Upright Go Posture Trainer Review | Best Posture Corrector Device| Does It work?

Upright Go Posture Trainer Review: Since morning we focused on our daily work and finished with the proper time. We should maintain that routine to keep the focus on our work life. Simultaneously we should focus on the health of our bodies. Some of us are doing Yoga, Gym, and any other physical activities to maintain our physics and proper blood circulation in our collection.

In our stressful life, Upright GO provides the ultimate comfort to your back and spinal cord. It helps to keep your body posture straight, and without stress, you can do your work. The most beautiful part of Upright GO Posture Trainer is you can use this item wherever you want.






Upright GO Posture Trainer helps in your everyday journey to feel you more healthy and energetic. You can easily handle this device by installing the Upright GO app on your smartphone. You can use your iPhone or Android phone to control or regulate this Unique GO Posture Trainer by downloading the app on your phone. You need not go to any parlor or massage center for a shoulder massage or spin massage.

Upright GO Posture Trainer provides the clam feeling in your back and upper & lower shoulders. It helps to make a perfect posture to sit at your working table. Upright GO Posture Trainer Review allows adults to live a stressless life with better health.

About Brand, Of Upright Go, Posture Trainer,

The Upright posture trainer provides comfort toyour back and shoulders. It comes with small devices to use comfortably and feels relaxed in your body. The awareness of Upright products starts by introducing their product Upright Necklace and followed by that comes with two innovative products, Upright GO Posture Trainer and Upright GO-2 Posture Trainer.

Both products can improve your lifestyle and motivate you towards the workplace. You can do daily training sessions with 10 to 15 minutes to get stressless muscles in your shoulder and back.

Psychologically we make differences in respect of working culture, but physically the stress should be equal for each person. In our daily life back pain irritates our everyday work life.

The Upright GO app keeps in tracking mode and monitors posture throughout the day. In our smartphone, just log in to the Statistic page and get detailed information about your daily posture statistics, improvements, and goals.

The users can gain significant benefits after using two weeks regularly with Upright GO Posture Trainer. You should discover the increase in your posture with the help of the Upright GO Posture Trainer App.

Features Of Upright Go, Posture Trainer,

Upright Go Posture Trainer Review

In Upright GO Posture Trainer has the availability of multiple features-

  • Design- It comes smaller in size with lightweight to wear clothes without any irritation. The tracker consists of a plastic shell cover to protect any kind of damage. It has a small button to turn on and off mode. This device has a LED to show the charging and connectivity.
  • Harmless Adhesives- ThisUpright GO Posture Trainer peel has an adhesive attached to its body. You can easily connect by pressing it on your upper back middle portion.

    This adhesive does not irritate you, and it should be reusable. You can use that device for a long term period without harming your skin. This device depends on skin-friendly adhesive to protect your skin from any kind of skin problem.
  • Training Camp- The device comes from the smartphone app after signing up with the app and linking the device with the Upright GO App. In this application, you get two function training and tracking.

    Tracking helps to track your posture and improves your posture. The training function provides the vibrations on your back. It has three option modes based on your activity level. It helps you change your weak position to proper habit postures that generate more energy in your muscles and motivate you to work a long time in front of the computer in your office or home.
  • Vibration Modes- In this Upright GO Posture Trainer device has three different vibration modes. In a standing and sitting position, it provides Stationary training mode, Active mode for dynamic routines, and Standard mode for moderate activity.

    In a stationary manner, you get the ultimate vibration even if you bend slightly down. The sensor of this device has advanced technology with vibrate alerting.
  • Long Battery Life- The Lithium battery provides a minimum of 12 hours backup. You can easily use the whole day at work and improve your posture. The Polymer battery should be beneficial to absorb more energy by taking the limited time and holding that energy for a long time. You simply use a USB-C type cable to charge it fully.

Special Specifications Of Upright Go, Posture Trainer

Upright GO Posture Trainer consists of many unique specifications-

  • Size-  It comes with a small size 4 x 3.5 x 2 inches to fit in the middle of the upper shoulder. It can be useful for anyone, no matter the height of a person.
  • Weight- This Upright GO Posture Trainer becomes only 5.6 ounces in weight. You can quickly put this device in your upper middle side in your back. It has no irritation by putting the whole day on your back.
  • Battery- It requires 1 Lithium Polymer battery to run for a minimum of 12 hours of use without charging. It deceives different battery life rather than any other pain relief device.
  • Changeable Adhesive- It depends on the pure adhesive to connect this device with the human body. It should be reusable, but after using 10 to 12 times, the power of adhesive decreases. You can change the previous adhesive and add another new glue for repeatable use.

Benefits Of Upright Go, Posture Trainer

  • 1. In the market, you can get other products to relieve your muscles, but Upright GO Posture Trainer has a unique feature to monitor all the positions throughout the day. By training and tracking methods, it should regulate your back postures and spinal cord movements. It helps to provide mental, emotional, and physical comfort after working 8-10 hours in the same position.
  • 2. After the heavy workout, standing continuously in the kitchen for 2-3 hours and working a long time at the office creates back pain in your body. If you don’t want to lose your spin within an early age, then Upright GO Posture Trainer provides the best training to your spin and back shoulder to keep straight your turn during long term work.
  • 3. You can be benefited from the unique specification of alerting. It alerts you every time though you bend tiny angel. In your device, you can monitor the right angle of setting, walking, and standing. Upright GO Posture Trainer alerts you to correct your posture through vibrating. The sensation of the vibration is so irritating that you have to adjust your poses.
  • 4. This device energizes you by keeping your posture straight. It protects your spins from bending and motivates the workplace. This posture trainer expert corrects your body alignment along with your spin movement. This smarter posture corrector helps to keep your head straight, followed by the neck, shoulder, and lower back portion.
  • 5. It can help to boost confidence by reducing stress. The circulation of blood can improve through this correction, and it helps to prepare your body for extra work. It demands within two weeks; it corrects 60% of your movement and provides a stressless body and mind.


  • Best Alert System- Upright GO Posture Trainer alerts you to correct your habits of sitting, walking, and standing. It records all of your movements throughout the day and provides you statistics of everyday improvement. The sensitive alert system properly works to keep your body physically healthy.
  • Easy to handle- This device easily handles through the sign up with Upright GO App on your iPhone or any Android phone. After the connection of the invention, it can easily monitor your movements and send results on your smartphone.
  • Health protective- Upright GO Posture Trainer provides the training to any physicians. It acts as a guide and protector of your upper shoulder muscles and spin. This device has a high success rate of around 80% and benefits for long term use.
  • Convenient- Upright technologies make this trainer corrector small in size to carry easily. This device easily fits in your palm. Within a small device, an update provides the alerting combination to protect your physics from any kind of disorder. The intensity of the vibration sets comfortably and gently.
  • Effectivity- This Upright GO Posture Trainer shows the best results within 15 sessions of use. You may not use it daily. But you should use a week thrice to get a better result. You should only use it for 12 to 15 minutes with flexible vibrations; it can improve your posture effectively.


  • Cable Feature- You should require a USB-C type charger to charge this device. They provide a C-type charger but not to use it for a long time.  Then you should purchase a C-type cable extra to charge this device.
  • Battery Issue- Upright GO Posture Trainer provides a removable battery, but after 1 to 2 months of using, you need to change the battery. It takes 2 hours for charging the full battery after it ends the charging.


1. What is the life period of adhesive?

Ans: It depends on the skin of the person who uses this device. Upright GO Posture Trainer provides a minimum ten times usage of this single adhesive. In the hairy coat, it becomes less not more than seven times to use. You should store the new adhesives as a backup.

2. Can it send notifications from the iPhone smartwatch?

Ans: You should connect this trainer corrector with your iPhone smartwatch. But you should sync the Upright app with your smartphone. Uptight GO App can easily handle through any kind of Android and iPhone smart devices. But at the time of driving it might not show the notification because your car seat provides the straight spin features

3. Does the vibration make noise?

Ans: No, the vibrations are not made noise at the time of using this device. The vibration settings depend on the adjustable pattern of the strength of the invention. You can adjust the range of delay so as not to vibrate too often.

4. Can more than one person use this device?

Ans: Yes, this Upright GO Posture Trainer is flexible to use more than one person. Every person needs to download the Uptight GO App and sign up with their account. After connecting devices, another person can check the theory movement. But as a suggestion, before using, you should change the adhesive and use the newer ones for your skin purpose because everyone has different types of skins.

5. Where is my data store?

Ans: In your device, during the login, you can check the live update of your movements. But during the log-out period, the data is also stored in itself.


Upright GO Posture Trainer helps the new generation adults to get relief from back pain and other spin disorder problems. In their busy schedule, they might not take care of their health, but Upright comes with a convenient and affordable small device training corrector to train your postures.

With the vibration, Upright GO Posture Trainer removes your pain within a minute. You can monitor your position every single minute from your app. It indicates you keep straight your spin, head, neck, and shoulders.

Today’s generation becomes busy in their daily work and can hardly maintain their health. Upright comes in this segment and provides you Upright GO Posture Trainer to develop the posture on an everyday life basis in a corrective way. This device successfully meets customer expectations by providing a lightweight product design with excellent power backup to remove back pains through remarkable training.