8 Things you should do after Deep tissue Massage Therapy

In every, person, the Question arose that What to do after deep tissue massage therapy? 

Because its is most important part of massage therapy.

So, you should know that the  body massage, whether it’s deep or a simple full-body, you should know what to do after massage. Massage relaxes and soothes out the body, and one wrong step can pull your muscle or even tear it. 

Massage, though it has many benefits, but taking protective measures after a massage is as important as taking care of your body after an exercise when you have used your muscles to their best. Having a massage is same as doing exercise; every single muscle of your body is moved so that your body feels relaxed and comforted. 

Surveys specify that about 19% – 28% of Americans had a massage at least once in their lives and only a few of them know about the risks of taking care of your body after a massage. 

Following are some measures to take after a delightful massage session:

#1 Drink water

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

The primary step after having a massage is to drink water, hot or cold, just remember to drink it

Massage increases the blood supply in your body which results in the productions of more waste characterize as toxins because of this it also aids your lymphatic system to detoxify your body. But in order to do remove toxins, you need to gulp in a lot of waters.

Risks of not drinking enough water:

Without water, these toxins can buildup eventually causing sores, and depending upon their concentration in the body it can result in serious complications as well such as memory difficulties and gout, etc.

 If you have some kind of medical history, it can even cause liver or kidney damage.

Use detox water:

Detox water helps your lymphatic system work normally and smoothly. There are many reports that discuss the benefits of drinking it. Detox water is prepared by adding your ingredients in cold water so that they submerge their natural detox properties in it. There many different ingredients used to prepare detox water but following are some famous combinations:

  • Lemon and ginger
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • Watermelon and mint
  • Orange and lemon
  • Blackberry and orange

Just cut them in large slices and add them in cold water. Quench your thirst as much as you can as it is also beneficial for your Immune system and can get rid of that flu some people get after a massage.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

#2 No Caffeine or Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which denote that they increase the water output of the body, which as a result dehydrates your body.

 Alcohol is a sedative drink which causes your nervous system to slow down, and on the contrary, caffeine makes it work faster. Many studies are proving the disadvantages of caffeine and alcohol after or during massage therapy. These products can aid your body to neglect the benefits of a strong message and in turn, makes you anxious and, in some cases, depressed.

#3 Have a bath

Taking a bath your relaxes your body. All the impurities are washed away from your body making you feel light and open-minded. This is why mostly all the unique ideas hit our brain during a bath session. Some studies have proved that taking bath benefits our bone and joint health.

That is why it is essential to take a bath after a relaxing session so that you can relax more and pop your mind with positive feelings. 

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Epsom salt bath:

Epsom bath is being used for thousands of years to cure many physical and mental complications. It is use to decrease metal stress and, in some cases, it is even help to remove splinters from the body. The most beneficial use of Epsom salt is that it can literally transform a dry skin into a smooth, silky skin.

These unique characteristics makes this salt a must have after a massage to relax your muscles and prevent any after massage sores. Researches have proved the benefits of this salt.

#4 Glutton on snacks

Believe it, or not many scientific researches have proved that a Massage is actually a form of exercise and an hour-long session can burn the same calories as lightweight training. So to regain these lost calories, you should snack up to give your body energy and detoxify it to regain strength. 

Otherwise, you will feel lousy and lethargy all day long. Remember that eating  Prevent yourself having a full course meal right after a massage and don’t do anything which requires a lot of energy, i.e. Heavy lifting, exercising, etc.

Having snacks is virtuous because you don’t want to burn calories in a massage session. You want to feel relaxed and not tired after a session! 

So, eating small portions of foods can help you feel more comfortable and can get rid of mental fog.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Snacks to eat:

You can not start eating whatever you find on your shelf. You cannot eat cereals or anything full of fiber. Following are some best food to eat after a massage:

  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Fruit salads
  • Appetizers i.e. garlic bread
  • Nuts

All of these are light and don’t make your stomach heavy which is perfect, because you don’t want to stress out your body eating too heavy meals.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Prevent from vegetables:

Vegetables are packed with fibers and stay in your stomach for quite a long time, so it better to prevent them for the first few hours. They take a lot more time to digest, which requires energy and you don’t have any power to spare right now. 

This is why it is often suggested not to eat veggies right after a massage session because it can lead to stomach cramps and in some cases, even bloating. It can easily be prevented and is something not to be worried about too much.

#5 Rest

Now that you have the best time of the month, instead of working right away rest a bit. Apply some natural face mask on and listen to some relaxing music or just binge watch some TV series…Resting helps your muscles to relax even more which can boost up your metabolism resulting in an energy rush for the next day.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

 Essential Oils:

To boost up your day a little more, you can use some essential oils that really help you relax. You can even consult your massage therapist for a suggestion. Some of the best scientifically proven essential oils are

  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Lavender

All of the above-mentioned essential oils are best suited for after-massage therapy. You can either drink it by making a delicious tea out of them or just apply to your skin directly. No matter what the application, it will have the same benefits and will make your day even more exciting.

#6 Stretch out

Stretching helps your muscles to come up to their original position which helps your body to function properly and in a correct manner. Many studies show the benefits of stretching and meditation. If you have to do some work right after a massage, then don’t forget to stretch your body first.

Your body just went through a full work out, make sure to cool down; otherwise, you may end up having back pain or muscle aching. Stretching muscles help you to regain strength but how to stretch them?

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Following are the best stretching positions after a deep tissue massage therapy:

  • Standing arm pull and bend
  • Knee hold
  • Forward fold
  • Cat – cow

These are some logically proved stretches that will surely make the massage experience even more recovering. Remember to repeat each stretch three times and make sure to hold your position for almost a minute. This guarantees you a restored relaxation. In short, stretching helps to prolong the benefits of massage.

#7 Welcome any emotions

A unique phenomenon of massage is that during it, your body actually releases some particular hormones that make you feel happy and lively.

The hormones that released are:

  • Endorphins
  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine

These hormones are released when a person feels enthusiastic, excited, or joyous. These hormones lessen your stress and help to reduce any anxiety and depression. Hormones help alter your thinking habits. It changes the way you think.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Open your mind:

Due to this hormone running in your body, you should be open to your thoughts. If all of a sudden you start to like the job that you hate endure, that moment and It will become a part of you, enjoy every bit of it. Open your mind for more positive thoughts because these thoughts will make space for them by removing negative thoughts. This is also a therapy being used to cure depression and anxiety.

#8 Observe Your Body’s Reaction

The last but not the least step is to observe your body’s reaction subsequently after a massage. If you find any soreness, it should last only for about two to three days, more than that is a signal that your massage therapist had gone too hard on you and should consult the therapist for further treatment.

If you get the flu or you get ill after a session, then probably an essential oil used by your massage therapist did not suit your body, so you have to be careful the next time.

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Also, notice if any physical or emotional change occurs. How’s it going on and how well it was before the massage. Keeping tab of this, it will undoubtedly be helpful and can make your next session even more appreciated and amusing.

What to do if you feel sore after a deep tissue massage?

Are you feeling sore right after a massage?

Studies have proven that it is totally normal to get sore muscles after a reflexology session. Still, usually, it is happening because your reflexologist put a little more pressure than you could actually bear, resulting in a sore. Some places can even give you a complimentary massage if you get sore after a session and it lasted more than two days! So rush and don’t wait!

What to do after deep tissue massage therapy

Stiff muscles are annoying but don’t worry, and there are some techniques to get rid of them, put an ice pack on the sore place, which would reduce it. You can also swallow some on-the-shelf anti-inflammatory tablets as well if it is unbearable. Just remember not to take any strong pain killers because you don’t want to worsen it if in case something goes against.


At the end of the day, a calming massage helps you relax and comfort. Taking some measures after a deep tissue massage therapy session can make a difference of day and night and can make your day lighter and even more peaceful. Massage is a godly experience and makes you feel like a monarch. Do your best to make yourself healthy and productive.

 Remember that all the tips mentioned are for an average human being, anyone with a medical history or some sort of another problem, especially physical ones should consult their doctors for better bits of advice. Don’t let negative thoughts overcome you and relish your massage day to your fullest.

The best way to enjoy massages is through making a schedule and plan to visit your massage therapist at least twice a month to be healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.