Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Color Variants
Charcoal, Chocolate

Special Features

(a) Hybrid S/L -Track Design
(b) Air Massage Mode
(c)  Back Heat
(d) Deep Tissue Massage

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183 pounds
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RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review: Before talking about the review of the chair firstly we should see some facts about the massage chair.

In today’s world, no one has time to look after his body. Due to this negligence, many young peoples also comes in the serious effect of chronic Back pain. To overcome this problem, everyone should have a regular appointment with the SPA or professional masseuse.  But due to their busy life, many can’t be able to go to SPAs regularly. So the massage chairs come in the market.

The massage chair was first invented in the late 1980s. Although massage chairs were initially slow consumable and ignored by the consumers. But after a decade or two, today massage chairs are highly demand product in the market and everyone want to have these so that they can relieve pain in this busy world. Today, all the companies are competing to give you the best massaging experience.

SO, again welcome everybody in our full detailed and honest review of RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review (MK-II +). This is the best massage chair I have ever reviewed in terms of price to performance ratio. This chair comes on the price of 1800 dollars, but don’t think this lacks features. MK-II has surprisingly, done well, and gives proper competition to the mainstream brands.

BEST FOR hobbyist users and chronic pain Peoples.

So let’s begin the review.

About The Brand

 Relaxonchair, was created by a group of people who have vision of creating a great product of easily accessible and user-friendly massage chairs. But, not only have they thought to make the best quality but also thinking about the price which is the main factor of considering buying a massage chair. 

The Relaxonchair has located it’s headquartered in Anaheim, California. That means it’s an American Brand and has a reputation in terms of service and customer satisfaction.

The Relaxonchair continues to rise on the charts for the best quality massage chair and also it gains its respect for the best price to performance ratio product. Its gain respect by offering the peoples nationwide the comfortless and relief they deserve.

About The quality standards:

The product chosen by them is to take care of and go from a lot of quality tests before it goes into production. So, the consumer gets the best quality product. According to their website they first manually review the raw material and process only those who have qualified their test and they believe in. That is why they have much belief and pride in the products that they sell.

According to one of their head he once said “we want our consumers to experience the same excitement, delighted and satisfaction that we had when we first invented the massage chairs.” Customer satisfaction is really and most important to them.

And talking about the after-sales service, if anyone not satisfied by the product and has any technical issues. You can easily reach out to their customer service and get your queries resolved quickly. Their customer staff is also very conscious of the consumers.

Mean’s Health also published an article on relaxonchair mk-ii plus.

Overall it’s a good brand you can trust and rely on.

Features & Programs.

Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review
Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Though you might all think that the mk-ii plus has not that features because of the price point. But that’s not true at all. This is the best price to performance ratio massage chair currently available in the market. And the relaxonchair packed all the features that you see in premium models.

So, Let’s breakdown all the features one by one.

1. Hybrid S/L -Track Design

If you know something about the massage chairs you will surely know about the tracking in massage chair. The track is the position of how your body gets fits on the chair while you are sitting.

There are 3 types of track L-track, S-track, and hybrid. Many of the chairs offer L-Track or S-track separate but only premium ones offer the hybrid.

And Relaxonchair offers you the hybrid L/S track design at this price point and it’s amazing. The hybrid track design combines all the functions of the S-Track and the L-track’s. It allows the chair’s all four rollers to mimic & follow the curvature of your spine. It is designed with modern and innovative quad rollers that edge and make the spine in its natural position.

Also, at the same time, the massage chair extends the track to all way down to glute and thighs. So that it seems like a whole-body massage.

Although one little complaint, I heard about. That implementation of the hybrid track is not very down. So this you can say a small price cut method for the company. Even so, for a chair at this price point offering hybrid track is nothing an amazing deal for all the customers.

“The company says this feature as Buttock L-Track Massage System. It’s one of the same things so doesn’t confuse.”

2. Air Massage Mode

Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

The airbags are the primary feature in massage chair because the airbags density decides that your massaging experience is relaxing or not. More the number of airbags more will be the comfort therapeutic massage experience.

Though the company does not reveal the number of Airbags they offer. But we find out this secret. That comes out to be twenty-one Airbags. And this is the decent number considering the price point at which it comes. So we should be assured about the airbags.

3. Back Heat

In this regard, the company sells itself short. They advertise the chair as having two heating elements in the lumbar region of the chair.

That’s where the heating elements are, the massage chair comes with the two dedicated heating element, in its lumber region. And I must say that the heating elements are large and they provide heating to all your mid-back. Limited chairs in the market have heating features and the ones who have, are not in the lower lumbar region. The top and bottom heating are only found at the chairs with a premium price tag. So this is also the point where relaxonchairs rocks.

The one thing where the relaxonchair MK-ii plus, falls behind is that it does not have a temperature control option. This means either you will get full heat or no heat.

4. 3D Body Scan

This feature brings truly a premium badge to the MK-II plus. The 3D body scanning feature is not common in low budget massage chairs, here also it impressed me a lot. Now let’s see what this 3D scan is?

The 3D body scan allows the chairs to first scan your whole body, before your massage begins. The chairs identify all the pressure points of your body so that rollers effectively act on the stress parts and give you the best-massaging experience. This one of the best-personalized features that should be must in every massage chair.

5. Zero-Gravity Seating

The zero gravity is the most common thing in today’s massaging world. And this comes as a compulsory feature in all the massage chair. But the zero-gravity offered by relaxonchair has an amazing surprise that it offers three Zero-G seating positions. So I must say that the best zero gravity massage chair at the budget price point.

Zero gravity makes your feet to high and makes it the horizontal position (up to 180° flatbed level) as of your heart, so that it reduces the strain of vertebrae hence vanish the back pain. All of the bodyweights are distributed evenly throughout the body. Also zero gravity feature helps to control the flow of the blood.

6. Deep Tissue Massage

Very few chairs in the market offer deep tissue massage and this massage chair are one of them. Designed to provide detailed, human-like back rub all through the body, and the stretching function is additionally called as the “spinal decompression” program. If anyone has long-suffering from any chronic back pain, then you would love the chair most. Probably any normal user will certainly not use many of the intense settings for this reason, but for those who actually need it is best.

You will be surprised by the massaging power of the tissue, offered by the chair. Beauty HIP MASSAGER: Multiple Air pack for your hip and your midriff line which expands for pressure back rub to adjust lower back and pelvis zone. With fiery air cells sticking your body set up, the seat moves you to a determined daily practice and gradually loosens up the leg and back muscles.

This is the cheapest massage chair with deep tissue massage I have ever seen.

7. Full Automatic Programs

Four pre-programmed massage programs are pre-built into the massage chair

These are:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Rejuvenate
  • Relaxation
  • Stretch

8. 5 Manual Specific Targeted Massages

There are a total 5 fully specific massage techniques that you can adjust automatically.

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading + Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling.

9. Full Body Stretch

We’ll put this one down as an admirable attempt. The chair does offer a body stretch function, but many users have reported that it’s not strong enough for them. Nonetheless, the fact that it is present at all in a budget-priced chair is amazing.

Body stretching is one of the most essential needs of our body. Any exercise or yoga begins with stretching your body to warm-Up. And to get this feature in any massage chair is unbelievable. It delivers a very high therapeutic benefit and also gives an instant release from the pain from your spine by identifying the stress point to de-stress the tissue. Taking pressure off compressed discs in your spine.

 I was a little bit surprised with the stretch function, that it’s not much aggressive so that the chair offers deep tissue massage.

Even so, if you suffer from chronic back pain, you’ll enjoy this feature and will get some benefit from it, though it may leave you wanting more.

10. Calf & Foot Massage

The company does not compromise in any of the features which gets you to think about any other option. Hence they have also included Calf and foot massage, which is a premium product feature. The calf massage is accompanied by airbags near leg massaging ports, while the base of the feet is massaged by simple rollers.

The foot roller massage is much aggressive, and lots of customers have complained about it and said that this is very strong.

Recently the chair has gone through some modifications and advancement. There is including a laying washcloth at the bottom of each footwall. Installing shoe inserts & wearing extra socks.

11. Extendable Ottoman

Many massage chairs are made according to average people’s height. So, tall peoples not much interested in buying a massage chair. But Extendable Ottoman helps any tall guy up-to 6 feet 3 inches to easily get adjusted on the chair.

12. Easy to operate Remote control.

The remote has a small LCD at the top of the head. The remote is accurately designed in terms of aesthetics.  Also the build quality is the plus point in the remote. All the controls and buttons are placed very accurately and is easily accessible. You will learn remote operations in a few hours.

RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair review (On Amazon)

Not a much surprise, due to its tons of loaded features it is the favorite product of the buyers at amazon marketplace also.

The chair gets a 4-star rating from 221 buyers. And all the people mainly talk about their price to performance ratio.

PROS & CONS in RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair review.

  • PROS: In my opinion, all the features are the pros of the chair because all the above features are not common in the chair with this price point.
  • CONS: There is only one con that you cannot adjust the temperature during the heating massage.


There is no point of discussion now. After reading this full review. You must already understand that this is the best value massage chair. So you should buy this product.

I will mark this product RECOMMENDED.

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