Top 07 Best Hand Massagers for Arthritis Reviews

Are you one of them who has a history of Arthritis? It is common to suffer from joint pain, wrist pain, itches, and carpal tunnel syndrome tendonitis. Do you feel like it is high time now to relieve this pain because bearing it further is nearly impossible for you? I would say that a hand massager would be a blessing for you to knock down every symptom of Arthritis. Here I am going to discuss in detail about best hand massager for Arthritis. 

You will find an excellent range of best hand massager for Arthritis products online. To guide you with this process, we have made a list of the top reviews on massage machines for hands. You can read them in detail to make the right choice.

Choosing the Best Hand Massagers for Arthritis:

While choosing any best hand massager for Arthritis requires a few particular things so that you can quickly determine to purchase it. Below i will discuss all things in detail, such as the customizable settings with versatile features that are the main thing to consider. It means the hand massager has to be customized at various levels. The next things are the air compressor and pressure compressor.

Both of them must-have features that work simultaneously to give you pressure and warmth simultaneously. As far as I have researched on arthritis hand massager, I can say that it is easy to operate and use even if it is included with many other features. 

I know you would love to buy a compact design. And please, avoid buying such devices that are not user-friendly. Carefully check before buying that the different modes of settings must be easy to swap from one mode to another mode instantly.

Finally, the security issue is the primary concern that every one of us considers very much. The mal-functionalities of any hand massager device are very important to deal with because it will be used on your precious body part, i.e., your hands. Therefore, make sure that a hand massager has no-fault while operating. 

You should have a messenger for hand pain if you have Arthritis for your regular use to relieve your hands’ pain. It is not a hidden fact that Arthritis is a severe and unbearable disease.

Nowadays, the total number of Arthritis people is above 70%, which means every other person has Arthritis. The study says that simplest actions such as holding light objects impossible for those who have Arthritis. Therefore, you should choose one of the hand massagers listed below to relieve hand pain and boost the strength of muscles.

Scientifically, it has been proven that daily hand massages help you with Arthritis in effectively improving your condition. When you use hand therapy massagers for several weeks, you will experience less pain and have more strength in your muscles.

Furthermore, you will feel less depression or anxiety and have a sound sleep at the end of the day. Therefore, it is worthy enough to buy one of the best hand massagers for Arthritis I will list down. Read the reviews and features and decide yourself.

If You don’t Have time to deep read then you go to Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massagers for Arthritis better result

Image Product Rating Price
Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis Check Price
Roleo Hand Massager for Arthritis Roleo Hand Massager for Arthritis Roleo Hand Massager for Arthritis Check Price
Gaiam Wellbeing Finger Massager for Arthritis Gaiam Wellbeing Finger Massager for Arthritis Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager Check Price
PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Compression PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Compression  PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Compression Check Price
Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat Check Price
Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager Palm Finger Air Breo WOWOS Best Hand Massager for Arthritis Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager Check Price
Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat Check Price

Top 07 Best Hand Massagers for Arthritis Reviews

Here we are going for Top 07 Best hand massager for arthritis Reviews. For this purpose, I have listed down the best hand massager for you which experts suggested to you in Arthritis. All products have the best reviews and positive feedbacks from users. 

#1.  Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis

 Best Hand Massager for Arthritis

Electric Hand Massager with Compression


Are you fed up with finger numbness or chronic pain of Arthritis? Here is the Therapeutic Hand Massager for you that has been tested by over 400 patients to avoid any discomfort. It ensures a faster recovery from every type of pain and will make you stress-free completely. Therefore, it is the best hand massager for Arthritis to relax and improve your blood circulation.

Linux is the unique and best hand massager because it simply squeezes away all the stress and strain of your daily life. It provides you a robust hand massage experience that I am sure you have ever tried before. This device is effortless to use. I know the other hand; massagers are not that easy to use without a clear and step-by-step user manual. Therefore, Linux has designed an intuitive display that enables you to select the ideal massage compression level. You can test it yourself!

It is a Multifunctional hand massager device that you can use to relax your hand and plays a vital role in recovery from sore fingers, numbness, and arthritis.

Furthermore, you can compress your hand, wrist, and fingers to avoid future injuries by taking advantage of it! On the other hand, you can gift this life-improving hand massager to your loved ones who are suffering from Arthritis.


  • Linux offers wide range of settings that include six intensity levels.
  • This hand massager has six programmed massages that designed to hit specific reflexology points.
  • Linux hand massager includes USB charger for desktop charging.
  • You will get bonus manual finger massager by Linux.


  • Linux hand massager takes up to 10 minutes to heat up.
  • This product does not provide kneading or rolling.

#2.  Roleo Hand Massager for Arthritis

Best Hand Massager for Arthritis

Deep Tissue Massager for Carpal Tunnel Relief 


Roleo hand massager relieves chronic wrist pain and deals with other issues. I can understand that you have been living with your arthritis pain and discomfort for way too long. Therefore, you should take the popular Roleo Hand massager and Arm Massager to relieve your pain with this trusted massage therapy.

Regular massage and maintenance are critical to managing your arthritis pain. However, paying for massages every single week will make you probably reluctant. Here is the good news that The Roleo will massage you for free, yes, without cost. No matter, you are at your desk at work and home watching movies and chilling.

If you are one of them who want massages on both hands and arms, then you are just lucky enough if it does not cause strain to the other hand. The Roleo hand massager has detachable suction cups that keep your hand in place. You can even get two and have one for each hand.     



  • Roleo hand massager allows you to control the amount of pressure as well as the placement of pressure.
  • It massages your wrists and forearms instead of just your hands.
  • Roleo kneads muscles and gives myofascial release to help you recover from injury or strain.
  • There is no power source needed.


  • Roleo hand massager is not fit for people with sensitive hands and joint pain.
  • It does not massage fingers and has no heat feature as well.

#3.  Gaiam Wellbeing Finger Massager for Arthritis

Best Hand Massager for Arthritis

Dual-Sided Hand Massage Roller Tool for Circulation


The Gaiam Restore Finger Massager is one of the best hand massagers for Arthritis. It helps to decrease stiffness and gives instant pain relief in the hands. With the innovative Dual Finger Massager, you will get a two-sided hand massager. The one side that applies pressure to individual fingers that stimulate blood flow while rolling out stiffness. The other side targets particular areas of pain in the fingers and hand.

You will get a great finger massager as it increases circulation, decrease stiffness, and comfort arthritis as well as joint pain in your hands. This Hand massager is dual-sided, therefore, features a no-slip. You can easily grip the massager, which is designed with two massage options:

Individual Finger Massager: One side provides you two rollers that apply pressure to individual fingers. It stimulates blood flow while also rolling out stiffness.

Full Hand Massage: Another side gives you a roller that targets particular areas of pain in your fingers and hand. It is designed to release pressure points for a deeper pinpoint massage for an effective treatment.


  • Gaiam hand massager increases blood circulation.
  • This product reduces stiffness.
  • It soothes arthritis and joint pain in your hands.
  • Gaiam hand massager works for your entire hand.


  • Gaiam hand massager has plastic material.

#4.  PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Compression

PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Compression

Point Therapy Massager for Arthritis


PGG is one of Arthritis’s best hand massagers that provides you a unique wave pressure and heat when it kneads fingers and palms. This fantastic hand massager’s air pressure gives you a soothing rhythm that accurately simulates the reflexes while massaging your palm, fingers, and acupuncture points.

Furthermore, the air cells continue to beat rhythmically to exert pressure from your fingers and palm. PGG hand massager is the best in relieving your arthritis pain and reduces stiffness and numbness. Its mild heating promotes circulation and decreases swelling. 

PGG hand massager has very convenient buttons that are specially designed for you. Air compression and hot compress massage together make you relax and deals with each symptom of Arthritis. Make sure to take care of every part of your hand with a matching finger massager and gloves. It includes fingers and joints that relieve your arthritis pain. PGG Air Pressure best hand massager adopts built-in Air Pressure that inflates and deflates to relieve your pain. This device uses dual Pressure Modes and three intensity levels, i.e., blue, green, and red. 

It effectively relieves Arthritis and other pain caused by finger numbness.PGG gives soothing heat therapy hand massager with heat compression. It helps in keeping your hands warm and moist to prevent dryness and dehydration. This best hand massager for Arthritis provides heat therapy gently increases helps blood circulation. It relieves sore muscles, numbness and cold fingers, and cold palms.

Moreover, you are allowed to personalize your message by setting two pressure programs with three heat levels.

#5.  Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat

Comfier Wireless Best Hand Massager for Arthritis with Heat

Hand Massager Machine for Pain and Circulation


This product has intelligent air compression with heat. With built-in air compression, it inflates and deflates to squeeze away your aches and daily life stress. It enables you to personalize your massage with 3 different intensity levels.
So, Comfier hand massager is perfect for those who work on the computer and type a lot, pianists and homemakers.

Comfier hand massager is built-in air pressure inflates and deflates to help you getting relief in pain on all the sides of your hands. It applies three pressure modes and has three levels of intensity. You will get an ergonomically designed device to cover up the entire hand to alleviate arthritis pain if you want to minimize numbness and stiffness. 

Furthermore, you can carry this hand massager everywhere because it is Portable, light-weighted, and rechargeable. Comfier cordless massager is a wireless and portable device that soothes the hands and fingers from the top to the bottom to give you a feeling of relaxation. You will get an ultimate hand relaxation by comfier massagers that are specially designed to adopt air compression. It compresses hot air to relax every part of your hand. It works on the fingers and knuckles to make sure that you are getting 100% relaxation.


  • Comfier hand massager offers full refund within 30 days.
  • This product has three pressure modes, level of intensity and heat levels.
  • It is wireless and portable.
  • Comfier hand massager is light in weight with USB cord.


  • Comfier hand massager has inconsistent function of heat.

#6.    Breo WOWOS Best Hand Massager for Arthritis 

Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager Palm Finger Air

Rechargeable Massager with APP Control for Hand Muscle


Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager has an impressive design. It works great with palm finger air pressure as a rechargeable massager. This product has a luxurious and durable appearance that makes it highly suitable to use at the home, office, or even at bedtime. The device size is perfect for women. 

Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager has 5 independent airbags that massage smoothly on your fingers, nails, middle of the palm, palm, palm, and palm. So you could feel relax and enjoy your massage because it inflates and deflates to help you get relief from any pain. The WOWO S has a sleek and compact design. Therefore, you can enjoy a massage anywhere, anytime. 

Breo WOWOS has three air pressure options and thousands of specially designed dimples that give just the right amount of coverage and pressure to the acupoints on the hands and fingers. You should use this best massager for Arthritis with lotion to help it better absorb into the skin. The heat promotes healthy blood circulation to relax sore muscles, decrease hand fatigue, relieve discomfort, soreness, cold fingers, numbness, and other carpal tunnel symptoms. 

You can control its speed and position in an accurate massage area. In this way, you can experience highly dynamic pressure and soothing massage. The main benefit of this device is that you can get relief from hand pain efficiently. The air pressure of its hand reflexology massager kneads your hand gently to deal with Arthritis. It is the best hand massager for Arthritis, which provides 18 months of warranty and has become the first choice of every woman.


  • This product massages each finger and fingertips.
  • Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager designed with accuracy for women’s hands.
  • You can adjust heats to a high and control the temperature.
  • This hand massager gives wide range of settings for customization.
  • Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager has leather inside for easy cleaning.


  • Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager does not suitable for large hand sizes.
  • This product is not designed for men

#7.  Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager

Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager

Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager with Air Pressure


I would suggest this best hand massager for Arthritis if you are keen on natural healing. Breo iPalm520 is the only hand massager of its kind. It utilizes the practice of meridian acupoint as well as acupressure massaging techniques. This kind of massage is considered among the most traditional healing arts.

This device has the concept to benefit not only the hand but also the body and mind. The iPalm520 hand massager provides ease of control over all functions, including time length, air pressure, and heating modes. It is a fully portable device that works cordlessly using 4 AA alkaline batteries and has a 6-volt DC adaptor to save on battery power.  

This best hand massager for Arthritis combines air pressure and heat compression technology to help you to increase blood circulation. It relieves the hand and fingers in the most gentle and beneficial massage way. You can get a reflexology session by yourself through this device. It provides you a relief by applying pressure to specific body areas to correspond to various organs, glands, or Zone.

Breo iPalm520 focuses on the hand for a proper massage that makes you feel so relaxed, calm, and revitalized. I believe that the proper stimulus to your palm regularly can benefit internal organs in the long run. 

It is all in one Air pressure massage technology that applies a soothing massage that you experience to the entire hand and fingers that includes both the top and bottom of the hand.


  • Breo iPalm 520 is used both plugged in or wireless.
  • You can control the temperature.
  • This hand massager improves circulation very effectively with air compression.
  • You will get the most soothing massage gently.


  • Breo iPalm 520 lacks any kneading or rolling.
  • This hand massager does not provide rolling or pinpoint massage.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Hand Massager for Arthritis

Q1. Are electrical hand massagers better or wireless/portable? 

Ans – Both of them are better to use. Wireless/portable/cordless and electrical hand massagers work equally to provide relief to your arthritis pain.

However, you should check which type of hand massager you need at a moment while purchasing it. If you use the hand massager mostly at home, then the cord massager would be right for you, and there will be no need to buy batteries all the time.

But if you will need it at the office or any other place frequently, you should buy a portable one. Before you purchase a hand massager, you need to determine why you need it and how you will use this hand massager.

Q2. Is it normal to feel pain while using a hand massager for Arthritis?

Ans – Well, it depends on what you consider as pain. If there is only some pressure when it tightens your hands, fingers, and wrists, it is entirely normal. However, if it hurts a lot while using the device and your hands are even more painful than before it after your hands’ massage, it is not normal.

Q3. Can the hand massager help me get relief in pain if I have Arthritis for a long time or carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ans – Research shows that you can release carpal tunnel syndrome with the help of massage therapy. However, it depends on the type of hand massager that you use. A lot of the hand massagers are only developed to help people who are suffering from Arthritis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, these products decrease the pain and will support you in feeling better. 

But there are some other devices that I will not suggest to use if you have Arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, I would like to advise you to read our reviews hand to hand. You will get to know better about the most suitable tool for you.

Q4. Is massage right for Arthritis in the hands, or massage make Arthritis worse?

Ans – The massaging hand is suitable for Arthritis patients but not excessively because nothing is good to practice even if it is beneficial on some sides. Therefore, a handheld massager for Arthritis automatically shut-off after a specific time.

Massaging your hand helps promote blood circulation for arthritis patients and alleviates the severe pain that is a gift of this disease, so of course massage is good for Arthritis in the hands.

Q5. Are hand massagers available in portable form?

Ans – The portability of hand massagers depends on two factors. The first factor is the size of the hand massager device. Another factor is it has a cord. Furthermore, if the tool is small in size, then it is said to be a portable one. However, you are also required to ensure that it is cordless if you want to keep it with you everywhere. 

Moreover, there are 3 levels of portability. The wireless massager has high portability. However, other devices have medium portability because they have cords in a large size. The tools which are considered to be low portability are the ones with very short cables.

Q 6 How can Arthritis in my fingers get improved?

Ans – You can use one of the best and effective hand massagers for Arthritis designed to work as acupuncture treatment. It will release tension, stress, strain, and pain that Arthritis causes. 

Q7 Is a heating pad good for Arthritis?

Ans – Yes, why not! A heating pad is sufficient for Arthritis because it can alleviate the pain that is caused by Arthritis. Heat provides comfort and flexibility, and instant pain relief. That means this heat therapy brings relaxation in the first place. Once your hands are relaxed, the warmth of the heat pad can decrease your severe pain. It would be best if you were thankful for the heat option that the massager boosts your blood circulation, making your muscles flexible once again.

Conclusion – My Verdict and Ending Notes –

So, we have discussed above in detail about the best hand massager for Arthritis, and I hope you get to know how these products work. Keep in mind that Arthritis is such a disease that doesn’t occur suddenly. It occurs from regular stress and muscle pain. Therefore, it may help you out to overcome if you regularly massage your hand if you are working hard with your hands. I will recommend you to start from any best hand massager for Arthritis from the above list right now.

I hope you have learned from reading this article how much a valuable asset your hand massager is when it comes to relaxing your muscles and pain relief. All the above products are very convenient because they save your time and energy, both of which could be consumed in making an appointment with the massage therapist. Therefore, whenever you have a plan to relax, or there is a need to eliminate your joint pains in your hand, you will have one of the best hand massagers for Arthritis listed above is always ready for you.

You have probably already been convinced of the benefits of using a hand massager, and you want to have your own. However, finding the best massagers for hands may require a lot of time to read opinions and guides. I believe that all reviews on the best hand massagers are managed to determine what you need and which is the most suitable device for you. Thank you for reading it out. I hope you have enjoyed our reviews.