released. 


You can put on lightweight garments for the massage or be completely or incompletely uncovered. 


This sort of massage will keep going for 60–90 minutes to get maximum results.


#10.   Neuromuscular therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a subsection of trigger point massage and a highly skilled massage therapist applies pressure to the parts where you have muscle spasms that are painful even to the touch.


Neuromuscular therapy comprises of alternating levels of pressure on the muscles with spasm.


 The massage therapy pressure is typically applied with the fingers, knuckles, or elbow. When applied to a muscle spasm, the pressure must not change for 10 to 30 seconds.

Neuromuscular therapy will be felt painful at the start, yet it ought to relax the muscles and help with getting more oxygen and blood circulation.


It is suitable for managing injuries and problems like poor blood circulation, postural problems and lower back pains.


#11.   Couple’s massage

A couple’s massage is a kind of massage that you do with your partner that could be a friend or family member within the same room.


 It takes along all the advantages of a regular massage and in some cases offers you the right to use the spa’s hot tubs, saunas, and different other facilities.


 Further services, for example, pedicures, facials, and body scrubs are every so often provided as part of the package.

You can usually pick which style of massage you would like to get, and you or your partner can get a different kind of massage contingent upon your preference at the spa. 

Your partner and you will be on the tables next to the other, and you will each have your massage therapist at work on your body. 


You can also chat with your partner during the massage.


#12.   Chinese Massage

Tui Na, is also termed as Chinese massage, is an old practice that expects to release the flow of energy around the body.

 Large numbers of skilful techniques are used to spring you back to best health, comprising of kneading, rolling and deep pressure that is applied to exact points on your body.

 Ideal for a midweek treat, it will help to relieve stress and relax injured muscles, bring about a higher sense of well-being.


#13.   Full-body Massage

In a full-body massage, a massage therapist will massage the whole body for the duration of a therapeutic massage. 

Sessions of massage therapy will normally last at least 50 minutes which permits sufficient time to work over all the main areas of the body such as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck.


By and large, the session begins with the client divesting completely with draping or putting on only undergarments and lying with face down on a cushioned table under a sheet. 


The massage therapist will start with the back and shoulders before coming down the body. 

When the client has flipped over around mid-way over the session time, the therapist works back up the body, as a rule finishing with neck shoulders and at times the scalp. Men may likewise get a pectoral massage.


When you are searching for massage therapy, make certain to check which sort of massage therapy a practitioner can make available for you.


 Match that with the advantages you would like to gain from the massage therapy session. 

You might need to visit several different specialists to locate the person who understands your needs and is accustomed to working with individuals with similar goals.


Make sure to discuss any hypersensitivities or allergies you have such as to fragrances or oils, so your massage would be relaxing and beneficial without that worry.


Neuromuscular Massage, Swedish massage Vs. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is the most commonly offered technique of massage therapy, using a firm or light pressure on the muscles. It will involve long and gliding strokes. 

Swedish massage is primarily used to surge blood flow, releasing tension in the body’s muscles as well as improving their flexibility. 


It is highly stimulating to your skin, helping to reduce physical and emotional stresses within the body. 

This is one of the major reasons that this category of massage is paired up incredibly with aromatherapy.


Deep tissue massage is a particular sort of massage therapy that targets deeper structures of muscles and fascia, which is all the more commonly termed as connective tissue. It is best utilized on smaller muscle injuries and chronic issues.


 Whiplash, sports injuries, wrong postural alignment, muscle spasms and tension are excellent examples of what might best be targeted with deep tissue massage therapy. 

This massage therapy will concentrate on stretching fascia and supporting all the muscles, bones, joints, nerves and organs. It will work by releasing tension in the connective tissue reaching into the deepest available layer to make corrections in your posture and make space for movements once releasing adhesions of fascia and chronic muscular contractures.


Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a specialized type of manual therapy treatment which uses the application of static pressure to particular myofascial points releasing soft tissue tension, relieving pain, and restoring the balance of your body.


This procedure is particularly viable in managing balance related issues as a result of bad biomechanics of the body while doing static or dynamic activities.


Massage therapy is one of a way for you to feel healthier physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Communicate with your massage therapists about various kinds of massage to find the type that is the most ideal choice for you. Always convey your expectations or aims to your massage therapist and speak up right away if there would be something by which you are not comfortable.