#1 Top 03 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person within Budget

The Best chairs for the tall person are actual for anybody over 6 toes attempting to seek out snug furniture, a lot fewer therapeutic massage chair. Choices out there are frequently few and much between, to not mention costly and impractical.

Most therapeutic best massage chairs both fail to accommodate client’s heads or depart their ft dangling once they ought to be tucked into the leg relaxation for a soothing foot massage.

You can get it if you happen to have been 6 ft 5 inches for so long as you’ll be able to remember. Due to the immense variety of options for this specific space, we divided our analysis into 3 completely different sub-categories of therapeutic massage chairs for tall persons.

Overall Best and most extraordinary Value-Price quantitative relation, Mid-Range worth, and quality, for the amateur, and Therapeutic is available in the market. 

You’ll need to gaze into shopping for a selected best massage cushion for tall person designed for tall folks to make sure that it may accommodate the peak and weight variations of a tall person.

The clear-cut best choice for a massage chair for a tall person is designed to scan every person’s height and customize the massage. Take a glance at our Editor’s alternative likewise because the alternative merchandise listed on our chart below for an honest verify the most effective massage for tall folks on the market. Source:

Quick Pick for Over 6 Feet Tall Person

  • Premium Pick

    Acupressure Factors (Arm)
    Kahuna Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

     Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person
    • Acupressure Factors (Arm)
    • Space Saving with Zero Gravity
  • Best Value

    Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-BodyMassage Chair Recliner 

     Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person
    • All in full Body Massage Chair
    • Computer Body Scan Technology
  • Budget Pick

    Luraco IRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

     Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person
    • Smart Handheld touch-screen control.

#1 Ogawa Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Best Overall
Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

Best Touch 3D Massage Chair 


A progressive Ogawa chair collaborated with top-performing expertise embedded with selecting various methods that are kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping + knocking, and shiatsu therapeutic massage on selective physique proportion of complete or partial or mounted level on the body.

It performs near human-touch therapeutic massage because it proceeds to enjoy having a private masseuse in your home.

Superior Ogawa therapeutic massage Chair accommodates all physique sorts together with more solemn and more extraordinary physique figures, including 3 extra inches to the shoulders and hip space to accommodate all physique varieties as much as 6ft 5inches and as much as 320 lbs. The upgraded House saving expertise utilizing ameliorated ahead sliding mechanism permitting quieter transition that solely requires 3 inches off from the wall

The Ogawa capabilities with 6 rollers present expertise of being massaged by 6 completely different arms and the entire physique being embraced, whereas the therapeutic massage is being processed.

Triple Hip airbags, revised distant controller to extra consumer-friendly, air depth therapeutic massage as much as 5 levels. 2 Years half &Labor Guarantee included

 5 Auto applications – Yoga Stretching, Quick Recovery, Ache Relief, Relaxation, Athlete and 4 particular packages – Workplace Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport – These particular applications present distinctive therapeutic massage expertise in Zero Gravity position


  • Ogawa Therapeutic massage chair successfully massages by following the backbone’s curvature from neck to decrease again and extends down to the buttock space making this mannequin the brand-new SL-track know-how chair with a 6-wheel curler system. 
  • Longer prolonged SL-track with other 2 rollers carry out exact and distinctive Therapeutic massage techniques.
  • Provides are more oversized seating with wider shoulder width than most traditional chairs, making this mannequin suitable for larger builds. 
  • Even though it will probably accommodate more comprehensive forms, Ogawa  remains to be in a position to accommodate standard physique sizes entirely without the sensation of the chair is only too big.
  • Auto applications permitting you to select from an impressive selection and variety of Therapeutic massage packages that focus on particular areas.
  • Hip Air-Cell Therapeutic massage technology
  • Wrap Round Calf and Foot Massage
  • Heating therapy
  • Upgrade LCD remote
  • Zipper Leg Extension Covering
  • Massage Time management as much as 30 Minutes


  • Upgraded therapeutic massage technology
  • It is designed to save space with a zero-gravity angle
  • Integrated decrease again heating therapy
  • Extensions to accommodate taller persons
  • 2 years warranty
  • Advanced wi-fi management and premium speakers


  • The heat therapy is barely out there for the decrease again and leg area.
  • Only zero gravity level.
  • You can’t management the temperature.


1.    Will or not it’s an issue with limited peoples to get a great therapeutic massage? Is it more significant than the standard size?

Ans -It will be a problem you are small people it can accommodate between 5-6.7 very well.

2.    How much voltage these chairs take for their operations?

Ans- It is built for use in 110v only; it does not need 220 wall receptacles.

3.    Where is the most comfortable place to get a replacement remote?

Ans – You have to go through the company to get your remote to replace.

4.    Does this have a computer scan or not?

Ans- This chair has a computer body scan when starting the auto program, it will start with scanning your shoulder and neck area, and once it reaches your neck, it will stop watching.

5. How does this massage the front parts of the body?

Ans – It will do massage of the back and sides of the thighs. No stomach.

#2 Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-BodyMassage Chair Recliner 

Budget Pick
Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair


Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna therapeutic massage Chair Recliner LM-6800, one of the vital well-liked actual therapeutic massage chairs that may begin your day recently with Kahuna therapeutic massage chair!

You may obtain a new guide and register guarantee on-line at Kahuna chair’s official website. Please call us straight for any points or troubles; we might be blissful to help you.

 L-Track therapeutic massage system, 3 phases of Zero Gravity, Brilliant physique scan expertise scans your physique to detect your physique measurement for particular person customized fit massage. Air therapeutic massage expertise covers the complete body. LM-6800 has 6 different auto applications. With specific yoga stretching packages for full physique trying, twin foot rollers on theft area, House saving expertise solely requires 3 inches from the wall. Without this know-how, your arm is not going to get a good massage.

Best guarantee service for on-line therapeutic massage chair firm – Simple to register guarantee and request service. We provide warranties for all parts, labor, and structural framework of the chair. 

These Kahuna therapeutic massage Chairs for residential use only are trendy and available at a reasonable price. Kahuna LM-6800 provides a restricted guarantee for 3 years. It’s a non-transferable warranty. Initially, a period of 365 days covers all components and labor costs. Clients do not pay one thing at a similar time at the start, an amount of one-year guarantee amount.

Footer space has twin foot rollers and removable & washable footer space cotton for sanitary purposes—top beneficial therapeutic massage chair on amazon with buyer reviews. FDA Registered as medical Device.


  • Specifically, I designed an L-track body construction therapeutic massage chair with 4 rollers and an air-cell therapeutic massage scheme that successfully massages your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.
  • L-track entity is a form of curler path designed to helps your neck to again and all of the strategies to buttocks. This place decompresses every particular person’s backbone of your physique and will increase the results of massage.
  • 3 phases of the spot on zero gravity positions.
  • Space-saving know-how solely requires 3 inches through the transition to zero gravity positions.
  • Massage Chair scans physique dimension automatically, and you may now take pleasure in a customized fit physique massage.
  • Uniquely designed air cell therapeutic massage scheme can cowl a lot of the floor space with a minimal variety of air cells. 
  • It finally brings up the therapeutic massage high quality and performs quieter. The Air cells are programmed to inflate individually, which causes the physique to twist and deep stretch.
  • Included additional foot padding and distant holders for the convenience of people who use these chairs.


  • You won’t see a chair that has a new whole package deal choice. 
  • It moreover has a relaxed yoga setting that can do a thirty 60 seconds therapeutic massage that dances orchestra therapeutic massage and a stretch. 
  • The whole lot, as soon as I got it beat place, match nicely and comfortably. 
  • I see this chair lasting for some time if it is taken care of and never handled like a toy.


  • There sq. degree very solely numerous minor steps, the screw holes did not line up.
  • It had been cut incorrectly and can inform the American state of the jagged line. 


1.    Can this chair work for all peoples, 6.3?
Ans- Kahuna therapeutic massage chair producer firm has clients as much as six.4 that sq. degree able to see the chair snug, anyway they’re doing not counsel placing the chair’s foot on top of coronary heart level. We would recommend clients to remain in the chair throughout the usual zero gravity degree to own a more comfortable massage.

2.    Will we be inclined to buy AN prolonged warranty?
Ans- Affirmative you may buy AN prolonged warrantee.

3.    Will the chair has a stretched feature?
Ans- Affirmative, this chair has a yoga stretching car program that tests your full body.

4.    Will this chair be made-to-order material as opposed to leather?
Ans- Sadly, no, they can be found factory-made in synthetic animal skin. There isn’t the best way for North American nation to customize them.

5.    Anyhow broad, is that the seating area?
Ans- The seat is regarding thirty-two inches.

#3 Luraco IRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair for tall Person

Runner Up
Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

Best Medical Massage Chair


LuracoIRobotics is the most practical choice of medical massage chair for large height persons.This massage chair is the best technologically advanced massage lounger on the market. However, Luraco places their effort into creating this hi-tech piece of medical furniture as additional therapeutic rather than specializing in cosmetic changes. 

LuracoIRobotics is the most practical choice of medical massage chair for large height persons. This massage chair is the best technologically advanced massage lounger on the market. You’ll appreciate it. However, Luraco places their effort into creating this hi-tech piece of medical furniture as additional therapeutic rather than specializing in cosmetic changes. 

Luraco Applied sciences is a personal engineering agency positioned in Arlington, Texas, the guts of the Dallas-Fort Value Metroplex. Since its founding over ten years ago, Luraco has been a proud know-how innovator with a mission to supply research, development, and manufacturing of superior merchandise for the navy and business sectors.

Today, as a world chief in robotic therapeutic massage chair design and innovation, Luraco combines its rich high-tech experience and expertise with superior Applied sciences to carry our clients unsurpassed High quality and efficiency in its products. 

Luraco Applied sciences are proud to manufacture the primary and solely American Made therapeutic massage Chairs within the industry. Devoted to supporting our prospects worldwide, Luraco designs one of the best robotic therapeutic massage techniques that may procure the user’s expectations and wellness to the following level. 


  • The 3D therapeutic massage on the Luraco is unparalleled. You can confidently say it is, without doubt, one of the greatest within the trade amongst all chair types. 
  • Its rollers push ahead to ship an intense therapeutic massage that penetrates your neck and again muscle tissues virtually.
  • To realize entire physique wellness, the Luraco i7 Plus targets your calf and foot areas with superior rollers and air therapeutic massage technology. 
  • It will launch pressure out of your ft and calves whereas regenerating your muscles.


  • This Massage chair has a comfortable cushion.
  • It has the function of a user-friendly control pad.
  • Luraco IRobotics 7 Massage Chair save last 5 person memory. 
  • The warranty of 5 years for the day of operation.


  • These massage chairs have no white-glove service.


  1. Can this operate as a standard recliner, or you’ll be able to recline in it watching TV without having the therapeutic massage characteristic on?

Ans – Yes, you may set the chair to a reline place without powering the therapeutic massage on, so you’ll be able to be in your selected location to observe TV.

2.  How a lot of room is required between the chair again and the wall?
Ans-It will go away about an inch behind the therapeutic massage chair to somewhat clearance.

3.  Can this therapeutic massage function on 220 volts?
Ans-This therapeutic massage chair is modified to function on 220 volts.

4.  What’s the peak of an again that might be accommodated?
Ans-The Luraco iRobotics 7 has a 32-curler stroke. it’s adjustable and might accommodate a person between 5- 6.7 ft.

5.  Does this chair have to be put collectively by someone?
Ans-It has a modular design, which makes it very straightforward to meet, but as a result of its cumbersome and heavy, we propose two peoples. 

Conclusion for Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

The above-discussed chairs are the best massage chairs for big persons, having bigger seats with wider shoulder width, making this mannequin suitable for larger builds. Massage Chair scans the body automatically. My verdict is; you may now take pleasure in a customized fit physique massage. You can confidently say it is, without doubt, one of the greatest within the trade amongst all chair types.