OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review(Full & Detailed)

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(a) Yoga Stretching system
(b) 3D Robot Hand Massage Feature
(c)  Adjusting the Shoulder Width
(d) Full Body Massage Chair

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OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review: Massage chairs are one of the best options for refreshment after a long tour and relief from body pain. It works for all body from toe to head. It will recover you as you are in just 15 min of full body massaging. But you need to choose the best massage chair and here we gonna review of Ootori Massage chair that is best for full body massage because of their amazing feature.

Let know the Full feature of Ootari massage chair and why should you choose for body massage:-

OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massagerfeatures overview

Ootori comes with all the rage in the industry that has SL-track Technology and Boasts 50 roller always follows the length from back to thigh. And 3D Robert makes your hand and shoulder load free, which is really awesome for muscle repair.

Ootori massage chair has a design system mostly to hit the gluteal, piriformis muscles and also helps in sciatica issues. SL track both yoga stretch massage humanized ergonomically and also have an Auto yoga stretching program that will squeeze your legs, hand, and feet at any yoga position that you want.

What Ootori massage chair especially have? Ootori n900 chair has specially designed SL-track frame with 4 rollers along with a combined air massage therapy. That is best for massage for arms, shoulders hips, and waist. Have very luxury Design for the full body for zero gravity technique massage. We will discuss the zero-gravity technique because it is the pillar of Ootori massage chair.

Why you should buy an OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager?

There are so many technical terms but you should know the essential advantages of making your buying decision more accurate. So welcome again in the Ootori massage chair review. We will talk about every feature one by one how it will help you So let’s begin.

About The Brand

Ootori becomes a leading brand in massage chairs all across the world. Though they are not so old means within a span of 6 years of massage chair selling, they provide some of the satisfactory products and customer service or after-sale service. Ootori strives to embody ingenuity combined with diligent workmanship. They had a very good research & development team because of that they get the best results from their product.

Many times most popular products or brands not able to deliver a good piece of products. The reason is that they lack quality. But this brand delivers quality to their customers.

The Ootori brand is a worldwide brand but mainly their design team is located in Japan that’s why they have a very appealing and modern design.

They have all the good design engineers, and manufacturer of their own products. Hence they have strict quality controls and the product have highest quality standards. The quality of the material used is also one of the high-quality fabrics or we can say the materials used by them are one of the best quality.

So, at last, I will say that this is a trusted brand and you can actually trust it. And the products they diver is satisfactory.

Features & Programs

1. Zero Gravity Technique

OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review

Having Ootori Zero Gravity massage chair Technique for any massage chair makes it’s more powerful in terms of providing top-class relaxation in muscles. Click on the button and set it to the optimal arrangement by elevating your feet to 10 cm and more than 10 cm from your head and 20 cm more than the heart, And have very good in space-saving. Very effective pressure on vertebrae.

The Ootori massage chair recliner slides forward after starting to give you most of the space for a better experience. Ootori recliner is very good in space spacing just need to about 2 inches near the wall, Position this chair anywhere in your home very comfortably.

2. Yoga Stretching system

OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review

The airbags cover your all arms, legs, shoulder, calves, waist, and feet automatically and have 3 levels of auto massage functions that will stretch all of your body automatically. That’s the Auto mode that is loved by everyone Ootori’s customers and You can also set it on the manual mode set each and every function like the height of legs elevation and mode of vibrations and pressure power of stretching according to your requirement and feel the kneading and shiatsu with manual mode.

3. Auto Body Detection

If you ever feel some problem in matching your height and weight to operate the massage chair according to you. So relax, Ootori massage chair recliner removed your mind stress too by providing you auto body detection Feature that can track your all body like your height, weight, and waist size and reshape its inner dimension for effective massage therapy. That is awesome!

4. 3D Robot Hand Massage Feature

OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review

The most promising feature of the ootori massage chair is its 3d massage. The chair feels so realistic massage, Most of the time you will think a real human giving you massage therapy and people these hands so much that is possible by supper cool feature of Ootori 3d hands.

5. Ootori SL Double Track

Ootori massage chair invents in a way that can track double SL with about 130cm. It will increase the strength of the robot hand with Double SL track Because of SL double track you can feel robot hands from your neck to thigh.

6. Ootori 6 Special Massage

This increases the star in the Ootori massage chair review. Let’s know the Ootori n900 massage chair has 6 auto modes to relaxing you. You can enjoy shiatsu, Knocking, and kneading for your full body. Up and down every function manually very easily with easy digital buttons and Enjoy the massage therapy according to your mode.

7. Adjusting the Shoulder Width

There are total 3 levels for different Shoulder Adjustment and it measure between 1.57 to 8.27 for different shapes of the body and the electric roller will also adjust with shoulder-width also So it improves your experience every time you a massage.

8. Lower Back Heating By Ootori

Ootori provides two heating pads with approx 45-degree Celcius for the lower back body that not just relax but recover muscles so fast also that is damaged after so much work and for old age people who need it to maintain blood circulation in the body.

It is covered for on arms, waist, hips, neck, shoulders, back, calves & feet with airbags.

For Lower back area have two pads approx 45 degrees Celsius of heating pads. That will recover your sore tissue and damaged tissues, So much beneficial for blood circulation for the body.

The height of legrest part can be upgraded for 3 inches to 4.27 inches that will fit for different types of peoples bodies.

Ootori n900 massage chair is shaped in a way that can make your massage more happily with their advanced 3d robot hands that give you feel like a real human massage in less time.

9. OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The wireless speaker adds another star for Ootori massage chairs. You can easily connect your phone and can listen to your favorite music while massaging.

OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager all over review by customers(from amazon market place)

Amazon is the best place so see how the product actually is. Because though the product has loads of features but it may outperform in practical life. So before buying any product from you should always check amazon customer reviews.

Before giving you an actual review of the customers from amazon. Let me give you an overall rating at the Amazon market place.

This Chair has outperformed any other its competitors having a 4-star rating from 110 audiences. It’s best for the massage chair of this category.

Below are some reviews by customers:-

1. When you purchase the Ootorin900 3D SL-Track Power Recliner massage chair. Ootori N900 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair proceed along various Features to Serve me, You and Your Families Full body air massage on neck, shoulders, arms, calves, and so on. 3 stage zero gravity massage with 3 levels to choose manually. Automatic body detection feature for auto measure height of the body, figure, and spine. 3D robot hands to fit on your back and neck massage. SL-track massage system from your head to your legs in a straight forward manner. Three levels of massage speed to manual your particular massage. Auto movable airbags intensity in 3 levels for enjoying Legs stretching up to 12cm to fit for various lengths of peoples.
2. Best massage chair I have found. The adjustable features of the massage chairs set and perfectly fit your body for relaxation. It was an easy assembly. They have the Product packaged very well not the cheap quality chairs. This massage chair is perfect for in-home relaxation after a hard day of work. I would highly recommend anyone to purchase this chair after a long hard day of work or a simple relax while watching tv or play on your phone.
3. I just got this today, so my first thoughts are wow and ahhhhhh. I have suffered from chronic back pain and spend a ton of money on therapies of all kinds. This thing has eased the deep tightness that sets in during yard work or daily activity. The remote is confusing but right as I relax I forget what a remote is. It seems like all the settings are set and you are in for a ride.

I definitely love this and am trying not to overdo it on day one. I just know this is going to make my life and back much more enjoyable.

Some Of FAQ about the OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager

Q: What are the dimensions of the chair? Do it get fit in living room?

A: 51.2 x 48.43 x 32.34 inches so its not that big so definitely it will get fit in your living area or any other room. Also, there are a variety of designs available for the chair so you can choose according to your matching furniture.

Q. How many massaging motors are there in the chair?

A. There are 6 motors in the chair. And these motors are set into the best position where you will get a high-quality massage and very soothing experience.

Q. What are the warranty details of the product?

A. This is one of the best things in the chair that it gives 3 Year warranty on the product so sit relax and they will take care of the product.

Now we are going to check about the pros and cons of the chair so that you better be able to decide that is this chair is for you or not. So let’s begin.

Thinks I liked in OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager review (PROS):

If you ask me I like each and every feature offered by the chair. But I will highligh some of the best specs offered by it in brief.

  • Adjusting the Shoulder Width: This feature seriously gained my attention as it is one of the missed features in massage chairs
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker: This feature is a blessing for music lovers like me. While massaging listening to music is the best relaxation.
  • 3D Robot Hand Massage Feature: This is the most promising feature for this chair. And due to this technology makes it worth investing in.

Adjusting the Shoulder Width: This feature seriously gained my attention as it is one of the missed features in massage chairs

Thinks I don’t like in OOTORI-SL Track Stretching Best Recliner Massager Review (Cons):

  • The weight of the product is high. It is a bulky product. And it makes you feel uncomfortable to move here and there in the room.
  • The price is a little high. But it’s not that much. So, you should consider buying this product.

Conclusion (The Final Verdict)

If you have read our whole review. You better understand that this product is worth buying. So, if you can invest, you should buy this product. And you will not be disappointed.

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