Daiwa Massage Chair Review for 2020(Worth it or not)

Color Variants
Beige, Black, Brown

Special Features

(a) One button zero-gravity design
(b) Body Scanning System 
(c)  Adjust the backrest up and down

Item Weight
306 lbs
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Daiwa Massage Chair Review for 2020: If you have outreached to this article then you are one of the massager enthusiasts like me. I can assume that you have got bored listening to the different massage chairs with different modes of the same brand.

Therefore I have come up with an out of the ordinary brand named “Daiwa Massage Chair Review” which will be a matter of discussion as it is already winning the hearts of the targeted audience with its promising and excellent features. It is based in Japan, the word ‘Daiwa’ means ‘Harmony’ and involves in-house manufacturing without the involvement of the third-party.

Here, I am going to review this massage chair and will tell you each and everything a buyer should know before purchasing the product. Before starting the Daiwa Massage Chair review, I would love to tell you that I have been using this massage chair for around 5 years and it still works like it used to be before when first purchased.

It comes with five massage options namely Tapping, Music Sync, Kneading, Knocking, and Shiatsu. My family and I are very satisfied and recommended everyone who needs the benefits of its special features.

It is a new name for a massage chair but available globally in the market. And ensures buyers from different countries are also liking this chair remarkably. I can guarantee you that after going through with my article your all queries will be covered and answered correctly. You don’t have to do anything but reading this article from beginning to end and clearing your queries.

In this session only, I will be covering the pros and cons of the massage chair also as I think that a buyer should know both sides of the product before buying anything. So before we get started lets review Daiwa Massage Chair noteworthy features and specifications.

Daiwa Massage Chair Review- Special Features and Specifications:

  • Zero Gravity Recline – This feature is best for relieving your tension in the lower back as it allows you to fully recline your feet above the chest. It will make you experience a floating sensation that helps you in reducing chronic pains. The feature has two positions: First is that it will remove your all stress and makes you feel virtually weightless.

    Second is that it will further elevate your legs above the position of your chest. This specification helps you with the intense massages. The zero-gravity function will automatically start when you press the ‘Zero‘ button on the remote. This feature will be best to review the Daiwa Massage Chair.
  • Bluetooth Music System – If you are a music lover like me then this specification of this massage chair will be best for you. It will enhance your relaxing time and give you a soothing environment. High-quality Bluetooth speakers are set in this product which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android.

    Now you can listen to your favorite songs by simply connecting USB cables to your mobile phones. According to other reviews and comments, this feature is best used for the age group of 18-40 years because they always prefer a restful environment when the chair is used.
Daiwa Massage Chair review
  • The L-Shaped Massage Track – The 124.4 cm extra-long L-Shaped runs from the top of the shoulder to the thighs which reduces chronic back pain. This feature is highly recommended for the old people and the housewives who work for all-day. This quality of this massage chair mainly focuses on the spinal cord for relieving back pains and is considered one of the most prominent features of this product.
  • Airbags Massage Therapies – Daiwa Massage Chair provides multiple types of massages and it is one of the most attractive massages. It deflates and inflates according to the programs chosen. The massage chair with 48 airbags with six speeds ensures that it provides a relaxing massage that releases tension. It will be best for those who work day-night and get stressed a lot. This unique feature will defiantly relive them a lot.

    The product covers the whole body putting light pressure on the muscles that stretch them and increases blood circulation. These are located on the arms, shoulder, calves, and thighs which relieves human body fatigue. The ankles and heals of a human body are the less sensitive parts that require high pressure which is fulfilled by the larger airbags of this chair.
  • 3-D Body Scanning Features – The main work of this outstanding feature is to find the quirky curves of the spine so that it touches the right locations and massages right on the curving part. This massage chair is used in a very simple way you just have to scan your full body before having the massage therapies. The scanning will be based on the size, shape, and type of the body.

Now, most of the people doubt whether it is compulsory. The answer is not, this is not a so-called rule but for a good therapies’ sake you must go through the scanning process and if you are using it for a few minutes then you can skip it as I told you its not requisite.

Sometimes you will have to face the problem in using the 3-D scanner but don’t worry just press the buttons on the wireless remote it will automatically adjust to manual massage techniques producing the most beneficial massage actions.

Now the time has come to talk about some pros and cons of “Daiwa massage chair“:

Things I like about “Daiwa massage chair” (Pros):

1. Pain Relief – You have noticed that the biggest reason for buying any massage chair by most of the people is to relieving pain. It is a very common problem as all the people suffer from this thing whenever they do a hard-working task. This feature is best for those who frequently suffer from acute and chronic pains. Most of the older people love this special specification of this chair as it provides various functions to relieve all kinds of pain.

If you are having back pain, shoulder pain, inner thighs pain, ankle pain, or even neck pain. Then the permanent solution of these pains is “Daiwa massage chair review”. Now, most of the people ask why this char is different from others. The answer is because of its unique pain-relieving features. Although it is a little expensive but cost-effective.

2. Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression – According to WHO, around 300 million people all over the world suffer from depression. And let us imagine. If you have a machine that helps you in reducing depression then what could be better than this.

Yes, this massage chair will remarkably prevent you from this Depression thing with its special specifications. And works for both physically and psychologically. The report said that the age group of 15-29 years old are most likely to suffer from stress and depression.

Relaxation” is the final answer or cure to these stressors. I would suggest that if your main aim of purchasing a massage chair is for relieving stress and anxiety then you must go for Daiwa massage chair“. And I would seriously recommend it to the parents who think that their children tend to suffer from anxiety issues or they are less friendly to others than without any single thought do suggest and provide it to them. This feature reviews the Daiwa Massage Chair at its best.

3. Improving Immune System – Most people don’t look over this benefit which is unknowingly helping the user. Yes, the massage chair surely boosts your immune system and helps in increasing the white blood cells. That is responsible for clearing toxins and removing waste from the blood. It is obvious that the more WBCs your body has the more well organized your immune system will be. The result of this feature will be felt in a few months

4. Improves Rest and Sleep – Most people cannot sleep properly due to various reasons such as Office Pressure, Tiredness, Muscle Pressure, and Fatigue. They are most likely to suffer from Insomnia. It will be hard to believe for you that a massage session before going to bed can easily resolve your sleeplessness. Yes, you heard it right, this “Daiwa massage chair” can do wonders with its excellent qualities.

Other Benefits of the Daiwa Massage Chair Review in 2020

These are all other pros of the products which I missed mentioning above:

  1. It provides an exquisite value for money, special heat therapies, design, and adjustability.
  2. It is easy to use, durable, sturdy, comes with a mobile app, and can be expanded based on your height.
  3. The product provides four-color to choose and offers inversion therapies, deep tissue massage, and even Chromotherapy.
  4. The massage chair has Partial and spot Modes namely. Body stretch, Calf massage, Deep tissue massage, Extendable ottoman, Foot massage. And Full track heat, Manual adjustment options, Rocking rotation technology, and Well-designed remote.

Things I don’t like about “Daiwa massage chair” (Cons):

As mentioned above that I have been using this massage chair for almost 5 years and I am fully satisfied, so the cons will be comparatively less than the pros:

  • Some massage chairs don’t have inversion adjustment, hip swing or seat adjustment features, and shoulder pad height adjustment.
  • Most of the chairs lack calf massage and noise cancellation.
  • They are very heavy making it difficult to axle the chair around.
  • Comparatively Lesser options as an expensive model.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ): (Daiwa Massage Chair Review)

Q.1) Are Massage Chairs Harmful?

No, Massage Chairs are not harmful. They are universally safe and even recommend to everyone who needs it. It means people with mental health issues, physical health-related problems, and suffering from Insomnia must use the massage chairs.

But there some restrictions to those who have unhealed wounds, broken bones, infectious skin problems, or serious diseases must avoid it. And yes, children below the age of 12 years must use the massage chairs under the parents’ guidance. At last, the chair is not harmful in any way for a person with no physical illness.

Q.2) How much Power does this “Daiwa massage chair” consume?

On average the “Daiwa massage chair” uses the power of 150-300 watts. This should not be a matter of bother because it doesn’t use as much power as the refrigerators but uses the power of like a computer.

Q.3) Can we use the massage chairs all the time?

No, you cannot or should not use this chair all the time. Instead of relaxing you, it will give you a negative impact on your body. If used too much then, unfortunately, the machine starts inflammation of your body tissues. This point should be clear to the children who use it frequently.

Q.4) Is this “Daiwa massage chair” worth-purchasing?

Yes, they are full value for money as they provide almost every feature and specification which a buyer will ever desire. I know it sounds a little weird but if you are thinking of purchasing a massage chair and you have a good budget then you should not hesitate to buy this amazing chair.

Q.5) In general the massage chair really help in reducing “Back Pain”.

Yes, the massage chairs like “Daiwa massage chair” can surely help you in reducing your back pain. It stimulates the blood flow to all the areas of the body parts and helps in gaining enough oxygen and nutrients. It also prevents headaches and helps in relieving anxiety and depression.

Conclusion – My Verdict and Ending Notes:

It is hoped that I have successfully explained each and everything. I will just wish for that it helped you in every way possible. I have even already recommended many people before making this and they are very happy with the product. This article is made by me after reading several other articles and reviews on this product. I have even mentioned my own experience with this product. I have also gone through several comments on Amazon. And that’s why able to mention the pros and cons of the products properly. So that the person reading this article can be able to see both the aspects of the product. If you liked my work do share it with your families and friends.