Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun -The Brutally Honest Review

Lifepro sonic massage gun review-In this era where staying hyperactive is an utter requirement, aches, sores, and stiffness in the muscles are common. It is truly said that pain in a certain part of a body can disrupt the comfort of the entire body, and as a consequence, the entire body suffers. Thus, solving this issue rather than bearing it with patience is a much better and viable option. 

  • Best Value

    Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

    Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun
    • Smart and lightweight
    • rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Massagers are undoubtedly enormously popular these days, but finding an ideal one out of such an extensive list is surely challenging. And if you too are looking for a trusted and efficient massager that satisfies its price tag, then nothing could be better than the branded ‘Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun.’

This product is undoubtedly one of the best massage guns on the market, perfectly designed for curing everything from aches to sores and stubborn stiffness in any part of the body. 

Lifepro Sonic Brand:

Lifepro is a trusted international brand that keeps the quality of the product an utmost priority. The revolutionary and professional devices by this brand have multiple massager products that make an excellent addition to your lifestyle. The efficient and portably designed bodies and an adjusted rate of vibratory motions are ensured for these products. With a requirement of little to none effort, these products are designed to ease and relieve your stress in minutes to seconds. 

One of the notable representatives from this brand is Lifepro’s Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager Gun that features a distant array of specifications. The slim gun-shaped design of the machine makes it easier for you to handle it. The ball-shaped comfy massager ball is what this whole product is about. The motions and vibrations from this product are carefully measured, making it best for any age group.

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review

Features of Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

  • The product dimensions are 13.8 x 9.6 x 3.3 inches.
  • Lightweight body and weighs only 4 pounds. 
  • Smart, flexible, and portable gun-shaped structure.
  • The massager gun comes in four basic colors comprising blue, red, silver, and an all-rounder black.
  • A brushless motor.
  • Super quiet motor-function.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs for an intense 3-6 hours is included in this product.
  • 5-speed vibration intensity modes- that can be adjusted according to the need. From a low 20 Hz frequency to an intense 45 Hz frequency, this massage gun has it all for coping with different types of aches. 
  • 5 different massage heads consisting that can be used to relieve pain in different manners. 
  • The heads are easily detachable and require no complicated attachment procedure.
  • An LED Panel on the product that displays the ON/OFF option is also included.
  • The vibration button rests just near the place where your index finger will rest.
  • An absolute 100% lifetime warranty is offered to the customers.

The Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage gun is trusted widely among its customers to relieve and rejuvenate sore muscles and tissues. The powerful motor of this massage gun is what makes this gun so professional in its use. With a little work, you can adjust the gun’s vibrations according to your choice, and 5 different heads with this product provide a choice of getting a massage of your choice.

Whether you have got a stretched muscle pull from a workout, or it is an old-age joint page, or you have got backache after long hours of office work, this massage gun is everything that you will ever need. A massage of 5-10 minutes will not only relieve your pain, but it will soothe your muscles and tissues as well. 

Five Different Intensity Levels:

Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun, as stated above, can be operated at five different intensity levels. This massaging machine can be run out at notable intensities of:

● 20 Hz.
● 30 Hz.
● 35 Hz.

Thus, the potency of the gun can be adjusted according to the need of the situation. This feature of differentiating the intensities is a distinctive quality in this product, making it unique and uplifted among the others.

5 Different Massage Heads:

But the qualities of this product do not end here, and this Lifepro Sonic Handheld Massage Gun also comes with five different heads for giving different reliefs and precisions. Those are:

● Flathead
● Bullethead X2
● Spiral head
● Roundhead.

Such diversification and ease in working have always been a feature of the Lifepro series, and we can say similar for this product likewise. 

What We Like?

  • ● Smart and light design.
  • ● Extensive color range.  
  • ● Interchangeable massaging heads can help to relieve different types of aches and pains in the body.
  • ● 5 different intensity levels.
  • ● Long-lasting battery that functions easily up to 6 hours.
  • ● Whisper-quiet motor functioning.
  • ● Quick rechargeable device.
  • ● Assured life-long warranty is offered.
  • ● The Guarantees of instant recovery and relief from pain is included.
  • ● Best budgeted buy.

What We don’t Like?

  • ● You can face some charger compatibility issues with mobile phones like iPhone 7 asere per reviewed by the customers.
  • ● The head of the massage gun is quite fragile.

Experts Remarks for Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

I have personally used the product. This product has some of the most astounding features that are unmatchable. Its diverse range of specifications makes this product stand out from the rest. The five detachable heads and the five different intensity levels form the product’s pillars, like whenever I am having back pain after an intense workout.

Therefore, I will go for the round and head with a frequency of 30-45 Hz. But when I have sores and stiffness in sensitive parts like the neck, I keep the frequency up to 20 Hz and enjoy a slow massage with bullet and spiral heads. This product is a complete massage factory, and as an expert, I can declare this product completely worth its price.

While some people can face charging and compatibility issues with different smartphones, yet the problem is manageable. This product is designed for every part of the body and every person belonging to any age group.

FAQs of Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Q1: Is the design of the machine ergonomically-oriented?

A: No, the design of this massage gun is, although not ergonomically-oriented, yet it is something that can be negotiated.

Q2: Is the product heavy to lift?

A: No, the product is very carefully designed, and the ease and the comfort of the users are kept as a priority. It only weighs 4 pounds and is quite light to lift.

Q3: Can older people and kids use this product?

A: For sure, this product is an all-rounder with its different intensities’ levels, and you can easily use this product on any age-group.

Q4: How much force this product delivers?

A: This product delivers up to 70lbs.

Q5: How many strokes does it deliver per minute?

A: This massage gun delivers 2800 strokes/minute.

Q6: At which mode does the battery drain faster?

A: The battery drains faster at a high-intensity level and slower vice versa.


  • Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

If you are looking for a perfect massage machine to buy in 2021, then according to our Lifepro Sonic Handheld Machine Review, this product is undoubtedly an ideal match for you. 

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