Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review(Worth it or not)

Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review– Self-care is a developing part of everyone’s regular schooling, and the want for non-public massagers have been regularly growing during the last decade. Having the first-rate rubdown gun these days is considered a ought to for humans who undergo intense workout routines or have a hard-hitting ordinary life.

But what precisely defines an excellent rubdown gun? And extra importantly – a way to select out the proper one for you from the infinite fashions at the market? On this manual, we can undergo the pinnacle version for 2020, after which solution all the vital questions concerning this device.

About for Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review

It can integrate restore and recovery mechanisms; to boost up restoration charges, who believe.

It is a button fingertip that gets admission to five-degree pace control.

It centers on rubdown remedy for energetic healing and exercise warm-ups for athletes. It focuses on merely the proper muscle groups & sore spots.

Powerful Percussion

It has five exclusive ranges of R.P.M (1100- 2700) to selected alleviation.

Features for Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Ithas designed to ship waves of rest and remedy all through your frame.It has a cure for joint ache comfort, myofascial release, and sore muscle alleviation.

Not anybody can manage to pay for a private trainer. However, we’re right here to make it smooth to be held responsible and supported during your journey by providing our Guiding Angels.

It has a convenient single-surpassed operation with an excellent grip, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a more lengthy three to five hour run time.

It has five MASSAGE HEADS: Choose the velocity that exceptional fits your need, and alternate up the massagers head to greater exactly goal outstanding frame components and muscle groups. Incorporate a low strain 20Hz, slight 25Hz, robust 40Hz, extreme 45Hz, or useful 50Hz percussive rubdown revel in to your fast recuperation routine. A heavy responsibility production continues it reliable for the duration of all speeds.

Set, Pro Easy-Start manual will have you ever up and jogging inside minutes – no complex manuals or bulky device wanted for the transportable self expert massager tool. The front L.E.D.Panel capabilities the on/off transfer and 15.8V charging port. The vibration degree transfer is positioned correctly in which your index finger rests at the Sonic energy massager for easy and accessible usage.

Unique specification:

There aren’t many extra capabilities to this gun. It additionally doesn’t include a difficult wearing case that is a massive drawback for human beings that journey a lot. However, something this is pretty impressive is the truth, which you get a full lifetime guarantee through Lifepro for it, if there are any construction defects or stops working. Their go-back guidelines also are pretty liberal, and their assistance group is responsive.

Benefits of Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review

Lifepro innovative gadgets are first-class addition you may make to the education program. They efficiently cut up knots and loosen up tight muscular tissues, giving tremendously deep, rapid muscular relief. They are the appropriate partner to your submit and pre-exercise routine.

As with all different conventional rubdown weapons, this massager may be very clean and comfortable to apply because it has no rotating heads, nor does it have any adjustable angles or handles. You factor the gun toward factor which you should to paintings on and press button.

Once you’re massaging, you may extrude among the numerous speeds, an excellent way to produce different results. The most practical drawback right here is that if you need to rub down a number of your aspect or returned muscle groups, you’ll turn out to be keeping the gun in awkward positions. Massage weapons like the Thera gun repair those troubles by having tri-take care of the design.


The motor on this rubdown gun could be very green at what it does, consequently the more extended battery lifestyles. However, it isn’t very silent, notwithstanding the claims from the company. It produces noise tiers round 60-seventy five dB that’s barely louder than regular talk. If you need to apply your rubdown gun in quiet surroundings without annoying the humans around you, this isn’t suitable for the job. Massage weapons, just like the Thera gun, are a whole lot quieter and could get deeper into your gentle tissues.


In phrases of the battery, the Sonic percussion rub-down gun is pretty impressive. It has a battery lifestyle of 6 hours on an available charge (on its lowest setting). If you are pushing it too harsh on its maximum frequency, it will remain round and a 1/2 of hours at friendly. Still, the battery recharges pretty quick, and you’ve your battery ranges at the proper of the pinnacle manage panel of the gun to present you a concept of ways an awful lot you’ve got left earlier than the batteries run out.

Good Things, About Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review

  • A Deep and Powerful Massager:–  With a powerful motor that delivers powerful high-penetration, the Sonic handheld massager is designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body.
  • Easy to handle- Convenient single-handed operation with a comfortable grip, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with extra-long 3 to 6 hour run time.
  • Health protective– This rub-down gun affords education to any physicians. It acts as a manual and protector of your top shoulder, muscular tissues, and spin. It has an excessive fulfillment price of around 80%.
  • Easy to use- Sonic handheld massager easy-Start guide will have you up and running within minutes – no complicated manuals or heavy equipment needed for the portable self professional massager tool

Bad Things About Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun Review

  • Battery issue-After 1 to 2 months of using, you need to change the battery. It takes 2 hours for charging the full battery after it ends the charging.

F.A.Q. for Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun

Q1:What is the product voltage?

A: The Sonic operates off a rechargeable battery. The included power supply input is 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz. The actual battery that inserts into the Sonic handle indicates D.C. input from the power supply of 16.8V and a 2600mAh output. This device does not need to be plugged into an outlet to operate.

Q2:How many pounds of force does this deliver?

A: This is up to 70lbs.

Q3:How many strokes per minute?

A: It is up to 2800 per minute.

Q4:Do you charge it with the switch in the on or off position?

A: I charge it with the switch in the off position. It seems to work fine that way.

Q5:what is the peak amplitude in mm?

A: Hey, great question!! The Amplitude is approximate 12mm.

Conclusion of Sonic Mini Massage Gun

The Lifepro Sonic Massage Gun is sincerely one of the best affordable percussion massage gun higher rubs down weapons for its money. Even if we positioned our price range apart for a moment, this is a great well-rounded rub-down gun.

It is simplest lagging at the back of different top-fashions via means of some years in its technology phrases. Apart from that, it has a healthy battery life, many rub down heads to pick from, five distinct velocity modes, and a lifetime guarantee to cowl all that. Suppose you forget about the mediocre construct fine and old rub down gun design. In that case, that is one of the high-satisfactory offers available thinking about your money price.